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Chapter: 4

The name of the small tribe where silly head is located is "long hair cattle" tribe, because there are many wild buffalo with long hair around the tribe. This large herbivore is the main food source of the long hair cattle tribe, so the tribe takes the long hair cattle as its name.

Among Indians, many tribes have strange but interesting names. Generally speaking, we can know the living environment of a tribe according to its name.

In fact, strictly speaking, longmaoniu tribe is not a tribe, but a small village at best.

There are only about 100 people in the village, including more than 60 women and children. There are only 38 soldiers who can carry weapons to hunt or go to the battlefield. Among them, there are also 16-year-old teenagers like silly head and Kuaima.

If in China in the 21st century, the vast majority of 16-year-old children are still good children at home, it is absolutely not too much to use children to call them this age.

But in North America more than two hundred years ago, the sixteen year old Indian boy was a real soldier in the tribe.

The longhair cattle tribe originally lived in a hilly area. According to the analysis of the stone bear, this tribe should belong to the Cherokee tribe, because the longhair cattle tribe had just fought a tough battle with the chekasa three days ago.

Stone bear remembers that before independence in the United States, there were three different races of Indians living in this area of Tennessee,

When Europeans began to immigrate to the new world of North America in the 16th century, they found that the original inhabitants living and living in the present Tennessee were mainly the Indians of the chekasa, Yuchi and East Cherokee tribes.

The chekasa people occupied the western part of xitianna. They built thatched houses along the Mississippi River and formed a settlement; Women look after some crops and collect wild fruits. Young men go fishing or hunting. The main crops cultivated by Indians are corn, beans and vegetables.

The East Cherokee mainly live in the valley and foot of the Appalachian Mountains, distributed in the northeast and central parts of Tennessee. They build houses with wood from the mountains and are good at hunting and farming.

As for the Yuchi, they were part of the Crick Indians in southern North America. Only around 1700, these small Indian tribes were driven out of Tennessee by the powerful Cherokee and chekasa Indians and moved further south and more remote areas.

The rest of the East Cherokee and chekasa Indians did not live or occupy the central part of Tennessee, but they regarded this area as their hunting ground and fought for it for hundreds of years.

Stone bear knew this history, so after the sudden battle three days ago, he knew that his opponent was the chekasa. Since the chekasa raised their butcher's knife to another tribe, there is no doubt that the longhaired cattle tribe they are now in belongs to the East Cherokee Indians.

The battle ended with the defeat of longmaoniu tribe. In fact, if the reinforcements didn't come in time, even the remaining 20 people would not be able to live.

The chekasa people have been scattered and fled under the attack of the East Cherokee reinforcements, but the reinforcements have not stopped to take care of the small tribe that was almost exterminated. They will continue to pursue the chekasa people.

The fact that the soldiers of the chekasa people were able to break through the blockade in the central region without being aware of it indicates that there is something wrong with the blockade in the central region, or that the chekasa people have found a way to easily penetrate into the East Cherokee tribe. Therefore, this road must be found out. After all, there are many small villages like changmaoniu behind the blockade. If we let the chekasa go into the rear of the East Cherokee again, everyone knows how terrible the result is.

So the brave Cherokee warriors rode after the damned chekasa and left the rest of the longhair tribe.

But leader Gao Niu didn't stay where he was. He took the rest of the people to continue to walk southeast. He wanted to find a safe place for the rest of the people, and then he could lick his wounds.

In the past three days, the team has been struggling in the ups and downs of the mountains. Almost everyone in the team has injuries. In addition, there is no road in the pure original forest, so the team's progress is very slow.

However, the stone bear was a little bit surprised. According to the memory of silly head, this body has been almost irreversibly damaged. There are comminuted fractures of the left forearm, severe concussion, and perhaps severe skull fractures. There is a blood hole on the right side of the lower abdomen that can almost be seen from the front to the back, which is due to the bone spear of the chekasa people. There should be four or five broken ribs on the left side, And at least two broken bones have been inserted into the lungs

As for the other skin injuries, they are nothing in front of them.

It's no wonder that the robust physique of a fool's head can't support it. Any of these wounds, among the Indians who are now in the primitive social form, are incurable and fatal.

After accepting all the memory of silly head, stone bear thought at first that it would take at least three months to half a year for him to raise his wounds. As a result, God gave stone bear a big surprise again.

Maybe God also thinks that he kicked this promising associate researcher of museum to North America more than 200 years ago, and attached himself to a half fool. It seems that he did not do it very well, so he closed a door for the stone bear and quietly opened a window for him at the same time.

The shaman priests in the village, who had all the functions of deity, doctor, wizard and so on, had long died under the bow and arrow of the chekasa people, so no one in the team could see how serious the trauma of the silly head was. In their eyes, the most serious injury on silly head is the blood hole in his left forearm and lower abdomen, but in fact, the broken ribs and severe concussion are the main causes of his death.

After more than 200 years of time and space, the soul of stone bear took over the body. He thought that he had to take over all the wounds of the body at the same time. However, after just three days, stone bear was surprised to find that, in addition to the frightening skin wounds on the surface of his body, other wounds that could kill people were miraculously healed

There is a branch on the outside of the left forearm, which can't be seen by others, but the stone bear can clearly feel that the pain of the left forearm has almost disappeared. And two days ago, I coughed and even coughed up a mouthful of blood from time to time. Now it's OK. I don't know how the broken ribs healed so quietly.

The blood hole on the right side of the lower abdomen is no longer dripping yellow pus. Under a big lump of green medicine, the blood hole has gradually scarred.

The most important thing is that the painful headache and the strong sense of vomiting when I just accepted this body have gradually disappeared!

I know my body best. Although it's only three days since Shi Xiong accepted this body, he can clearly feel that his new body is recovering quickly

Although the stone bear does not know why his new body has such a magical performance, compared with his soul through this kind of thing, this kind of magical wound healing is nothing.

I don't know why those fatal wounds have quietly healed, but why the scars on the skin still don't show good signs - swollen eyes like peaches, even after three days, can only open a gap.

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