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Chapter: 427

Four days later, the West Route Army and the North Route Army successfully joined.

"Chief, I've arranged for the Third Battalion of the fourth regiment to send the chekasa people back to the Royal Court of our tribe. It's inconvenient to take those guys with us, and it's a waste of our military supplies. " As soon as we met, big horn sheep told stone bear this important news.

Now the bighorn sheep has completely integrated into the explosive bear brigade, and even the name of the stone bear has become the same as other senior officers. Now his name is stone bear, and he is also the "chief".

"You're right, Bighorn. Although the chekasa people are very annoying, and I wish I could kill them all, they are our compatriots after all, so the chief and high priest of chekasa can't die. We need them to help us accept these chekasa people. It's the right choice for you to send them back. It's not safe for them to march with us. "

Hearing the words of the stone bear, the bighorn sheep touched his chin and said with a bitter smile, "chief, our West Route Army has killed many chekasa people all the way. I want these chekasa people to give in, but they are very resistant and would rather die than belong to us. So, I can only hurt the killer

The stone bear waved his hand and said, "in the far and mysterious East, there is a great country. In that country, there is a very good saying, which is called cibuzhangbing! It means that as a commander of the army, it's better not to bring compassion to the army, otherwise it's easy to cause unnecessary casualties to your subordinates because of your momentary pity. "

With that, Shi Xiong turned around, looked at the middle and high-level officers of the explosive bear brigade standing in front of him, and continued: "the army is actually the most violent organization of a tribe or even a country. The army is created for killing, so the essence of the army is killing! As the commander and manager of this army, since we have led this army, our primary goal is to kill the enemy, protect ourselves and protect the lives of our brothers. Because only the lives of our brothers can be guaranteed, can they cause more damage to the enemy and protect the lives of the tribes and clansmen behind us.

The army is a wall, a wall used to protect people and tribes, but also a wall of external killing! The executors of war are the army and our brothers. Therefore, as commanders, we should always bear in mind that we are a qualified army if we can defeat the enemy by any means!

What about killing the chekasa? Where can a war be without death and without blood? The difference is just how many died. Bighorn sheep, I ask you, when the expeditionary army went to attack your Cree people, did not many people die

The big horn sheep shook his head with a gloomy face.

"This is war!" Stone bear's voice suddenly raised a big section, "remember, as long as it is war, there is no immortal! And you, the commanders at all levels of the explosive bear brigade, when commanding your brothers to face the enemy, you can't have any compassion and compassion for the enemy. It is your duty to kill and defeat the enemy! Do you understand? "

"I see!" All the officers drank in unison. The sound attracted the sight of the soldiers of the explosive bear brigade nearby.

Big horn sheep face with shame said: "boss, I understand what you mean."

"Just understand! Don't feel guilty for the dead chekasa! I asked you to lead the West Route Army to kill those chekasa people. You did a great job. There was no fault

After saying this to the bighorn sheep, the stone Bear looked at the army officers and said loudly, "you should also remember this. As long as you don't surrender on the battlefield, you can either die or I can live. There is no third way to choose! So, for the sake of your brothers and your own lives, killing the enemy is the best way

The crowd responded again.

There are few people who have ever drunk this kind of chicken soup. How can they bear the chicken soup poured down by the stone bear one after another? One by one, the stone bear said it was like beating chicken blood. I wish I could kill another 100 times tomorrow

After the confluence of the two armies, it will naturally take two days to repair.

At present, there are two battalions and 600 people missing in the whole explosive bear brigade. One is sent to the top of the king's Court of chekasa, and the other is stationed in Fort okron. Therefore, there are about 4500 people left in the explosive bear brigade.

After two days of trimming, stone bear decided to divide again.

"Big horn sheep, can you take the Western army to continue the westward expedition and bring down the French military fortress on the East Bank of the Southwest River?" In the tent that serves as the headquarters, Shi Xiong points to the black spot on his hand-painted simple map and asks big horn sheep.

The black spot represents the future of Memphis. Now it's not called Memphis, but the French built a military fortress there early.

"Boss, let me do the work! I promise to get rid of all those damn vasichos Big horn sheep said very happily.

"Well, this time we'll make a difference. Your Western army will be equipped with more 55 mortars, which will make it easier to attack French military fortresses. Fifteen 55 mortars are in your charge. Remember, we'd rather spend more ammunition than let our brothers charge and risk when we fight against French military fortresses. Although the French fortress guns are not accurate, they are still powerful. So when they attack fortresses, the first ones to knock out are those fortress guns. "

"Don't worry, chief. I know what to do. Hey, hey, fifteen 55 mortars, I promise to blow up all those French shit! "

It's vulgar, but if you make these rough guys say something elegant, they won't say it. What's more, the bighorn sheep is right. In this era, if 15 55 mortars are fired together, it can really blow up the excrement of the French!

"After you have laid down that fortress, take that fortress as your support and see if you can cross the river and look to the West. Arkansas to the west of the river and Mississippi to the South seem a little dishonest. If they dare to stab, what they don't say, just do it! It's better to beat them down at one time! Remember what I said yesterday

"Well!" Bighorn sheep nodded heavily.

"The west side will be handed over to you. I will lead the first regiment to continue to exterminate those chekasa people in this area. There are still some chekasa tribes in the north and South that have not visited. I will lead my brothers to kill those chekasa tribes. You will continue to lead the West army to the west tomorrow. If there is anything, let's keep in touch with the carrier pigeon and pay attention to ensuring safety! "

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