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Chapter: 405

"Dear chief, I have told you everything you want to hear, and I can swear to God that what I said is true. So, can I know what you're going to do to us? Kill us, or let us just do this kind of hard work all the time... "

Felisa, who has said everything, seems to have put down the biggest burden in his heart. At this time, he seems calm.

Shi Xiong interrupted him with a smile and a wave of his hand. He could see that major Felisa was not very good at English, but he should be telling the truth. Although there are some things in it that are beyond our expectation, they are almost the same.

"Isn't it just a small catapult? Is it worth it? Well, it seems that it's really worth it... "Shi Xiong muttered in Chinese, which nobody could understand except himself.

"Well, major Felisa, well, I can tell you very clearly that I don't want to kill you. Although you didn't come here with any good intentions, our tribe has always been very kind and we don't like killing people."

"We don't like killing... We don't like killing... We don't like killing..."

But for being in prison now, Felisa would like to jump up and spit on the big man in front of her! I've seen shameless, but I've never seen such shameless!

I don't like to kill people. Our North American sub fleet of 1500 Marines were almost killed by your men! You killed more than half of the four thousand soldiers of semino!

You don't like killing people? Would you like some green lotus

Of course, Felisa was not stupid. Of course, he knew that once he said it, the next moment he would be picked up by the big man and thrown out into the wilderness.

"Yes, yes, you are. We have felt your kindness! If it were not for your kindness, we would have been frozen to death in the wilderness... "Licking a dog is a must. It's a man who can stretch and bend! At this time, I'm a fish butcher. I can't lick a dog!

What's more, people have already said that they will not kill themselves. When will they not lick?

If the big man is not happy, his gang will be miserable

That sounds comfortable!

Stone bear nodded with a smile, and then continued to say: "however, with so many of you, we can't afford to support you for nothing, so you must use your labor in exchange for your daily rations and shelter. We can't help it. It's not that we are stingy. You should also see the situation of the tribe. There are so many people in such a big stall. Except for those who can just run and those who are too old to move, others have something to do. So you have to work every day when you are here. "

"I understand that, I understand. It's a matter of course to exchange labor for food. The common people in our country are all like this. It's fair and we can accept it. "

The stone bear nodded again with a smile, "since you understand, it's easy to say. From now to the beginning of spring, there are about three months left. In these three months, you can live here. What you need to do in the daytime is what you do in these days. I also know that this kind of work is very hard, but I can guarantee your food and shelter, as well as your safety. Of course, if you are willing to go back, I will not stop you. But as you can see, it's freezing outside. If you go out, you'll be dead. "

"No, no! My respected leader, of course, we will not go back at this time. Here we are at your disposal. " Felisa immediately showed his loyalty.

I'm kidding. It's brain damage to leave here at this time! What are you doing out there? Do you want to experience the feeling of despair a few days ago? Who likes to go? Anyway, I won't go!

It's exhausting to work hard here, but at least you don't have to worry about losing your life.

Didn't the missionary who used to preach in the mysterious East learn many famous sayings from the mysterious East? It's better to live than to die? Well, it should be like this. How appropriate it is to use it here.

"Well, since you have such an idea, it would be better. You'll tell your men in a moment that it's better to get the consent of all of them. I don't want you to quarrel with each other. Well, if there's one who doesn't want to stay, I'll send someone to send him away immediately. " The stone bear nods to say, the tone is light, but Felisa listens in the ear but is a shiver all over.

With these words, Shi Xiong turned and left. When he came to the door, he turned to Felisa and said, "well, Mr. major, come to me after you have explained to your men. Well, I'd better bring some officers. I have something to discuss with you. "

With that, the tall figure of the stone bear disappeared from the door.

Stone bear doesn't worry that the Spaniards won't stay. Even if they don't want to stay, it doesn't matter. The big deal is that they have lost more than 100 labors, which has no impact on the gaoshu tribe.

If they want to stay, there will be more articles in it.

For example, what we will talk about with Felisa later is one of the things that stone bear wants to do.

Sure enough, not long after the stone bear returned to his house, Felisa had three Spaniards wrapped in animal skins and escorted down by the soldiers. The three men dressed in animal skins were apparently officers of feliza's men.

The four Spaniards froze as soon as they entered the room.

They are not deterred by the decoration of this big house. To be honest, the stone house that stone bear lives in now is not small, but the decoration inside is very ordinary.

The four of them were shocked by the temperature of the room and the bright glass windows.

Although some big families in Europe have begun to use glass as windows, the glass is usually very small. Where can there be such a large piece of flat glass?

Also, the temperature in this room is too comfortable, isn't it? The temperature is almost the same as in spring. But there was no fireplace or other stove in the room, and there was no smell of smoke! It's amazing!

In fact, they don't know what kind of glass windows are now rare in the gaoshu tribe. Although it's impossible to make flat glass by flat drawing or float method, the simple stretching method is still no problem.

These large pieces of flat glass used to make windows are made by stretching.

As for why it's so warm in the room, this one is even simpler. In front of the house, there is a small square pit on the wall, one and a half meters deep, which is built with fire bricks and covered with stone slabs. This square pit is the furnace. It burns coal inside, and then there is a stone fire passage about half a meter deep under the concrete in the room. One end of the fire passage is connected with the furnace, and the other end is connected with the chimney on the roof.

When the coal is burned in the furnace, which is covered with stone slabs, fireworks will heat the whole floor of the house along the winding fire path, and then enter the closed fire wall on one side of the wall, heat another wall, and finally come out through the chimney.

This is actually the warm Pavilion in the ancient Chinese families and even in the imperial palace. Where did Felisa and his local buns see this?

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