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Chapter: 398

"What's your name? What tribe are you from? " Stone bear asked after taking the guide aside.

"Are you the guardian of the kabulu sacrifice of the gaoshu tribe?" The guide looked very excited. Instead of answering the question, he asked such a question.

The stone bear frowned and nodded, "yes, I am the guardian of high priest cabulus. You haven't answered my question yet

"Haha, I'm so excited to see you..." the thin man said with a dry smile and rubbing his hands, "my name is Yumao. I'm from qimosha tribe."

"Well? Are you from kimosha? So how did you get mixed up with these Spaniards? Besides, is the leader of your tribe Dashi

"You are wrong, guardian. Dashi is not the leader of our tribe. He is the leader of the little apalu tribe. The leader of our tribe is called tumeng. "

Hearing this, the stone bear's brow opened. It seems that this guy is really from the qimosha tribe.

When the stone bear was traveling between the gaoshu tribe and the Xiaohe tribe alone, he once went to the qimosha tribe.

The kimosha tribe is also a small tribe of the Cherokee people. It was separated from a large tribe when it moved south. He has lived in the Everglades for more than 200 years. Kimosha, in Cherokee, means "a tribe living on a swamp.".

The everglade where kimosha lives is located at the junction of the Cherokee and the chekasa. Although it is closest to the chekasa, their tribe has never been attacked by the chekasa.

There's no way. The place where the kimosha tribe live is too dangerous. The Everglades are their best natural barrier.

Swamp is as dangerous as desert, even more dangerous than desert. Once people who are not familiar with the road enter the swamp, few people can survive. Most of them will be swallowed by the swamp, or eaten by crocodiles living in the swamp

At the beginning, if the stone bear didn't get the help of the qimosha tribe, he couldn't freely shuttle in the Everglades and travel between the gaoshu tribe and the Xiaohe tribe alone.

Therefore, he naturally knew who the leader of kimosha was.

This skinny man is right. Tumeng is the leader of the qimosha tribe.

"So how did you get mixed up with these Spaniards?" After confirming the identity of the spear, the stone bear continued to ask him.

"Guardian, I can't help it." Spear grinned bitterly, shivered all over and rubbed his hands. It seemed that he was very cold.

The stone bear took out a wolf skin robe from Huofeng's backpack and threw it. The spear flurried over and put it on his body. The stone bear took out a bag of wine from his luggage and handed it to Yu spear. "Take a drink. It will make you warm up immediately."

Yu spear hesitated for a moment, then unscrewed the lid of the skin bag, and his eyes lit up with a strong smell of wine.

"Guardian, is this the high Baijiu that your high tree tribe produces?"

"Yes, take a drink to keep warm." The stone bear nodded with a smile.

"Hey, that's a good thing. Last year, I heard from the tribe that you passed by our tribe and left some wine for our tribe. It's a pity that I was hunting outside at that time and didn't see you. " Fishing spear said, he took a big drink, immediately was hot yiyiha.

"Good wine! That's a lot of energy Yu Spear's face turned red without much effort.

The wolf skin robe and a mouthful of wine on my body soon played a role, and the spear no longer trembled. "Guardian, this winter is particularly hard. My family has a large population, so I have to go hunting in this weather."

"That day I was going to set up some grass hoppers in the Everglades, and I met these guys by the big bend. They caught me and asked me where the gaoshu tribe was. I lied and said I didn't know. As a result, they took me on board

In this era, there are a lot of rabbits in North America, and winter, especially after the heavy snow, is the best time to catch rabbits.

"So you were captured by these vasichus?" Asked the stone bear.

"Well, I was captured by these guys. But I didn't dare to resist. At that time, they had four big boats and more than 300 people. I was the only one. I could only listen to them. But I can swear to the river god that I didn't show them the way at the beginning. I just told them that I had only heard the name of gaoshu tribe, but I had never been there, so I didn't know the way. "

"And how are you and they here?" Stone bear asked again. The people of qimoshasa must know how to get to the gaoshu tribe. When he went to Xiaohe tribe, he once stayed in the qimoshasa tribe. At first, he thought that they were all from the same tribe, and the gaoshu tribe was also the tribe of high priest kabulu, so the people of qimoshasa tribe also yearned for the gaoshu tribe. The stone bear told them the general route.

Therefore, this spear must know the general route to gaoshu tribe.

"I can't help it? Those vasichu's boats went around the big South Fork along the big bend. When they were about to go to pumpkin Bay, a blizzard came. Their boats were blown to the reef by the blizzard. All the four boats sank in that section of the river, and many people died with vasichu. "

It seems to think of the situation at that time, the spear shivered involuntarily, unscrewed the cover of the leather bag and drank a mouthful of wine again. Then he continued: "at that time, I and those vasichus fought to death on the shore. It was freezing. Although we were not drowned, we were almost frozen to death."

"If the pumpkin Bay tribe is still there, we'll be fine. At least if there's the black pumpkin and the pumpkin planted by the pumpkin Bay tribe, we won't starve to death. But guardian, as you know, the pumpkin Bay tribe of black pumpkin was destroyed by the damned chekasa two years ago... "

Listening to Yumao talking about the black pumpkin and pumpkin Bay tribe, the stone bear can't help feeling dejected. Like the longmaoniu tribe, the pumpkin Bay tribe was once a small tribe separated from the gaoshu tribe. They settled on the North Bank of the great bend in the northwest of the gaoshu tribe. As a result, they were attacked and killed by the chekasa people.

Yumao's words also made the stone bear confirm that he was a Cherokee, otherwise he would not have said black pumpkin and pumpkin Bay tribe.

"It was very cold. When these vasichu boats sank, their food didn't come out. We were hungry and cold at that time. In addition, there was no pumpkin Bay tribe, and there were no tribes around. We were about to freeze to death and starve to death. I had no choice but to lead them to gaoshu tribe. Guardian, I'm afraid of death, too. Just along the way, more than 40 vasichu died on the road... "Yumao's face showed a look of panic. It seemed that what happened these days really scared him.

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