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Chapter: 444

These are the people of the gaoshu tribe who were captured.

Red cloud, dressed in ordinary animal skin clothes, stands in the front. Of course, the green Skylark who has begun to show her mind is fighting with her side by side. And big foot, Gao Niu, big green hill, Li Lei and others all stand behind the two women with a smile.

The Wangting people who originally surrounded here also gave these people a place wide enough to get out of the way.

If there was no story of the broadsword and the axe, and if chief junaluska did not behave like this, perhaps these Royal clansmen would not have done so. But what just happened made most of the Wangting people understand the whole story.

It's not the gaoshu tribe who is sorry for the royal court, but the man who was sitting in the tent of the royal court who is sorry for the gaoshu tribe.

It was not the guardian of the great sacrifice of kabulu who betrayed the royal court, but the chief who betrayed others!

Although in this era of North American Indian tribes, the chief has great power, but the chief is only the chief, he is not the king of a country, has supreme power.

In these Indian tribes, even the chief can't judge the life and death of others easily. In particular, this matter, which is related to the life and death of thousands of people in a big tribe, is not something that the chief can decide to cut off.

The Indians of this era are indeed stupid, but that doesn't mean they are stupid.

Everyone knows that if the chief's power is not restricted, then the chief can fight against an innocent tribe for no reason today. Maybe tomorrow the chief will not like his tribe. Who can guarantee that he will not fight against his tribe?

So, no one wants that to happen to their own tribe.

Gaoshu tribe is obviously wronged or even betrayed. They have the qualification to stand here.

"My guardian, you did not disappoint me! You have guarded me and my tribe! " Although Hongyun didn't wear her high priest's clothes, or even her animal skin clothes made her look a little embarrassed, she was undoubtedly extremely holy at this time, and the high priest's demeanor was revealed.

The stone bear bowed slightly to show his respect.

The red cloud can be reserved, but the green Skylark standing beside the red cloud can't be reserved. Although she didn't run to hold her man, her face was full of smile and pride.

The man in front of him didn't let himself down. He saved himself again.

I was caught here by the army of Wangting, but the green Skylark was a little desperate. This is a powerful Royal Army of the tribe. Is there any hope after being caught here by these people?

But there is still an expectation in the bottom of the green skylark's heart that the omnipotent man will rescue himself from the brink of death, just like the last time Yuchi people attacked Xiaohe tribe.

Sure enough, he did, and he also did it alone. Just like the last time he drove the Yuchi away by himself, this time he won the powerful chieftain of the Cherokee in the same way!

He is a man who can do anything!

And this man is his own man!

So, the green skylark is very proud now!

The arrival of Hongyun made the whole scene quiet soon.

Although the high priest of kabulu has not held the position of tribal high priest for a long time, the legend about the high priest of kabulu has never been broken among the Cherokees.

In fact, since the high priest kabulu led his people to live in seclusion in Dawu Mountain more than 200 years ago, there has never been a succession of more than three generations of the Cherokee high priest.

Therefore, even if high priest kabulu has not been a tribal high priest for a long time, there are more and more legends about high priest kabulu, especially the miraculous "great prophecy" and the deeds of high priest kabulu saving the tribe several times.

Can't have is the best! This applies even to the Indian tribes of this era.

Almost all the royal family members present have never seen the real high priest kabulu, but this does not hinder their reverence for high priest kabulu. After all, almost all of them grew up listening to the legend of high priest kabulu.

Although the woman in front of her was dressed in ordinary clothes, no one dared to look down on her, because they all knew that the woman in front of her was the high priest of this generation.

High priest bakaluzu hastened to meet him. Although he is the current tribal high priest, he is very clear that the young woman who inherited the title of high priest kabulu is the spiritual totem of the whole tribe. Just like the four guardian tribes will never change, the prestige of high priest kabulu, which has been handed down for thousands of years, has far exceeded that of the high priest of his tribe.

Hongyun was not domineering. She also saluted high priest bakaluzu.

"How do you think this will be settled, high priest cabulus?" Asked the high priest bakaluzu gravely.

"High priest bakaluzu, it seems that I should not be asked about this?" Red cloud light said. What she said is right. After all, she only has the title of high priest kabulu, but she does not serve as the high priest of the tribe.

Now that the tribal chief has such a big scandal, the only one who has the power to deal with it is the tribal high priest. Others, including the leaders of the red city alliance and the white city alliance, have no power to deal with it.

"No! High priest cabro, you have the right to deal with this matter. We need your guidance. Without your guidance, we don't know what to do! " The high priest bakaluzu said very seriously.

This is not what the high priest bakaluzu said. In the past two hundred years or so, the chief of the Cherokee tribe has changed three times since the high priest takabulu moved to seclusion, and the chief junaluska is the third one to become a chief.

But every time the chief changes, the high priest kabulu makes divination. In the first change, because the high priest kabulu prophesied that this vein was not suitable to be the chief of the Cherokee people, although the man controlled the royal court, he did not become the chief, because the people in the royal court did not recognize him

The second and third changes were also due to the approval of high priest kabulu, who was able to sit on the throne of chief, including chief junaluska.

It's no exaggeration to say that although the high priest of kabulu is far away from the royal court, no chief dares to despise the high priest.

This time, chieftain junaruska was blinded by lard and even tried to kill the high priest Hongyun.

When this matter is said through the mouth of Hengdao, it is inevitable for Hongyun to participate in this matter.

"Let me tell you?" Red cloud asked with a smile, but his eyes were full of an indescribable edge!

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