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Chapter: 45

A live bison and a live calf make the whole tribe boiling again.

Where have the people of gaoshu tribe seen the bison captured alive. For hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of years, bison has been one of the main rations of North American Indians.

When the soldiers of the tribe go out to hunt, once they find the bison, they kill them all, and then bring them back to the tribe to share the beef with the people. No one will bother to bring a live bison back to the tribe!

Now, the big one and the small two bison have become the Western scenery in the tribe.

Facing the boiling people, the leader of gaoshu tribe, Li Lei and kabulu, can't help laughing bitterly. This powerful bear can really make trouble. They haven't been in gaoshu tribe for ten days. As a result, it seems that the tribe is celebrating the Green Valley festival every day these days.

But think about the real identity of the guardian, Li Lei and Hong Yun can only sigh a little.

In fact, from the past two days, with the success of steelmaking and the production of quyuanli, Hongyun and Lilei have completely believed that this powerful bear is really the son of God. After all, the things he ordered were unheard of and never seen before. If the supreme Sun God was not directing him, how could he suddenly have so many things?

After all, this bear was a fool before he came to the tribe, but most of the people around him knew it.

Now this former fool suddenly has so many things that everyone doesn't understand, and his head is obviously not stupid. Only the supreme sun god can do this change!

Hard bone, rabbit's mouth and two small tails follow the stone bear. This time they went out to catch bison, but they didn't have a chance to follow them. Now they catch a big and a small bison all at once, and they are still alive, which makes them very rare.

The cow hasn't untied the rope, and the fishing net hasn't been taken off. The calf has been untied, but the calf, which is at most six months old, has never seen such a situation. He is so scared that he doesn't dare to leave his mother.

Even if the cow mother is wrapped up like a rice dumpling, but in the eyes of the calf, the mother is the umbrella

Hard bone and rabbit's mouth are standing in front of the calf and touching it.

This made the calf even more scared, but it couldn't escape the two bipedal monsters. It could only "moo" directly, which seemed to protest in the eyes.

Seeing that the two little tails really like the calf, the stone bear said with a smile, "how about giving the calf to you two to raise? Can you raise it?"

Hearing this, the rabbit didn't touch the soft hair on the top of the calf's head. He turned his head and asked the stone bear excitedly, "guardian, can we really raise this calf?"

The hard bone on one side said with disdain: "is it still necessary to ask? Since the guardian said so, this calf must be raised by me. Hello, rabbit mouth. Do you know how to raise this calf? "

"I don't know." The rabbit dropped his head and said, "but hard bone, do you know how to raise it?"

"I certainly... Don't know..." the hard bone tilted his mouth and made a grimace, "but the guardian knows, or why would he let us both raise him?"

Looking at the two little guys fighting there, the stone bear's mood is slightly better.

The wooden planer came over with a steel bar thick and thin of chopsticks. In fact, the steel bar was used by Shi Xiong to make tongs, but now that he has caught two cows, he has to remove a pair of tongs.

In order to make the cow obedient, the cow nose ring is essential.

As long as the cow's nose is fitted with a cow nose ring, let alone the cow, even if it is a bull, it must be obedient!

The ox nose ring is the artifact that the stone bear intends to tame the bison.

No matter how irascible the cow is, as long as it is installed on the tip of its nose, it has to be honest!

The handle of this tongs is the material that the stone bear is going to use to make the ox nose ring. A tongs is more than one meter long. It can be cut into four sections to make four nose rings.

In full view of the public, the stone bear cut the tongs handle into four sections, and then bent them into a "C" shape.

The original discussion has gradually subsided, and everyone is very curious about how the guardian tames the bison.

"Come here, three people help me to lift the cow up, let its neck stuck on the branch, and then use the rope to tie its horn tightly, can't let it break free!" The stone bear said to the soldiers standing around.

The three soldiers with big arms and round waists immediately stood out. Then, in the constant "moo" of the female bison, and under the despairing gaze of the calf, the four big men lifted the bison abruptly, and then put it in front of the "Ya" shaped branch that had been buried in the ground for a long time.

Four big men, including the stone bear, let the cow stand up, but because the cow's hooves were still tied, the cow couldn't run even in a rage. Wolf tail also took the initiative to come over, according to the stone bear's command, vigorously pulled up the ox's head, twisted his neck and stuck it in the middle of the fork, put a big handful of hay under his neck, and directly put up the ox's head.

When you put the nose ring on the cow, you can't let the cow hold its head down. You can only pull it up so that the cow has no strength to resist.

The stone bear loosened his hand, took two ropes, and then tied the cow's horn and two branches together. For the sake of safety, he wrapped several ropes around each horn. After he was sure that the cow could not break free, he let the cow's hooves loose.

After loosening the four hooves, the cow could only stand there honestly. The ox horn was firmly tied to the branch of the tree. Its head couldn't move at all. It could only stand there with its head up.

The next step is to put on the nose ring.

As an associate researcher of the museum, Shi Xiong certainly knew that according to archaeological findings, the earliest ox nose ring in China should have appeared in the late spring and Autumn period and Warring States period. It was a device designed by the ancient Chinese working people to prevent the ox from pulling the plow and hurting people when it was tired.

As we all know, cattle are very stubborn. In practice, the ancestors of China explored that in addition to the thin and nerve covered nasal septum of cattle, as long as they hold and stimulate the nasal septum of cattle, they can make the cattle feel pain and obedient. They concluded that a metal ring through the nasal septum and put on a rope can lead the stubborn cattle. This is the bovine nasal ring.

Although it's a relatively simple job to wear a cow nose ring on a cow, it's also very fastidious.

First of all, the part of the bovine nose piercing ring hole is in the center of the bovine nasal septum, because there are irregular light white spots larger than mung bean in that part. When penetrating, the part must be accurate, neither too high nor too low. The upper part is the cartilage of bovine nasal septum, and its traction nerve is not very sensitive; If you wear it too low, the service life of the nose is short, and it is easy to pull out the nose.

Secondly, the age of cattle with nose ring should be between 10 months and 1.5 years old. Large cattle can wear their noses at the age of 10 or 12 months, while small cattle can be delayed to about 1.5 years old.

It's said that the cow is so big that it's not suitable to wear the nose ring. But the stone bear can't help it. What he lacks now is time. He can't wait for the calf to grow up to wear the nose ring. So today, he can only bow to the cow.

Emmmm... How can this sound so evil

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