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Chapter: 422

Fort okron has only one gate and two small gates.

The four meter wide gate is facing the East, which is the direction of the wharf. A step road connects the gate and the wharf on the West Bank of the Tennessee River.

The other two gates are less than two meters wide, one of which is located in the southwest of the fort, facing the swamp. Another small gate is due north, facing the wide Ohio River.

The entire fortress of okron is not only garrisoned by the French army, but also inhabited by hundreds of French colonists. Among these colonists, most of them were farmers, except for a few agents of the aristocracy and the rich.

Outside the marshes, and along the banks of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers, these farmers opened up a lot of farmland to grow food and tobacco for a living. Of course, there are also some farmers. Chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep and horses are all livestock raised by these farmers.

Because of the existence of these farmers, the fortress opened two small doors. These two gates are usually used by these farmers to get in and out of the fortress.

Stone bear led a group of musketeers along the staircase road to the front and back of the fortress gate, only to find that this heavy gate has become full of holes, many places have been burned through by the fire.

The original strong gate just fell down with a slight push, and then fell apart under its own gravity.

Step through the door, stone bear and they go to hell.

At this time, fortress okron has completely become a hell. The flaming fire has almost gone out, of course, because there is nothing to burn in the fortress. The smoke rising with the fire basically disappeared, and only a few places were still emitting smoke.

The most prominent city Lord's mansion in the original fortress has become as riddled as the gate. The gate of the original imposing City Lord's mansion has completely collapsed, and dozens of bodies that are about to burn into black charcoal are piled up at the gate of the city Lord's mansion. Beside these bodies are two craters.

It is estimated that these people want to enter the city Lord's residence to avoid the shells falling from the sky. As a result, the two shells exploded around them, killing them in one pot.

The dense wooden houses that the stone bears saw last time when they entered the fortress had turned into piles of black ashes. Only the occasional curl of smoke seemed to tell their previous identities.

The interior of the fortress, which was originally full of people, has become as empty as a wilderness. Except for the half collapsed city hall, all other buildings have disappeared.

There are craters everywhere. There are all kinds of bodies burning. In addition to the dozens of corpses seen at the gate of the Lord's mansion, there are similar situations in front of the two small gates.

It is estimated that the colonists living in the fortress wanted to run out of the fortress through the small gate before the explosion. As a result, they miscalculated the firing speed of 55 mortars. As a result, before the small gate could be opened, they were killed by mortar shells falling from the sky.

The whole interior of the fortress can not be described as hell. Even the air is filled with the smell of burning meat

The stone bear was not surprised by this.

The killing radius of mortar 55 is as high as 12 meters, that is to say, in an open place, if a shell falls down, all people within the radius of 12 meters will die!

In other words, the killing area of a 55 mortar shell is about 450 square meters!

The area of the whole fortress is only 8000 square meters, with 50 rounds of 55 mortar shells exploding here, which means that the fortress has been covered almost three times!

If the fortress is built of brick and stone, the solid brick and stone can well resist the damage of fragments. But most of them are wooden houses and tents. This kind of fragile building material is not much better than a piece of paper in front of the explosive power of shells.

In addition to the fire caused by wooden boards and tents, the number of people killed by the fire alone is not a small number!

Of course, the fortress is full of broken limbs and arms. Just now, ten mortars fired in five rounds, at least dismembered half of the people in the fortress. Under such bombing intensity, it is normal for people to be torn to pieces by the huge explosive force, while those who are burned to death are still alive, at least a whole corpse can be kept.

"Chief, I found a cellar over there. There are living people in it!" A soldier came in a hurry to report a news.

The stone bear followed the soldier to a place at the root of the east wall of the city Lord's mansion. It was no different from other places. It had been burned to ashes. But on the ground, under a thick cracked slab, the stone bear heard a cry for help.

The slate was soon dragged away by the soldiers, and a dark hole was exposed. The stone bear looks inside and is happy immediately.

It turned out that there was a cellar four or five meters deep, in which there were five people, one of whom was a guy stone bear knew before.

What's the name of this guy again? Well, it seems that his name is o'renault. He was smacked by himself at the beginning

Looking at the fat man shivering in the cellar, the stone bear flashed in his mind the spokesmen of those aristocrats he met when he came to okron fortress that year. This guy named oreno is one of them.

However, this guy is obviously a very smart guy. At the beginning of the explosion, he hid in the cellar with his family.

Not to mention, his choice made him lucky to survive. If he had tried to escape from Fort okron like everyone else, he would have been killed or burned.

Maybe the stone bear's physique was so amazing that Mr. o'reno showed a flattering look after he was stunned for a moment. Obviously, he recognized the stone bear.

However, since it has been decided not to stay alive, Mr. o'renault and his family can not stay.

Stone bear didn't pay attention to the guy's flattering smile, but waved to a soldier around him, and then released a local grenade from the soldier's waist.

After igniting the fuse of the grenade with a flare, and waiting for about two or three seconds, the stone bear threw the grenade into the cellar, and then walked away calmly.

A few seconds later, with a dull explosion, a flame came out of the cellar with smoke. There was no sound in the cellar.

"Clean up this fortress carefully, I don't need the living vasichu!" The stone bear gathered more than 200 soldiers of the explosive bear brigade who entered the fortress, and then said aloud, "also, observe the damage degree of the fortress's wall, and see if it's necessary for the fortress to stay."

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