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Chapter: 40

Stone bear ignored the people around him. He picked up the arrow and looked at the place where it was wiped out. He couldn't help smiling.

Without him, the silvery white light revealed from the part that was wiped off oxide is proving the material identity of the arrow very strongly - I am a piece of steel! Real steel!

Many people in later generations know that the difference between iron and steel can be easily distinguished by distinguishing the color of metal.

Whether it is pig iron or wrought iron, it presents a gray color, while steel presents a silver white color.

Although we still don't know whether the arrow in front of us is low carbon steel, medium carbon steel or high carbon steel, there is no doubt that the color of the arrow has confirmed that we didn't have any white rectification yesterday. What we rectified is really steel!

The stone bear laughs, and then under the gaze of a group of people, he raises the stone hammer again and smashes it at the arrow.

Both Li Lei and kabulu have seen the process of the stone bear smashing the three iron pots with the stone hammer. They know the power of the stone hammer very well.

Such a big iron pot can't stand two hammers, such a small arrow, if it goes down with one hammer, doesn't it have to be smashed?

This is the iron arrow. There has never been an iron arrow in the tribe. In the past, although the arrow made of animal bones and stones was powerful, where could the iron arrow be powerful? Iron is much harder than bone and stone tools. This is the common sense of all the people in the tribe.

However, with the exclamation of the crowd, the stone hammer did not break the arrow. The arrow was only slightly deformed, but a small hole broke out from the big stone or the hammer face.

This situation makes a kind of high-level tribe exclaim again - they have never seen such hard iron before.

Now the stone bear is completely satisfied.

As we all know in later generations, whether it is pig iron or wrought iron or steel, there is actually a common name, that is iron carbon alloy. However, because of the different carbon content, the physical properties are greatly different.

Generally speaking, the higher the carbon content of iron carbon alloy, the harder it is, but at the same time, the lower its toughness is. The carbon content of pig iron is more than 2%, so pig iron is very hard, much harder than steel. However, pig iron is also very brittle, and some pig iron can even be broken by a fall.

The ripe iron is a kind of iron carbon alloy with carbon content less than 0.02%. The ripe iron is very soft, has good plasticity, good ductility, can be drawn into wire, and has low strength and hardness, so it is easy to forge and weld.

As for steel, it is a general term for iron carbon alloy with carbon content between 0.02% and 2.11%.

In other words, the hardness of steel is lower than that of pig iron, but higher than that of wrought iron. Similarly, the toughness of steel is lower than that of wrought iron, but higher than that of pig iron. In other words, steel is a kind of metal with both toughness and hardness, so the use of steel is far greater than pig iron and wrought iron.

If the carbon content of the arrow is too high just now, the arrow will be smashed with this hammer. And similarly, if the carbon content is too small, this hammer down although not broken, but absolutely can smash the arrow flat!

But this arrow is not so big. It can almost prove that the product of the final cooling of the molten steel measured by Shi Xiong yesterday is a kind of medium carbon steel.

Although it is impossible to determine what type of medium carbon steel this is, Shi Xiong knows that with this tool, whether it is to build weapons or civilian products, it is enough.

"The great sun god is on the earth. Blessed by the great sun god, we have succeeded!" Stone bear turned around, holding the half black and half silver arrow in his hand, and said to several tribal leaders with a smile.

Then, he jumped on the big stone as iron felt, raised the arrow in his hand, and said loudly to all the people around him, "my people, we have succeeded! We successfully smelt a better material than iron, which is steel! With steel, our people will no longer worry about the availability of iron pot, our soldiers will no longer worry about the availability of iron weapons! My people, please remember this day. It's a day that our tribe should always remember, because from this day on, our tribe will step into a new level and our life will be better and better! "

Although the ethnic people don't know what's going on, they can't stand the stone bear's big pot of chicken soup. It's really fierce. All the ethnic people are excited by his pot of chicken soup. Then, a breakfast full of meat and dance is coming.

The stone bear in a good mood ate a lot of meat. Of course, when he ate, the people sitting next to him were all tribal leaders like Lilei and kabulu.

It's really amazing what this powerful and strong guardian has done in the past two days. Although they don't know how these iron objects are poured out, they can turn three big iron pots into so many iron objects of different shapes. Just this is enough for the whole tribe to take the stone bear as an idol.

Although at this time there is no such thing as "Idol", it is what the ethnic people think.

The meat is stewed with wild beef and venison. Unfortunately, there is no spices, just a little salty. It's really hard for the stone bear who is used to the delicious food of later generations to swallow. The most important thing is that there is no wine here!

If we take the wine out again, can these people really regard themselves as the son of God?

However, the stone bear is very clear that in the current situation that there is not enough food to eat, if we make wine again, it would be a bit too unreasonable.

However, if we wait until next year's harvest of potatoes and sweet potatoes, we can brew some sweet potatoes. Anyway, whether it's sweet potato or potato, it's a high-yield crop. Thousands of Jin per mu is just like playing.

After breakfast, the stone bear broke all the remaining molds and took out the cast irons.

"Is this a knife?" Gao Niu asked excitedly, holding the knife.

"Yes, it's a knife, but it's not cut yet. As long as the blade is opened, this knife will definitely be a good one. " Stone Bear looked at Gao Niu and said with a faint smile.

Gao Niu is a man who likes weapons, even a fool knows that. Now he saw a steel knife. It would be strange if he didn't like it.

However, the knife obviously can't be given to him. If there is no accident, it should be owned by leader Lilei.

He is the leader of the tribe and naturally wants to have the best things, including weapons.

But it doesn't matter. This first successful smelting has given stone bear and wood planer experience. When they start smelting with iron ore in the future, they will produce more steel. At that time, if Gao Niu likes the delicate, he should build a slender blood drink for him. If he likes the overbearing, he should build a dragon slayer like the door board!

I can't. It's no problem to get him an eight edged rod of judgment!

PS: bow and thank "Shuyou 20171115152559337" 200 for the reward.

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