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Chapter: 440

When the Cherokee people living in the manongahira and the people of the four guard tribes came to the tent, they were shocked by this scene.

A tall man was standing at the gate of the tent. In front of the gate of the tent, there were more than ten piles of bonfires burning. The bright light showed the surrounding area of tens of meters.

The size of the big man is so amazing, but most of the Cherokee people know him. Because he was the founder and supreme commander of the famous expeditionary army, and also the guardian of the legendary high priest kabulu. The reason why he is famous is that he successfully challenged the "divine immunity" last year, which is the kind of divine immunity without water.

Of course, he is more famous because he led an expeditionary army of only over 2000 people to defeat the Kerry people with 100000 people, and solved an enemy that had not been solved for hundreds of years.

It is also because of the victory of the CRI people in the southern expedition that this amazing big man and his expeditionary army become the most popular presence of the whole tribe!

No one can deny that this big man in front of us is definitely the hero of the whole Cherokee people, and it is an irreplaceable hero! Just because he led the expeditionary army to defeat the powerful Crees, it was enough to make him a hero in the history of his family! And when he led the expeditionary army to defeat the Powhatans, and now he began the westward expedition to the chekasa, his prestige in his own family rose to the point where it could not be restored.

But what did this man do today?

Is he really ready to rebel, as the chief said?

Why else would he do that?

A few days ago, all the people of the most popular tribe in the whole tribe, that is, the legendary high priest kabulu tribe, were captured by the army of the three guard tribes of the royal court, and the chief made it clear that the people of the high priest kabulu tribe wanted to rebel!

This angered the Cherokee people living in Monongahela.

No matter how much credit you make, no matter how high your status is, no matter how good your status is, you can't do anything treason! Your tribe can be a hermit tribe, but you can't be a traitor.

However, the high priest bakaluzu said that this was not the case. Moreover, the high priest bakaluzu did not agree with the chief's statement. The high priest insisted that there was no treason in the high priest kabulu tribe.

On the one hand, it is the statement of the chief with the highest power, and on the other hand, it is another statement of the spiritual leader of the tribe, which makes all the people living in Monongahela feel confused.

What's more, the subtle atmosphere that pervades Monongahela these days can be felt by even teenagers.

At the beginning, most of the people were still arguing about this matter. After all, some people believed the chief's statement, but some also supported the high priest. But when this kind of unclear atmosphere became more and more obvious, almost all the people did not dare to comment on this matter.

Until this evening, when the clarion call for the whole clan sounded, they hurried out of their respective wooden houses and gathered in front of the Royal tent. The scene in front of them made all the clan angry.

It turns out that what the chief said is true. This man who has made great contributions to the tribe really wants to betray the tribe!

How else could he have done such a thing?

In the light of the campfire, there were three people kneeling in front of the big man, and another one lying on the ground.

Who are the three men on their knees? Who is that bloated, purple, black man who is not chief junaluska?

And kneeling on both sides of the chief is not the leader of two of the four guard tribes. Who are the Hengdao and the giant axe?

As for the man lying on the ground, who is the blood arrow?

These are all the big people at the top of the whole Monongahela, but now they are in such a mess. It's not the big man who made it. Who else made it?

Apart from other things, there are also three chief guardians who humiliate the tribe. They are traitors!

Almost all the people were angry, but they couldn't do anything.

Although they don't know what is man-made Dao Zu. I for fish this sentence, also don't know what is a taboo, but this scene is let them dare not make any action.

Fortunately, a man with enough weight appeared.

High priest bakaluzu.

"Guardian of the kabulu cult, what are you doing? Why do you humiliate our chief and the three of them High priest bakaluzu walked slowly to the stone bear and asked.

"Dear high priest bakaluzu, I can answer your question clearly and in front of all the people! However, before answering this question, I would like to ask our respected chief and these two leaders a few questions in front of everyone. As long as our chief and these two leaders dare to swear the truth to the supreme Sun God, I can tell everyone the answer to your question

After a pause, the stone bear continued to say aloud: "I, the great bear, the guardian of the kabulu sacrifice, the supreme commander of the explosive bear brigade, the person who once challenged the divine edict to save the army. I led the brothers of the explosive bear brigade to defeat the powerful Crees and the Powhatans, and the person who took away the king of the chekasa people. Here I want to tell everyone that I have no idea of treason, There has never been any act of treason. My tribe, the high priest tribe of kabulu, also has no idea and practice of treason! But I don't understand why I took my brothers to fight for the tribe, and our chief and these tribal leaders captured all my people and relatives behind me! I don't understand why. I really don't understand. So I came here. I used this method to confront our chief and these tribal leaders face to face! "

"Paper can't hold fire, the truth can't be concealed forever! As long as I get the truth, I will accept the punishment I deserve! "

The words of the stone bear were loud, and all the clansmen, including the high priest kabulu, nodded slightly.

Stone bear turned to kneeling chief junaruska and asked, "chief, do you dare to swear to the supreme Sun God that everything you say is true?"

Chieftain junaluska raised his head, his eyes fixed on the stone bear, and then cried out: "this big bear is a traitor, shameful traitor! My people, you must kill him... "

But before this sentence was finished, a big foot kicked over in the crowd, and he kicked junaluska a big somersault.

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