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Chapter: 412

If you want to ask which tribe the expeditionary army likes to fight most, at least five of the ten expeditionary soldiers will say "chekasa"!

And absolutely without ambiguity!

The expeditionary army was formed on the basis of 30 soldiers from gaoshu tribe in the original expeditionary team. At the beginning, Yuchi people attacked Xiaohe tribe secretly and killed it unprepared. At that time, this hermit tribe not only died many people, but also their leader Lei Ying died in the attack.

What's more, yuchren also killed Baiyun, the most beloved of the stone bear, which made the stone bear angry.

Therefore, the stone bear not only shot and killed the chief of Yuchi people in that battle, but also the leaders of seven tribes, and even killed Yuchi people by themselves. But this kind of killing didn't calm down Shi Xiong's anger. He immediately set up an expedition team composed of 70 surviving soldiers from Xiaohe tribe and 30 soldiers sent by gaoshu tribe. Relying on the mobility of horses and the powerful power of Ferguson rifles and heartless guns, he slaughtered Yuchi people's court alive.

The expedition team of 100 people went to Yuchi people and slaughtered Yuchi people's royal court cleanly. In the end, they escaped with zero death under the pursuit of many Yuchi people, which directly made the expedition team famous.

Later, after a series of things, junaluska, the chief of the Cherokee tribe, decided to form an expeditionary army. With the 30 soldiers in the original expeditionary team as the backbone, and the 400 musketeers of the gaoshu tribe, the initial prototype of the expeditionary army was formed.

Later, at the direction of chief junaruska, jorakulu, the leader of waier tribe, selected 1000 elite soldiers from waier tribe to join the expeditionary army and formed the 1400 expeditionary army.

Later, because of the successful development of the catapult, there were 350 more catapults in gaoshu tribe. These grenadiers work in teams of two and are specially responsible for the emergency production of 170 grenades

After five months of training, just when the army was about to set out for the expedition to the Crees, the leader of one of the four guard tribes of the Cherokee royal court, under the instruction of chief junaruska, brought another 300 elite of the guard tribe of the royal court, and finally formed an expedition to the Crees composed of 2100 soldiers.

After the victory of the Kerry expedition, 1600 expeditionary soldiers stayed in the Kerry area to be responsible for the local security and security maintenance, while the remaining 500 expeditionary soldiers followed the stone bear to escort the high-level members of the Kerry royal court back to the tribe.

Chieftain junaluska was overjoyed to see that more than two thousand expeditionary troops had defeated the powerful Kerry people, and then sent two thousand recruits. Ken, obviously, the chief who has tasted the sweetness wants to expand the scale of the expeditionary army.

Shi Xiong led an expedition consisting of 500 veterans and 2000 recruits to the Powhatans again. As a result, he successfully captured many high-level Powhatans and completed a deal with colonel Jones.

That is to say, about half of the soldiers in today's expeditionary forces are soldiers from the gaoshu tribe and wai'er tribe. What these soldiers hate most is the chekasa people, so now when it comes to fighting the chekasa people, these veterans are most happy.

Wai'er tribe is one of the tribes closest to the chekasa people. And because the wai'er tribe is a large tribe, they are the main force against the chekasa.

Over the years, many soldiers of wai'er tribe have died in the battlefield fighting with the chekasa people every year, so the wai'er tribe is absolutely the one who hates the chekasa people the most.

As for the gaoshu tribe, the longmaoniu tribe and pumpkin Bay tribe, which were separated from the gaoshu tribe in those years, were all destroyed by the chekasa people. Therefore, the hatred of the gaoshu tribe towards the chekasa people is also great.

Now, most of the veterans of the expeditionary army, oh no, should be called the explosive bear brigade, are soldiers of the gaoshu tribe and waier tribe. So when the stone bear announced that he was going to March the chekasa people to the west, the explosive bear brigade was really cheering.

At present, there are 4100 people in the explosive bear brigade, plus 1000 new soldiers just sent from the north. Well, these 1000 new soldiers are new soldiers sent by junaluska, elite soldiers selected from the central part of the Cherokee tribe.

However, the western expedition is coming soon. Although these 1000 soldiers are elite soldiers of their own tribes, they are all recruits in the explosive bear brigade.

Normally, it's better not to go out with the explosive bear brigade, but chief junaruska's order is very clear, that is, the 1000 recruits must be trained as soon as possible.

The stone bear can resist the order of the chief and not send troops in winter. That's because the stone bear has enough confidence, and sending troops in winter is also taboo. Therefore, the stone bear can disobey the order of the chief without hesitation, and even break the legs of the arrogant nephew of the chief.

But the stone bear had to obey the order of the chief. Recruits don't know much about bullshit, but every veteran grows up from recruits. So, for the order of the chief, the stone bear firmly carried out.

However, the 1000 recruit eggs divide the stone bear into two parts. Among them, 500 recruits will act as vanguards under the leadership of 100 veterans, that is, engineering soldiers who are dedicated to opening up the way for large forces.

Their task is to find a way out on the premise of safety, build bridges when encountering water, and provide a good marching route for the large troops behind.

This kind of task is actually quite dangerous, but the stone bear still insists that these recruits do it. After all, there are still 100 veterans with them, and there are more scouts in front of them, so their safety should be guaranteed.

As for the other 500 recruits, they naturally play the role of logistics soldiers.

The original logistics soldiers have now grown into veterans. Naturally, the work of logistics will be taken over by recruits.

In this way, the number of explosive bear brigades has increased from 4100 to 5100, which is close to the establishment of a standard brigade in future generations.

However, there are not many soldiers in the 5100 strong explosive bear brigade who really possess thermal weapons. Besides the 600 grenadiers who have increased to 300 grenade throwers, there are also 1000 firemen.

Five hundred of the 1000 riflemen were armed with new style bear rifles, while the other five hundred were armed with Ferguson rifles, the five hundred Ferguson rifles stone bear was prepared to exchange with the Spaniards for five hundred horses. The remaining three hundred bear rifles were left in the gaoshu tribe for defense.

In other words, only 1600 people in the whole explosive bear brigade use hot weapons, and the remaining 3500 use cold weapons. However, the cold weapons in the hands of these 3500 soldiers who use cold weapons are also quite powerful. Strong bow, steel knife, steel spear, flying axe and the necessary grenade for everyone in the expeditionary army

This western expedition's explosive bear brigade is now armed to the teeth!

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