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Chapter: 423

When the stone bear first came to this fortress to cajole the French, he coveted this fortress. The position of this fortress is really wonderful.

In fact, the French have a lot of vision, otherwise they would not build such a military fortress here. This fortress guards the Ohio River, the Mississippi River and the Tennessee River. To the north and northwest, it can flow upstream along the Mississippi River. To the northeast, it can flow upstream along the Ohio River. To the South and Southeast, it can flow downstream along the Mihe river or upstream along the Tennessee River.

It's no exaggeration to say that this is actually a waterway intersection, and it's also a very important one.

If you don't count the western mountainous area of the new world, just from the east of the western mountainous area to the east coast, this is almost the geographical center of this large area!

Had it not been for a series of events that led to the intense hatred of the French in the fortress, he would not have ordered the fortress to be bombed directly with 55 mortars.

However, I thought that the fortress could not be preserved under the bombardment of 55 mortars. I didn't expect that the Frenchmen of this era were still very responsible. The fortress was so strong that all the buildings inside were destroyed, and the thick wall outside was not much damaged.

In this case, it's better to occupy here!

If we can rely on it and march westward for tens of kilometers, we can bring down the junction of the Ohio River and the Mississippi River. Then, whether it is Cairo or Wycliffe on the East Bank of the Mihe River, it is a good place to build large military fortresses.

Cairo, located in the alluvial delta at the confluence of the Mihe River and the Russian River, is not that of Egypt. It is just a small city, but its strategic position is very important because it directly guards the Mihe River and the Russian River.

However, the terrain of Cairo is flat and sandwiched between the two rivers. It is easy to be flooded when encountering floods from the Mihe River and the ohe river.

Wycliffe, a small American town about 10 kilometers south of Cairo, is a good place. Although the place is small, it is a good place to build a military fortress.

This small city is on the East Bank of the Mihe River, facing the river in the west, surrounded by hills more than 100 meters high in the north, East and south. At that time, as long as dozens of guns are mounted on the surrounding mountains, the Mihe River can be cut off directly!

The importance of the Mihe River to the whole new world is self-evident. Even in modern times, more than 200 years later, the Mihe river is also the most important inland waterway in North America.

If we can build a military fortress with heavy firepower here, then the whole river will be in our hands.

From there, along the north of Michigan, you can enter the Chicago River through the Illinois River, and finally reach Lake Michigan! Even further away, you can enter the Atlantic Ocean!

If you enter the tributaries on the West Bank of the great river, such as Kansas river, Missouri River and Arkansas River, you can directly reach the foot of the Rocky Mountains! The whole central plains are under control!

To the East, there is the Russian River. It's easy to sail to Pittsburgh. Even if you want to enter the monongahira River, one of the two sources of the Russian River, you can go upstream to reach the area where the Cherokee court is located.

As for the Tennessee River, let alone next to the tall tree tribe!

To the south, down the Miho River, you can directly reach the Gulf of Mexico!

It is no exaggeration to say that if a huge administrative and logistics center is set up here, it will be enough to cover two thirds of the United States and the northern part of the Great Lakes.

While waiting for the soldiers of the first regiment to inspect the fortress, Shi Xiong suddenly had countless thoughts and a grand blueprint in his mind, and his body began to shake slightly.

Just like the major dynasties in ancient China, the Central Plains occupied the core position, in order to establish a huge Dynasty.

In fact, the same is true in the new continent of North America. As long as it occupies a core area with an important strategic position, it can radiate in all directions in the most labor-saving way.

After the founding of the United States in the original historical time and space, it took them nearly a century to move westward because they were on the east coast, and finally unified the whole United States.

If the Americans had not occupied the east coast, but both sides of the river, they would have occupied the whole of America in a shorter time.

Similarly, if France had not lost the seven-year war, and had operated on both sides of the river for so many years, perhaps the war of independence would not have been fought between the British and the Americans, but between the French and the Americans

In this era without trains, cars and airplanes, ships are the best means of transportation. It's much better to pull and run far than a bullock cart or a carriage.

Therefore, as long as we control the Mihe River, it is not easy to control the Central Plains and the East with a large number of inland river armed transport ships.

Well, the boat thing is a big problem.

But it doesn't matter. Isn't there still a descendant of a Spanish Third Army fire merchant at home? And isn't this guy coveting the barrel? Now I have mortar technology in my hand, and the technology of throwing cartridge can't be transferred.

It should not be difficult to exchange the technology of catapult for the construction technology of inland river armed transport ship, or even the construction technology of class III windsurfing battleship? As for the shipbuilders, it's a big deal for the Fernando family or William hank to search in Europe.

Once we can win the western part of the great plain, will those gold and silver mines in the western mountainous areas be far behind?

With gold and silver, you don't have to worry about people who can build ships from Europe.

At that time, we will build more than 100 inland river armed transport ships, and we won't install those stupid guns on them. We will install small and exquisite grenades and mortars. Who will be our opponent then?

I'm in a hurry. I've got 20 armed river transport ships equipped with mortars to fight directly to Pittsburgh or the Great Lakes!

Standing in the ruins of the stone bear, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that his blue picture was very good and feasible.

To say the least, even if the Fernando family does not agree to use the construction technology of inland river armed transport ships in exchange for the technology of catapult, why not? Nowadays, there are more and more people in Europe who can't afford to eat and can build ships. Even there are many ship designers. It's a big deal for hank to collect a few.

Now I just want to control the new continent of North America!

When Lao Tzu had a huge base in the new North American continent, it would not be easy for him to come up with a new type of warship with steel hull, steam engine power and large caliber rifled gun as the main weapon?

What victory, what Saint Trinidad, all must kneel! I'll take you ten alone!

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