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Chapter: 429

"Guardian, I just received a carrier pigeon flying from the tribe. There is news coming from the tribe." Bird hurried to find the stone bear who was watching the soldiers build houses, and said respectfully.

The stone bear took over the small bamboo tube sealed with wax, looked at whether the wax seal had been opened, and nodded with satisfaction.

This kind of small bamboo tube is made from the roots of small bamboo. It is very thin, light and not long. It is tied to the feet of carrier pigeons and does not affect their flight. The message to be delivered is stuffed in the small bamboo tube, and sealed with wax after the cover is buckled.

Now, under the leadership of birdie, a preliminary carrier pigeon communication network has been established between the tribe and the explosive bear brigade, but after all, the development time of carrier pigeon communication is too short, and there are not many carrier pigeons in the hands of birdie. Therefore, in addition to the extremely important messages that need to be delivered by carrier pigeons, other ordinary messages will not be delivered by carrier pigeons, for fear of occupying carrier pigeon resources.

As a matter of fact, it's been a month since the explosive bear brigade came out, and the message delivered by carrier pigeons is only a few times.

The stone bear took the bamboo tube and frowned.

"What important news does the tribe have to use carrier pigeons at this time?" Ignoring the hot scene of house repair, Shi Xiong turned around and left here. As he walked, he opened the small bamboo tube sealed with wax.

Inside was a piece of paper. After opening it, he looked at it, and the stone bear's face suddenly turned black.

By the time he finished reading the message in pinyin on the paper, his face was no different from a piece of coal.

"Everyone, assemble at once!" A burst of roar suddenly rang up, all the busy soldiers in the fortress of okron, their eyes focused on the person with the burst of roar.

The next moment, all the soldiers dropped their things, no matter what they were doing, they gathered around the big man with crazy speed.

In the eyes of all the soldiers in the explosive bear brigade, this tall and frightening guardian is their God!

Now, the sky suddenly changed, and all the soldiers could feel the fury from the guardian, which made all the soldiers feel angry at the same time.

Who dares to make our boss so angry? Doesn't he want to live?

Even without a minute, the stone bear gathered more than 800 soldiers of the first regiment of the explosive bear brigade in front of him. Most of the other soldiers who didn't come were on guard outside the fortress.

Stone bear's eyes, red with rage, looked at the brothers in front of him and yelled, "I tell you a very bad news. Our home, our gaoshu tribe, was taken by the people of our tribe's royal court! All the people, including high priest kabulu and leader Bigfoot, were taken away by the people from the king's court. Now there are only some old, weak, sick and young people left in the tribe! "

As soon as the words of stone bear came out, the soldiers suddenly made a noise.

But soon, good discipline calmed them down again, but there was an expression of anger and disbelief on their faces.

Kuaima, as the head of the first regiment, directly asked the stone bear, "chief, can you tell me why?"

Shi Xiong shook his head, raised the piece of paper carrying the news in his hand and said: "this is the news I just received from the carrier pigeon. Unfortunately, the news is very short and messy. It only says that our relatives and clansmen were captured by the army of Wang tinglai, but the specific reason is not clear. Judging from the messy degree of this letter, it should be written by the brothers left behind in the tribe in a panic. I don't think that brother has time to explain why the royal court is doing this. It's very likely that the brother himself can't understand why the royal court is doing this. But there is no doubt that the news should be true. Our family has been taken away by the army of the royal court, and our people have been taken away by the army of the royal court! "

The scene was dead.

The first regiment of explosive bear brigade is the pro army of stone bear, and all of them are composed of soldiers of gaoshu tribe. If what the Guardian says is true, it will be a big deal.

Kuaima showed his composure at this time. In recent years, he has changed from a green young man to a calm senior commander.

"Chief, what shall we do? You say it, we all listen to you The horse said in a deep voice.

Shi Xiong nodded and said: "if this news is true as I judge, our people should be on the way to the royal court now. I don't know why Wangting did it, but I can say for sure that no matter why Wangting did it, we will save our relatives! Brothers, if you rebel against this tribe for this, will you follow me? "

The soul of this body comes from the later generations more than 200 years later. Naturally, the stone bear has no sense of belonging to the Cherokee royal court. For him, the high tree tribe is his home, and there is his wife and the unborn child!

Therefore, no matter what reason the royal court did so, the stone bear would save all his relatives and people, even if he rebelled against the Cherokee.

When the stone bear said this, the soldiers were silent again, but the expression on their faces showed that some people hesitated.

Kuaima said at this time: "brothers, I don't know why Wangting did it. But no matter what the reason is, I think it is wrong for Wang Ting to do so! We worked hard outside to expand the sphere of influence for the tribe. We defeated the powerful Cree. We conquered the bowatans in the East. Now we have taken away the Royal Court of the enemy chekasa. We have made great contributions to the whole tribe. But Wang Ting did this and captured our relatives. Don't they know what we did? Do they ignore our credit? "

After a pause, Kuaima said in a loud voice again: "I don't care about other tribes, and I can't control them, but you should know the situation of our gaoshu tribe best. The guardian and I both fled from longmaoniu tribe to gaoshu tribe. Gaoshu tribe accepted us and gave us a home. And the gaoshu tribe has been getting better and stronger under the guidance of the guardian over the years, which you should know best. Many of you are returning to the gaoshu tribe, but we are all family. Without the guardian, many of you may still be living in the original small tribe. But it is precisely because of the guardian that you can live a good life now. Your relatives will not worry about the invasion of enemies day and night, and they will not worry about not having enough to eat. It can be said that the guardian brought all this. But now, Wang Ting has taken away our relatives regardless and without any reason. Can we allow Wang Ting to do so? "

"No!" Qi's reply suddenly rang out, and the hesitation on the soldiers' faces also disappeared, replaced by the firmness on their faces.

The stone bear nodded to the fast horse with satisfaction, and then said in a loud voice: "equip immediately. The 300 brothers who stay at the fort are still here. I will bring your relatives back. The Rangers mounted the horse and went back the same way. The others came with me. We immediately went back to the tribe to see what happened! "

The crowd responded.

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