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Chapter: 430

Fortunately, four more inland river armed transport ships were captured two days ago, including the two captured before. Now there are ten ships moored on the Tennessee River outside Fort okron.

This kind of armed transport ship can carry not only things, but also people. A ship can pull about 100 people without horses.

It is very easy for the remaining 500 people to go back to the gaoshu tribe in these 10 boats, after deducting 200 Rangers on horseback.

And the captured French sailors came in again. There are not many people in the tribe who can drive boats. They can only operate four inland river armed transport ships. The captured French sailors were able to sail the remaining six ships, which they had started.

From okron fortress to gaoshu tribe is sailing against the current. Although this kind of inland river armed transport ship is powered by sails, it can move forward against the wind, but after all, it is upstream, so the speed is not very fast.

Moreover, in this era, when we were sailing on inland rivers, we basically didn't sail at night. Inland navigation is different from sailing on the sea. You can still sail at night, but in this age, without lighting and GPS, you usually can't sail at night.

The channel is too narrow to see anything at night, so it is easy to run aground or even hit the rocks.

In fact, even in the daytime, if you do not pay attention to or are not familiar with the channel, it is also very easy to have an accident.

The fleet under the command of Col. Felisa Fernand is an example. During the daytime voyage, because of the strong cross wind from the snowstorm, the fleet was blown to the rocks and sank.

Therefore, even if the northwest wind is blowing these two days, the speed of the fleet is still not very fast.

It took more than seven days for the fleet to reach the gaoshu tribe. This is because the stone bear tries to extend the sailing time of each day under the condition of ensuring safety, otherwise it will take more time.

When the stone bear's fleet arrived at the wharf in the west of gaoshu tribe, 200 Rangers arrived with dust, and the soldiers of the first regiment of 700 explosive bear brigade gathered together again.

The arrival of the fleet made the gaoshu tribe boiling. A large group of old, weak, sick and young people came out. After seeing the tall figure of the guardian, they all cried bitterly.

Although we haven't inquired about these people, the present situation has cooled stone bear's heart.

Obviously, what the news said is true. Now there are only some old and weak, sick and young people left in the tribe. All the stronger people, including women, have been taken away by the people of the royal court.

The grey moose came over with a dead face. Although he didn't cry, he seemed to be twenty years old. He was not young at all. At this time, his face was full of wrinkles and his hair was white.

"Uncle grey moose, what happened in the tribe? Is it really the army from Wang Ting who has captured all the people of our tribe? " At this time, the stone bear did not care about the greetings. He grabbed the slightly thin shoulders of the grey moose in his hands and asked anxiously.

The gray moose's old face showed a look of pain, and the stone bear realized that he didn't control his strength well.

Let go of the gray moose's shoulders, the gray moose looked at the big man in front of him bitterly, sighed deeply, and said: "guardian, the army of Wang tinglai has captured all the people in our tribe, and now we are the only old, weak, sick and young people left in the tribe..." with tears streaming down the old man's face.

The stone bear raised his head and said, "don't talk. First listen to Uncle grey moose about what happened."

There was a sudden silence. Now the leader of the tribe, the high priest of kabulu and other tribal leaders have all been captured, and the guardian is the Optimus Prime of the tribe.

"That day, I took some people with me to guard the vasichu to dig salt in the small salt mountain. Then a child from the tribe came to me and told me that a large number of soldiers were catching people in the tribe." The grey moose began to narrate while remembering.

"I thought something was wrong at that time, but the boy was still young, and he couldn't explain some things clearly. So I told the people who were guarding vasichu not to act rashly, but to take the vasichu to the North Valley. I and the bison quietly went back to the tribe to see what happened."

Grey moose is the project manager in charge of salt making. He is in charge of all the people who dig salt in xiaoyanshan and make salt in the tribe. It's natural for him to be in xiaoyanshan when there is an accident. Moreover, xiaoyanshan is more than one kilometer away from the tribe, and it is in a relatively remote place. Although it is connected by road, it is normal that the army of Wangting did not find it at the first time. As for the boy named bison mentioned by the grey moose, the stone bear also knows him. He is a five or six-year-old boy in the tribe. He is very tossing and mischievous.

"When I went back to the tribe with bison, I saw that Hongyun sacrifice was arguing with the people from Wangting. Many people came to Wangting, including two or three thousand people. These people occupied almost all the important parts of the tribe, and the fortifications of our tribe were also occupied by these guys. "

Stone bear suddenly asked: "don't our left behind soldiers resist?"

The grey moose shook his head with a bitter smile. "Without resistance, who can believe that Wang Ting's people suddenly started? Our soldiers are all subdued by those people without any defense. "

The stone bear was silent.

"At that time, because I was far away from Hongyun sacrifice, I didn't listen to all of them, but some of the others listened to all of them. These days I've gathered together, and it's basically like this. "

"Wang Ting came to the army under the guise of chief inspection, but the chief didn't come, but we can't stop them from entering the tribe? After all, it's Wang Ting's people. Later, we learned that they had controlled Daqingshan long before they arrived at the tribe, and they had captured all the people there. "

"At that time, the Hongyun priest asked them why they did so. As a result, the leader said that our tribe did not obey the order of the royal court, and he also said that our tribe had signs of rebelling against the royal court, so the chief ordered to take all the people of our tribe away. Of course, Hongyun sacrifice stopped, so they quarreled, but our people were all controlled, so even Hongyun sacrifice was finally captured by those people. "

"No need!" The stone bear's face was livid. Suddenly, such a word appeared in his mind. Then, he thought of the series of things that happened last winter, as well as the words that bighorn sheep said.

"Sure enough, chief junaruska was wary of the gaoshu tribe! Or that guy is just coveting the control of explosive bear brigade! " Combined with the story of the grey moose, the stone bear figured out the key in an instant.

However, if you do this, won't you be afraid that Laozi is really against you? Or do you, chief junaruska, think that our captors can make me give you the command of the explosive bear brigade?

You really think of me as a club!

Although it is not clear why chief junaluska issued such an order and made such a move, in a flash, the stone bear made his own decision!

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