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Chapter: 407

It's nearly ten days. In this cold season, I haven't had a full meal for nearly ten days. It's unthinkable for an aristocrat who has been well-dressed since childhood.

But it was Felisa who had to do it.

So this morning's hot beef soup really made Felisa almost swallow her tongue.

If it wasn't for his own eyes, Shi Xiong doubted where the big pot of beef had gone.

That's a big pot of beef enough for ten people to eat. They all poured it into their stomachs

"Are you full? Mr. major? " Stone bear asked with a smile.

Felisa respectfully made a standard aristocratic ceremony, "Dear chief, thank you very much for your meal. It's the best meal I've ever had in my life, I promise

The stone bear came over with a smile, took this guy's shoulder and said, "major, since we've had enough to eat and drink, it's time for us to discuss something serious."

"If there's anything you can say, I'll do it as long as it's something that Felisa Fernando can do." Feliza quickly showed her loyalty.

"Ha ha, it's nothing. Before you said that your family is the third largest arms supplier in the kingdom of Spain, I think I heard right

Felisa immediately nodded his head and said: "yes, our Fernando family is indeed the third largest arms supplier in China, and our family has always wanted to upgrade this position, but it's a pity that our family doesn't have any excellent weapons now. If you can use that kind of weapon... "

"Well, major, I think you must have misunderstood something. To tell you the truth, the powerful weapon you want is not a new weapon. You can make it yourself. "

"Well? It's impossible, isn't it? Chief, I'm quite proficient in weapons. I can see that the weapons used by your troops are definitely new weapons. " When it comes to this, Felisa will not be easily fooled. He came here after all kinds of hardships and almost died in the wilderness because of this kind of weapon.

The stone bear shook his head and asked, "do you have grenadiers in the kingdom of Spain? You're supposed to be able to build the grenades that grenadists use, aren't you

"Of course, the grenadiers are the elite soldiers in our royal Spanish army. We can also make the grenades they use."

"I don't know how powerful the grenades you're using are, or how far you can throw them. But in our tribe, I made a hand grenade with fairly good power. At the same time, I also made some changes to the hand catapult used by the Romans. The modified catapult is not used to fire crossbows, but to fire hand grenades... "

"It's impossible!" Felisa was like a cat with its tail trampled on. "I know the hand catapult used by the ancient Romans, but it didn't have that far range. The range of your weapon can reach more than 500 yards... "

"So it's an improved hand propelled catapult! And what you think is impossible may not come true with us. " Stone bear said with a smile.

"Dear chief, can I see with my own eyes your improved hand propelled catapult? Even if it's just a glance. " Felisa pleaded.

"Major, I don't think I can answer your request!" Stone bear simply refused, "just imagine, if your family has this improved crossbow, will you let others see it easily?"

Felisa's face showed a look of disappointment, "it is true, respected leader, my request is indeed a little too much."

The stone bear patted him on the shoulder with a smile and said, "it doesn't matter. But what I can tell you is that the weapon is indeed launched with improved catapults, and the grenades we made are launched. You must have seen the power. "

After a pause, the stone bear continued: "I know you won't believe me until you see the weapon with your own eyes. But I can't show you that kind of weapon. Therefore, in order to prove that our tribe has a very powerful weapon R & D capability, I can show you another weapon of our tribe. That kind of weapon is quite powerful, too. "

"But, dear chief, I'm only interested in your kind of weapon..." Felisa seemed reluctant.

But is it OK to be reluctant? Obviously not!

So, with the stone bear's half forced and half wooed method, Felisa and his three officers followed the stone bear to the shooting range outside the tribe.

It's still the same process of showing captain Jones Ferguson's rifle outside Jamestown.

Good things don't need to be said, they just need to be shown. Although Ferguson's rifle is far worse than the explosive bear rifle, it is enough to sling all the rifles in Europe in this era.

The effective range and loading speed of the afterloading rifles are far beyond the ability of the main rifles in European countries. The Spanish Navy is still at the top of Europe in this era, but their army is really not good enough.

So, when the effective range of Ferguson's rifle was as high as 200 yards and the loading speed of more than six rounds per minute, major Felisa, who was not interested in this rifle before, almost glared out his eyes. Even his three men were shocked.

Although the gun can't compare with the gun's power, when an excellent rifle appears, the shock is still very huge.

Ferguson rifle is such an advanced rifle that can shock the whole Europe.

So, when Ferguson's rifle is displayed, major Felisa will never talk about that kind of powerful weapon again. All his thoughts are on this "giant" rifle.

Although he had not been able to see the powerful weapon with his own eyes, Felisa was almost certain that the weapon was an improved catapult that could fire grenades.

Since it's improved from the crossbow, we can let the family try it after we go back. Even if the attempt is unsuccessful, it doesn't matter. After all, there is a new rifle that can replace that weapon!

If this rifle can be imitated, all the soldiers in the kingdom of Spain will be equipped with this kind of rifle, then the invincible army of the kingdom of Spain will stand on the top of Europe again! There is an invincible Spanish fleet on the ocean, and the same invincible Royal Spanish army on the land of the European continent. Who else can be the opponent of our great kingdom of Spain in the whole Europe?

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