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Chapter: 42

Of course, Shi Xiong knew that Quyuan plow was composed of eleven parts, but he didn't dare to say so much at one time when he explained it to Lao Mu carefully. He was really afraid that Lao Mu's head would not bend.

In fact, although there are many parts of Quyuan plow, it is not very difficult to make it. In particular, the wood family had woodworking tools that came from Europe, and the stone bear, who was proficient in the construction of Quyuan plow, gave advice. In only two days, a Quyuan plow was made.

When the stone bear installed the poured plow head, that is, the combination of plow shovel and plow wall, at the front end of the plow bed, a curved shaft plow was completed.

Although no experiment has been carried out yet, the stone bear can say for sure that the Quyuan plow is extremely successful. As long as it is equipped with cattle or horses, it can plow the farmland immediately.

But when Qu Yuanli was built, and the high-level cadres of the tribe expressed their curiosity and surprise after seeing it, a difficult problem appeared again.

The Quyuan plow is made, but what about the ox pulling the plow?

Although quyuanli can also use Malay, judging from the rarity of the tribe's only 20 horses, Shixiong thinks that the tribe will not allow horses to do this kind of work.

Of course, the best animal in lacrosse is cattle. Cattle are not only powerful, but also stable. They can finish their work unconsciously.

But the problem is that in China, all the cattle pulling plows are tame cattle. At this time, although there were tens of millions of cattle in North America, they were all covered with tendons and had endless strength. But they're all untamed bison!

This group of no domesticated bison, one by one is his sister's cow demon king! Don't let them pull the plow. You just want to get close to them. If they don't give you ten thousand oxen to gallop, even if you look like a relative of the ox demon king!

"Guardian, do you think this thing needs cattle to pull? Are you talking about the bison in the wilderness Old wood shook his head. "I think it's impossible! How can the bison listen to us and pull the plow? Those guys have been our food since ancient times. It's more difficult to make them work than to make the chekasa surrender. We can't control the bison at all. "

Stone bear turned his head and looked at the old wood, but also a face of helplessness.

Patronize to build Qu Yuan plow, but forget another most important thing, this year, North America that group of bison simply no one can tame ah!

However, the promotion of quyuanli is imperative, which is related to the foundation of everything. Without enough food, the gaoshu tribe is at best a little quail hiding under the reputation of kabulu sacrifice. Perhaps these decades can lead a leisurely life, but once the founding of the United States, more and more white people come from Europe, when the European white people with hot weapons occupy the absolute advantage in this continent, these North American Indians will be slaughtered like white people slaughtering bison!

If we don't develop a strong enough force before the American people become the climate, these North American Indians will be wiped out sooner or later by the Americans because of their fighting characteristics.

In order to develop a large enough force, food is an essential foundation.

Stone bear scratched his messy long hair, and finally gritted his teeth and said, "don't worry about this. According to the method of making Quyuan plow, you can make more Quyuan plows. The more, the better. As for the ox pulling the plow, I'll find a way! "

It's a bison. What's the big deal?

Even the black brothers in North Africa were able to tame the native cattle by 6000 BC. Why couldn't they tame the bison?

Not to mention that I have mastered a sharp tool for taming cattle. As long as it comes on the stage ceremoniously, there will be no cattle that can't be tamed!

Even if it's buffalo, his brother, the ox demon king, I can tame you!

Stone bear did not find that the stubborn character from silly head has been more and more deeply infiltrated into his original character. Now he just thinks that if he finds the problem, he will solve it immediately. But in the eyes of outsiders, the guardian is more and more vigorous!

Once again found Li Lei, a meet, stone bear directly put forward their own requirements.

"Dear leader, I need some strong soldiers to do something for the tribe."

Li Lei put down the bone in his hand, wiped his mouth with his sleeve, and looked at the stone bear strangely. "Big bear, can you tell me what you want the tribal soldiers to do first?"

"I'm going to tame some bison." Stone bear said the answer very simply, and then he explained: "now the Quyuan plow has been built, but there is still a lack of animals to pull the plow, and the best animals to pull the plow are cattle. Of course, horses are OK, but I think our people may not agree to use precious horses to pull the plow, so I am ready to tame some bison to pull the plow."

Hearing this, Rao Shili Lei has been the leader of the tribe for so many years. He can hardly swallow a Durian.

After a long time, Li Lei's mouth closed. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at the stone bear strangely. "Big bear, you're not talking nonsense, are you? Tame those bison? How is that possible? Those bison are just our food. How can they be tamed? "

"The supreme Sun God has already told me how to tame these bison, but I haven't made time for it. Now I have time, so I want to tame some bison myself according to the instruction of the supreme sun god

As soon as this sentence was uttered, Li Lei was silent immediately. In front of the supreme Sun God, Li Lei is pious as if facing a suckling baby.

"Well, how many soldiers do you need?"

"About twenty. And I need a crosssaw to follow me. Well, is there a fishing net in the tribe? I need some nets, too

Li Lei hesitated, but finally nodded, "OK, but you must ensure the safety of the people. These soldiers are the most powerful soldiers in our tribe. They can't lose anything because of these bison. "

"Don't worry, dear leader, I'm just leading these soldiers to capture bison, not to fight head-on with a herd of bison. And when I tame the bison, I'll be at the front

Seeing the identification of the stone bear, Li Lei said, "OK, I'll let wolf tail go with you. If anything happens, you can discuss with wolf tail directly."

Stone bear knows wolf tail. He is one of the two soldiers who follow Li Lei all day. He is a cruel character

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