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Chapter: 431

Although has made the decision, but the stone bear is not in a hurry to chase the king's army.

It's not that Shi Xiong is afraid of the army sent by the royal court. Even if there were only 700 soldiers in the first regiment of the explosive bear brigade, it would be easy to deal with the thousands of troops in the royal court. After all, there is a gap in weapons!

At the beginning, the expeditionary army had only more than 2000 people, and it was able to defeat more than 20000 Kerry people in one battle, relying on the great superiority of weapons. Now these 700 soldiers not only have more powerful explosive bear rifles, but also have grenades and 55 mortars, which is not what the Royal Army can stop.

The reason why Shi Xiong is not in a hurry to chase them is that he knows very well that even if he starts now and keeps chasing them day and night, he can't catch up with them before the army of Wangting returns to Wangting.

And even if they catch up, once a war breaks out between the two sides and affects the arrested people, it is almost certain.

Since junaluska dares to do such things, he may not be able to do worse things.

The most important thing is that the soldiers of the first regiment who just came back from the rapid march also need a day to repair.

So the stone bear didn't rush to chase, but first observed the current situation of the tribe.

He took trump, who had escaped through the forest, and began to look at the tribe. When it comes to trump, he is lucky. People in the tribe all know that this half big bear is the "son" of the guardian. When trump was young, the little dolls in the tribe were all his playmates. But as trump grew older, the stone bear came back with him to learn how to hunt from time to time, So growing up, trump began to learn to hunt in the mountains when his father was no longer there.

After all, it's a brown bear, and the nature of hunting can't be erased.

On the day of the accident, trump got away from the disaster because he got into the forest early in the morning. If it was in the tribe that day, it would be killed directly by the Royal Army.

People in the tribe, natep, should be a child, but in the eyes of outsiders, this is a fierce beast!

Generally speaking, the situation of gaoshu tribe is good. Basically, the infrastructure has not been damaged. It seems that the army of the royal court is a little human. I know that this is the tribe of high priest kabulu.

But the four great alchemists were captured, and so were the people who followed them.

Most of the grain in the granary has also been removed. Who knows how many people have been sent by the king's court this time? Several large granaries have been emptied, which can make thousands of people eat food for two years.

But at least these guys left some food for the old, the weak, the sick and the young in the tribe, so that the people left in the tribe didn't starve to death.

But just this point, obviously can't quell the stone bear heart more and more exuberant anger!

Are these guys robbers?

Many materials stored in grain and warehouses, including refined salt, cotton cloth, raw materials for gunpowder and seeds of various crops, were all removed by Wang tinglai's army!

More than 300 bison tamed by the tribe, together with the four wheeled ox cart, were also taken away.

It is estimated that the things in the warehouse and grain depot were pulled away by these ox carts.

The stone bear has the feeling of holding up the stone and hitting his feet

The first two 121 mm wallier Fort guns captured from the French and the twenty four pound guns unloaded from the four armed transport ships were originally placed in several key positions of the tribe for defense, but now those guns have been taken away, leaving only some turrets built with reinforced concrete

However, the king's army did not move the coal, refined coke, iron ore and other stupid raw materials in the tribe, but all the steel ingots were taken away.

The Royal Army did not destroy the houses in the tribe, the waterwheel by the river and other infrastructure, and the preservation was very good. The water tankers on the river are still turning, but all kinds of mechanical equipment connected under the water tankers are empty.

This is a group of bandits!

It can be said that the originally prosperous gaoshu tribe now only has an external shelf. All the things that are a little useful inside are robbed by those guys!

Moreover, according to the grey moose, not only the three hundred soldiers who were left behind to defend the tribe were captured by the Royal Army, but also the three hundred bear rifles in their hands.

Fortunately, major Felisa, they were working in xiaoyanshan when the accident happened, so they were escorted to a remote valley by more than ten soldiers with explosive bear rifles. Fortunately, they escaped the search of the Royal Army.

In addition, there are more than 20 soldiers at the guard posts on the periphery, all of whom have weapons in their hands. During the time when the stone bear got the news and rushed back, it was the more than 30 soldiers who protected the safety of the tribe.

Yingyu, who was a sentinel because he was disabled, rushed back to the tribe after the incident. Then he rode to Daqingshan, which was worse than gaoshu tribe. Because the busy people on the other side of Daqingshan are all strong people and women. As a result, all the people there were arrested

Fortunately, Daqingshan is the same as gaoshu tribe, where all kinds of infrastructure built with huge human and material resources have not been damaged. It seems that the people of Wangting want to take over here in the future.

But now that I'm back, do you still have the chance to take over?

Before the stone bear came back, there were more than 30 soldiers and more than 100 old, weak, sick and young people left in the tribe, as well as those of major Felisa.

However, Felisa's people performed well. It may be that they reached an agreement with the stone bear. Felisa's men didn't take the opportunity to escape or make trouble. On the contrary, they helped more than 30 soldiers to protect the tribe.

All in all, this time, the king's sudden move without any reason caused irreparable pain to the gaoshu tribe.

If it's tolerable for them to arrest people and take things away, it's an unforgivable sin to delay the spring ploughing.

In this era, food is the foundation of everything. Although in the past two years, with the help of cattle and advanced sowing equipment, the gaoshu tribe has achieved a bumper harvest of food every year, and the tribe has also accumulated enough food for thousands of people to eat for two years. But who has too much food?

If there is no such thing, now the people of gaoshu tribe should be busy with spring ploughing, even the big green hill side should stop busy with spring ploughing.

But now, almost all the active people in the gaoshu tribe have been captured by the army of the royal court, and they have been captured by this despicable means. They have used the trust of the gaoshu tribe in the royal court to enter the tribe. Otherwise, even the three hundred soldiers with explosive bear rifles left behind by the gaoshu tribe can turn away the thousands of troops of the royal court.

If all the people are taken away, the spring ploughing will be impossible.

A man's mistake for a time, a man's mistake for a year!

The stone bear still understands this truth!

The spring ploughing of gaoshu tribe is completely ruined because of Wang Ting's stupid action, which means that hundreds of thousands of Jin or even hundreds of thousands of Jin of summer food is not available. This crime is absolutely unforgivable!

The tragedy of the tribe naturally fell into the eyes of the soldiers of the first regiment. When these men who fight on the battlefield do not change their face, when they see all this in front of them, they are heartbroken.

So, when the sun just came out from the top of the mountain the next day, the first regiment soldiers who had been completely repaired had left the gaoshu tribe and came to Daqingshan to cross the river from the floating bridge!

In the past, they all went out to deal with the enemy, but this time, they are going to face the superior royal court of their own family!

But why not?

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