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Chapter: 437

The river is not as fast as you think, and the river is not as narrow as you think.

The stone bear holding the pole just adjusts the angle of the raft every other distance. The small raft can carry two people safely down the river.

This section of the river is all in the valley. There should be steep cliffs on both sides, so the echo of the river is very strong. However, in the process of going downstream, Shi Xiong saw more than ten bonfires in the north. Obviously, his judgment was correct. There is a road on the North Bank of the river.

Those bonfires should be the sentry posts set up on the North Bank of the river.

However, the light of the bonfire can't shine into the river, and there's no need to light up the whole river. After all, there are a lot of soldiers stationed at the mouth of the valley in the upper reaches of the river, where the brightness of the bonfire is enough to ensure that no one can go down the river.

But I'm afraid they didn't expect that the two men, stone bear and bobcat, didn't enter the river from the outside of the valley. They slipped into the river from the valley cliff in the middle along the rope.

Therefore, no one has found the calf raft of stone bear and Bobcat in the valley river which is only four or five kilometers long.

Because of the constraints of the terrain, the flow speed of the river in this valley is not slow. However, when the river flows out of this valley, it becomes wider and the speed of water flow decreases quickly.

Out of this section of the valley, the stone bear and the bobcat see the huge plains of the Monongahela Valley. In this valley plain with a total area of 156 square kilometers, campfires can be seen everywhere. It is the royal court and the four guardian tribes who are living in Monongahela.

This place has entered the core area of the Cherokee people. Compared with the tight defense outside, there are few sentinels and watchmen here. After all, this place is really important. It is impossible for a large-scale enemy to enter here without disturbing anyone.

Even if a small group of enemies can sneak in, there are still four guard tribes with nearly ten thousand people living here! With a bugle call, the soldiers of the four tribes will be able to trample on a small number of enemies

The Cherokee royal court tent is located on the south side of the river, which is also the brightest place in the whole Monongahela. You can see the brightly lit place and the huge Royal Court tent from a long distance.

When the stone bear and the bobcat were several hundred meters away from the king's tent, they supported the pole and pulled the raft ashore, and then they went ashore.

As for the raft, they didn't take it back. One is that the leather raft is no longer useful, and the other is that it is obviously not suitable to take the thing with them again, so they let the leather raft drift away.

Two people cat waist along the slope of the river toward the king's tent quickly close, with not long came to less than 20 meters away from the king's tent place.

Here, with the help of the light from inside the tent and the two huge bonfires burning in the south of the tent, that is, at the gate of the tent, they have been able to clearly see the situation around the tent.

Perhaps no one can think that someone will come in here, so the defense around the tent is not so tight. Except for the group of about ten soldiers standing at the gate of the tent, there were no guards on either side or behind the tent.

The stone bear made a gesture to the bobcat. The bobcat nodded, and then he lay down on the slope of the river. Of course, he also took four or five black round things out of his leather bag and put them in front of him one by one.

These black round things are not the pottery pot grenades carried by the soldiers of the explosive bear brigade?

And the stone bear is light over the embankment, cat waist like a huge wild cat, quietly close to the tent.

Squatting outside the tent, the stone bear pulled out a dagger with a length of one foot from the scabbard tied to the outside of his leg. The dagger is a bit inappropriate, because its size and shape are more like the famous mad dog tactical shock knife of later generations.

A friend of the stone bear in his former life sent back a fake mad dog tactical shock knife when he was traveling abroad. Although it is imitation, but also let the stone bear love.

After the soul enters the world, the stone bear makes a knife that looks like a mad dog tactical shock knife and wears it with him.

Although this knife is not as easy to use as the real mad dog Tactical Assault knife, and even the imitation knife is not as good, it is definitely a top tactical knife in this era. Of course, there is no special tactical knife in this era, and even the term tactical knife has never appeared. But this knife is really a good one.

The sharp blade easily cut open the tent sewn together with several layers of thick cowhide. There was a big hole in the back of the tent, and the voice in the tent immediately came out.

There should be a dinner party and other activities in Wang Tingda's tent. It's very lively, but it doesn't prevent Shi Xiong from hearing the conversation of several important people inside.

"Giant axe, horizontal knife, what's the situation at the mouth of the southern Valley? Can you make sure that the big bear doesn't get into Monongahela? "

This sound is very familiar to the stone bear. It's junaluska's voice. And the stone bear knows who the so-called axe and broadsword are.

Tomahawk is the leader of the Tomahawk tribe, and Hengdao is the leader of the most powerful Hengdao tribe among the four major guard tribes of the Cherokee people. Both of them are the iron brothers of junaluska. Stone bear has seen them before.

The four guard tribes of the Cherokee royal court are Hengdao, Xuejian, guspear and giant axe. Guspear, the leader of guspear tribe, is now in the explosive bear brigade. Some elite soldiers of guspear tribe are also soldiers of explosive bear brigade.

And the leader of the blood arrow tribe, blood arrow, has now replaced jorak Lulu as the big leader of the red city alliance.

"Chief, don't worry about that. As long as the big bear doesn't act on our soldiers, they can't get through the valley." This kind of sharp sound is exactly the sound of Hengdao.

"Ha ha ha..." junaluska's laughter rang out, "that powerful bear is a great threat to the royal court, and his explosive bear brigade is developing too fast. If they are allowed to develop like this, the Royal Court of the tribe will be swallowed by the big man! This is the Royal Court of the Cherokee people. The royal court cannot allow the emergence of uncontrolled and powerful force. "

After a pause, junaluska's voice sounded again, "I tested the big bear twice a year ago. He not only didn't obey my orders, but also broke dimerca's legs, which clearly means that he has betrayed the family! I admit the bear brigade is powerful, but so what? Now all the people of gaoshu tribe are in my hands. As long as that big man dares not to obey my orders, his people's lives will be lost... "

"The chief's plan is really wonderful! After boiling the bear, don't worry about the guy who doesn't obediently give the command of the explosive bear brigade The sound of the horizontal knife rings again

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