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Chapter: 439

The foul language of these guys just now really made the stone bear angry.

If these guys say anything else, the stone bear can hold back. But a few of them went to the green Skylark. My aunt can bear it, but my uncle can't!

So the stone bear opened the Wangting tent which was cut a hole and got in. And the place where he got in was just behind junaluska, and the result was the tragedy of junaluska.

Fortunately, the stone bear can still know how to control his own strength. Otherwise, in terms of his strength, if he really slaps with all his strength, it is estimated that junaluska either suffered a skull fracture or his neck was directly broken by this slap.

But even if the effort is stopped, the slap goes on, junaluska's face also immediately becomes extremely wonderful.

Stone bear's palm is big. He slapped on junaluska's face. Half of junaluska's face was covered by stone bear's palm. With this slap, junaluska's mouth spurted a mouthful of blood, which was mixed with more than a dozen white particles. Needless to say, half of the teeth in junaluska's mouth were taken away by the slap.

Then when the palm of the stone bear's hand left junaluska's face, they were all frightened to find that the half of their chief's face was like blowing a balloon... Well, if they knew what blowing a balloon was... It was swollen with the naked eye.

And it's not only swollen, it's also a color that people can't bear to look directly at - green with red, red with purple, purple with some black spots!

In ten seconds, half of junaluska's face turned into a pig's head, which was more than the second elder martial brother.

Well, if they know who the second elder martial brother is.

Anyway, the broadsword and the axe are stupid.

The psychological shadow brought by the big man is too large. When the big man challenged the "divine immunity" here, they both witnessed it with their own eyes, and they both went up. As a result, they were almost beaten by the big man

Now this big man suddenly appears here with a murderous air, and as soon as he appears, he beats his own chief like this. It's very good that the broadsword and the giant axe can stand firm now without peeing in their pants.

Despite all kinds of boasting and belittling in the tent just now, when the stone bear appeared in front of them, they withered immediately.

As for the blood arrow, after being stunned for a while, there was a dry howl in his mouth, and then the guy ran to the gate of the tent.

The result did not run two steps, the broadsword and the axe saw that the big man picked up the heavy stone cup which was originally placed on the stone table next to the chief, weighed it in his hand, and then suddenly threw out the stone cup.

The stone cup gave out a low "Wuwu" sound in the air, instantly crossed the space of more than ten meters, and hit the back of the blood arrow who wanted to escape accurately.

Whether it is a broadsword or a giant axe, they dare to swear to the supreme Sun God. At that moment, they really heard a clear "GABA" sound, which should be the sound of blood arrow's skull being smashed.

As for the blood arrow, it was like a wooden stake. It didn't even hum, and its head was on the ground of the king's tent.

As for the big man, he spat, and then slapped the other half of his chief's face with his backhand

The horizontal knife and the giant axe looked at their chief's head in horror. They all thought that their chief's neck had been broken by these two slaps. As for the two sides of the chief's face are blue, red, purple and black, and swollen and shiny, it doesn't seem to be a problem

This moment's disturbance naturally alarmed the more than ten soldiers who stood guard outside the gate of the tent.

However, when more than ten of them rushed into the big account with various weapons in their hands, they were all silly.

Is the man who is holding his neck like a Turkey by the big man his own chief?

It looks like, but how could our chief be so miserable? Why is his face like that? Why is it that color?

And the two dumb chickens who were so scared that they didn't move. Are they the leader of Hengdao and the leader of giant axe? Aren't those two usually very brave? Why are they so scared now?

What's more, the guy whose head is bleeding like a fountain is the leader of the blood arrow?

These more than ten soldiers are completely stupid. It is estimated that their only idea at this time is to lie in the trough! What's going on?

As soon as the stone bear's left hand loosened, junaluska, who had been dazzled by two slaps, fell to the ground with such a "Gudong", and half of his swollen and soul stirring face also fell to the ground, which made other people in the room worry about it, for fear that his chief's face would be broken.

The stone bear clapped his hands, looked at the more than a dozen dumb soldiers and said, "there's nothing for you here. If you're OK, go out and blow the horn and call all the people in the king's court!"

As the soldiers guarding the door, these soldiers are naturally junaluska's confidants. Naturally, they have all seen this big man's demeanor when he challenged the "divine immunity" here. They have even heard that the invincible achievements of the expeditionary army or the explosive bear brigade were accomplished under the command of this big man.

It's no exaggeration to say that this big man is the God of war in the eyes of most soldiers of the whole tribe.

A soldier who seemed to have a small head swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked, "that, that... Guardian, what do you want to do?"

Stone bear eyes a stare, that small head eye scared almost pee, "I do what you can manage?"? Don't you see what's going on here? Your chief has captured my people and my relatives, and even the great high priest kabulu, for no reason. As the guardian of high priest kabulu, can't I ask the respected chief why this is? "

The stone bear took a deep breath, calmed down his anger, and said to the little leader in a low voice, "go out and blow the horn, and gather all the people who live in Monongahela here, and my people who are captured by you! I, the great bear, the guardian of high priest kabulu, the supreme commander of the explosive bear brigade, will confront our chief in front of all the people here! I want to ask our chief why he did it and what he did it for! "

Said, the stone bear's eyes a stare, low roar way: "do it quickly, don't let me angry!"

The little head was so scared that he ran out of the tent. After a while, the melodious horn sounded.

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