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Chapter: 419

What stone bear hates most now is not the chekasa people. His soul comes from him more than 200 years later. In fact, his hatred for the chekasa people is not so great. Most of his hatred for the chekasa people comes from the memory of the former owner of his body.

As his soul takes over the body for more and more time, the memory that originally belonged to the silly head has been completely integrated into his memory, so now the stone bear can treat this hatred very lightly.

Let alone the white cloud and the green skylark, they used to be the chekasa people, so the stone bear's hatred for the chekasa people is really not as deep as it seems.

On the contrary, now the stone bear really hates the French.

Although Baiyun died in the hands of Yuchi people, if the French did not instigate him, Yuchi people would not dare to cross Dawu Mountain to attack Xiaohe tribe. So, the real culprits are those damned fransies!

Although the stone bear has now formed a family with the green skylark, and the stone bear will be a father in a few months. But the stone bear is really a very emotional person. And this kind of person, often also very remember the grudge!

How can the stone bear forget the hatred of Baiyun and leiying?

So in this western expedition, when we met the first French settlement before, the stone bear would let the mad cow push down that settlement directly.

Now we have to divide our forces. Naturally, the stone bear wants to go to the northern fortress of okron, pull up the most important military fortress of the franceans on the Ohio River, and at the same time, use the position of okron fortress to completely cut off the transportation line of the Mihe river!

As for whether it can break the defense of okron fortress, the stone bear has never doubted!

First of all, the stone bear has been to Fort okron. Two years ago, in the cold winter, major cretian Armand, the supreme commander of the French army stationed at Fort okron, had a crooked mind and got in touch with the rettiche tribe, the second largest tribe of the chekasa tribe. Then, under the leadership of major Armand and the leader of the rettiche tribe, one hundred French Musketeers and more than two hundred rettiche soldiers, led by major Armand and the leader of the rettiche tribe, called the sentry snake, Four armed River transporters are going upstream along the Tennessee River to attack the gaoshu tribe.

Originally, these guys' actions were very smooth, but what they didn't know was that there was a guy in gaoshu tribe whose soul came from more than 200 years later. The most important thing was that this guy also taught the soldiers of gaoshu tribe how to tame bison.

Originally, the purpose of taming bison was to cultivate, but unexpectedly, these domesticated bison became the biggest killer!

The 300 or so French - chekasa allied troops were trampled into meat mud by dozens of bison burning on their buttocks, while the rest of the French were also arrested by the stone bear.

Because the major Armand did not die under the hoof, it gave the stone bear the chance to deceive and blackmail the French.

Later, stone bear took the French and took four inland river armed transport ships captured from the French to okron fortress. He not only cheated a lot of food, cloth and other materials in the fortress, but also found out the defense situation of the fortress.

In fact, the site chosen by the French is really good. The fortress is located on a 30-40-meter-high hill to the west of the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio rivers. In the case of flat land around, the fortress can be said to be high, easy to defend and difficult to attack.

And to the north of the fort is the broad Ohio River, and to the East is the Tennessee River, which joins the Cumberland River. These two rivers are like two natural moats, protecting the north and east of the fortress.

Not to mention the Ohio River in the north, where the width of the river has exceeded two kilometers. Although the Tennessee River in the East is not as wide as the Ohio River, its width is more than 500 meters.

In this era when the effective range of artillery is generally only a few hundred meters, it is almost impossible for an enemy to attack from these two directions.

In the West and south of the hill where the fortress is located, there are large marshes. There are only one or two paths explored by human life in the marshes, and only a few people can get in and out at the same time. This also eliminates the possibility of large-scale enemy attacks from these two directions.

It is worthy of being a military fortress carefully built by the French. This kind of terrain alone is enough to ensure the fortress is safe in this era.

The defense of the fortress itself is also excellent.

The fortress is built on the top of this small hill which is about 40 meters high. The area of the fortress is not large. It only has the appearance of about 10 mu of land. It is round and its diameter is about 100 meters.

The wall of the fortress is not high, only three meters high, but the wall is very thick. The most important thing is that there are four 24 pound fortress guns on the four special fort built on the fortress wall!

Although this kind of Fortress gun can't fire the blossom bullet, this kind of 24 pound fortress gun has a maximum range of nearly 3000 meters. Although the projectile fired is not much bigger than a big apple, and the effective range is only a few hundred meters, even the battleship sailing on the sea can make a hole if it is hit by this kind of bullet.

As for the small armed transport ships that can only sail in inland rivers, if they are hit by four such shells at the same time, they will be destroyed!

The four fortress guns are scattered on the north and East walls. Because there are marshes in the South and West, if the enemy wants to attack, they can only attack from the river. Therefore, the four most powerful fortress guns are specially designed to protect the river.

In addition, in addition to the four fortress guns, there are more than ten small caliber infantry guns on the fortress wall. At least after the stone bear entered okron fortress last time, he saw more than ten 4-pound guns and 6-pound guns.

Although the diameter of the bullets fired by the four largest wallier system fortress guns on the city wall is only one circle larger than a big apple, and the power of this kind of shells driven by black powder is far less than that of the smallest 20 mm machine gun of later generations, in this era, this kind of fortress guns, together with the "artillery group" composed of small caliber guns, It's enough to frighten most of the enemy.

Generally speaking, the defense of this fortress is very good. Excellent terrain and thick city wall, there are so many guns on the wall, and there are all kinds of musketeers inside. In this era, this kind of defense can easily resist the attack of thousands of people.

But the stone bear is just going to move this fortress this time!

If it is someone else, after seeing the almost indestructible defense of Fortress okron, it is estimated that he will turn around and leave very quickly. Even the stone bear two years ago had this idea. But after the development of 55 mortars, the defense of okron fortress looks like paper in the eyes of the stone bea

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