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Chapter: 433

The soldiers of the first regiment saw a group of men pretending to repair vehicles near the Red River near noon the next morning.

Just like the performance of the waier tribe's men who pull food, these men also shout "panic" when they see the fierce soldiers of the first regiment. At the next moment, these guys seem to see the eagle's rabbit and disperse with a "boom".

Of course, around these men, there are some native Indians in different costumes, which are obviously from other tribes.

However, these Indians who did not have time to run away did not fear when they saw the soldiers of the first regiment who were fully armed. They also warmly welcomed the soldiers of the first regiment.

Obviously, these people from other Cherokee tribes are familiar with the name of the bear brigade or the expeditionary army. And the explosive bear brigade has conquered the Cree and bowatan in succession, which makes these people worship the explosive bear brigade.

Of course, it is impossible for the stone bear to attack these people. Although they are not of the same tribe, they belong to the same Cherokee nationality. They can be regarded as compatriots.

The old lion was not at the scene. After all, this is the most important pass in the south of monongahira. The Red River tribe of the lion is stationed here. If he shows up publicly at this scene and is told by others, it must be very bad.

"Ha ha, those guys from Honghe tribe don't look so good. These are the expeditionary soldiers of our tribe. What are they running for? Are you worried that the brothers of the expeditionary army will kill them? " One of the onlookers said with disdain. It's obvious that the gang of Red River tribe men who just fled made the righteous man feel a little disdainful.

"Yes, yes. This is the most powerful soldier of our tribe! Didn't some of their brothers from Honghe tribe join the expeditionary army? What else are they running for? "

"Haha, Honghe used to be the top tribe in our tribe, but these years they have been guarding the south side for the king's court. There has been no war for many years. It is estimated that the gang of Honghe have no courage of that year..."

"I met the leader of the mad lion in the royal court last year. He is a great man. Why are his soldiers so fierce? Ah, you see, isn't that big man the leader of the expeditionary army, the guardian of the legendary high priest kabulu

"Not to mention, it seems to be the guardian!"

"Yes, the guardian who conquered the Crees and the Powhatans for our tribe, and now leads the expeditionary army against the chekasa in the West. Why did he come here... "

"I know that the expeditionary force is amazing. Are the Crees in the south good? Our tribe is a little bit out of breath, but last spring, our expeditionary brothers went on the expedition, and only more than 2000 people defeated the powerful Kerry people. Now the Crees have become the vassals of our tribe. "

"Well, who doesn't know? At the end of last summer and the beginning of autumn, the expeditionary army went to the Powhatans and beat all those guys who only knew how to hide and collapsed? The chieftains of the Powhatans did not escape capture. Now I hear that the chief of the Powhatans and the chief of the Crees are now in our royal court as companions... "

"Alas, the expeditionary army is powerful, but now it only recruits in several big tribes, not in the crooked ear tribe of jorakulu. Last year, many soldiers of Honghe tribe of crazy lion were recruited into the expeditionary army, and the four guard tribes of Wangting... When will the Expeditionary Army recruit in our tribe, I will be the first to sign up!"

"Ha ha, just like you, it's strange that the expeditionary army can accept you..."

In the past two years, the expeditionary army has achieved a great reputation. Although the name of the expeditionary army has been changed to the explosive bear brigade, many Cherokees still call it the expeditionary army.

Listening to the voices of the people of other tribes around, and looking at the fanatical expression on their faces, the stone bear knows that the expeditionary army, now called the explosive bear brigade, has made such a big name in the Cherokee tribe.

It's just these things. Doesn't chief junaruska know? Why did he make such a move? Did the warning of bighorn sheep really fall on his head?

The stone bear shakes his head slightly. As he walks, he smiles and greets the people around him. The brothers of the first regiment do the same.

Seeing that the legendary expeditionary soldiers are so amiable, these twenty or thirty onlookers from different tribes are all excited. This is the legendary expeditionary army. If you can see them with your own eyes, you can blow for half a lifetime when you return to the tribe.

The lion's men left four carts, all of which were grain. But there are only two carts of grain, and the other two carts are all kinds of meat that have been slaughtered and cut.

Stone bear didn't see the lion, but he understood why the lion didn't dare to show up.

After all, it is an important transportation hub from the south central part of the tribe to the Royal Court of the tribe. Almost all the people from the southwest, due south and Southeast tribes need to go north through it before they can enter the area under the jurisdiction of the royal court.

To put it bluntly, there are many people here with mixed eyes. It's not as remote as the place where jorakulu sent food yesterday. There are people from all over the world here every day. If they can see the crazy lion, which is always famous for its bravery, it's really hard to tell if it comes to the ears of those who want to.

The stone bear didn't want to hurt the bold old lion. Since the family had already sent food and meat, it showed that the family had this heart.

Pulling these four cars, together with the several carts of grain sent by jorak Lulu yesterday, the 700 soldiers of the first regiment successfully crossed the stone bridge on the red river.

This is the only stone bridge on the red river. It's a bridge. In fact, it's a few thick stone piers built with rocks, on which a few thick stone slabs are built.

Fortunately, the bridge is strong enough.

After they crossed the bridge, they made a fire and cooked on the spot. There are four or five days to go from here to Wangting at most. Before, because of the shortage of food and the rapid march of the army, the soldiers had a great loss of physical strength. Now that they have food to eat, they should have a good repair.

However, the soldiers of the first regiment didn't stay here too much. It was also the site of the old lion. Shixiong didn't want to be embarrassed by the old lion, so after having enough lunch, he ordered to continue marching until he got out of the site of Honghe tribe.

Five days later, in the morning, the mouth of the valley to the south of Monongahela was already in sight.

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