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Chapter: 445

The sight of thousands of people present focused on Hongyun in an instant.

Red cloud walked forward a few steps and came to junaluska. Looking at the embarrassed chief in front of him, he asked faintly: "before making the final decision, you are still the chief of this tribe. So, chief, is what Hengdao said true? Do you really want to burn me to death? Are you really going to replace the spear leader? And do you really want to take over everything from the gaoshu tribe? "

The voice of red cloud is higher and higher, and it has become very sharp in the end.

In fact, just now Hongyun and several senior members of the tribe came here, but she didn't get close. Instead, she stood outside and listened to all the stories. Then she came in after all the people from gaoshu tribe came. Therefore, she heard all the story of Hengdao just now.

Junaluska suddenly raised his head, looked at the high priest kabulu standing in front of him, and suddenly growled like crazy: "yes! What you said is true! I really intend to do that! But what happened? I am the chief of this tribe, and I have the right to do so! Everything about this tribe is mine! And you, high priest kabulu, you have not been the high priest of the tribe for a long time. What right do you have to question me here? "

Junaluska said he wanted to stand up, but when he was halfway up, he got a foot in the back knee socket and let him kneel on the ground.

Behind him came the cold voice of the stone bear: "since you want to burn high priest kabulu, then you can kneel like this! If you dare to stand up again, I promise to break your legs! "

Junaluska's words naturally fell into the ears of the surrounding people, and immediately triggered a burst of even greater discussion. An atmosphere of uncertainty quickly began to form among the clansmen.

Junaluska's words touched the public anger!

Yes, there is some truth in what he said, but he forgot that this kind of thing can only be done quietly, not openly.

It's true that you are the chief, and your power and status are the highest in the whole tribe. But you can't play with the lives of the people just because you are the chief, and you can't draw all the good things of the people into your arms.

All the property of the North American Indian tribe in this era belongs to everyone! Not someone's!

If according to what junaluska said, whose property do you want to rob openly, how can people live in the future?

Don't be such a chief!

The criteria for judging whether a chief is qualified or not by the North American Indians or Cherokees in this era are very simple. A good chief should be a person who can make the people live a good life; On the contrary, he is an unqualified chief.

Even if you can't live a good life, the whole family is like this, you can't grab other people's things. Not to mention that you want to kill others in order to rob others' things. Isn't that too terrible?

Obviously, junaluska's words touched the deepest fear of these people.

If such a person continues to be a chief, his tribe may suffer next.

Junaluska forgot that the North American Indian tribes of this era did not form a unified regime. He was not the emperor or king of the North American Indians. He was just the chief of a tribe. The social form of the North American Indians in this era has not yet formed slavery or feudalism, and the North American Indians in this era are still in a semi primitive society.

In this era, the North American Indians, including the more civilized Cherokee, were based on clans and clans, then formed a tribe, and finally formed the whole Cherokee tribe.

Therefore, the foundation of the whole tribe is the clans and clans, big and small, not you, the superior chief!

Now, you, the superior chief, make use of the power given to you by many ethnic groups to seek personal gains. To paraphrase the words of later generations, what credibility do you have?

Throughout the history of human development, almost none of the dynasties at all times and in all countries can last forever.

There has been a change of power in any dynasty. One of the reasons for the change of power is the invasion of foreign enemies, and the other is the bottom-up opposition of the people of the country.

Let's not talk about the invasion of foreign enemies. It was caused by interests. And the bottom-up opposition of the local people is all kinds of uprisings!

Therefore, there is an idiom in China that makes the most incisive summary of the phenomenon of power change from bottom to top: the government forces the people to revolt!

The foundation of a country is the general public. As long as the general public can eat and sleep, who will revolt.

But once there is a problem in the upper class of a certain Dynasty, which oppresses and exploits the lower masses too hard, it will naturally cause the opposition of the masses.

As the saying goes, home is the world, that is to have a home before a country. The overall interests of the country are the interests of many families.

When the highest level of a dynasty desperately exploits the general public of the whole dynasty for its own self-interest, it is a violation of public anger. Naturally, the public will overthrow you and avoid being cruelly exploited.

There is such a phenomenon in dynasties or countries at all times and in all over the world. Although these primitive and backward North American Indians do not understand these general principles, they do not need to know too much about this kind of things. As long as the people feel that you, the chief or tribal leader, are not good, then the phenomenon of power change will naturally occur.

To be honest, junaluska did a good job.

If what he did this time is not revealed by stone bear and his brother Hengdao, then it will be gradually suppressed as time goes on. After all, junaluska has such power, and he can take over everything of gaoshu tribe by "strengthening the power of the tribe".

But still that sentence, like this disgraceful thing, you can do it quietly, and then use the power in your hand to slowly make it a reasonable thing. But you shouldn't say it so loud.

Once you put this kind of thing out, but also rightfully and grandly said, then immediately changed the nature.

You are not working for the interests of all the people. You are only working for your own interests.

Moreover, for self-interest, you do not even hesitate to use the power given to you by your clansmen to rob others and even want to kill them.

Who is not afraid of such a chief?

Now even the people of the four guard tribes of the royal court, even the people of the royal court, have changed their eyes when they look at junaluska

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