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Chapter: 454

The words of the stone bear brightened the eyes of the tribal leaders.

Yes, since the mountain area can't support so many people, why not go out?

These tribal leaders all know that before they were forced to move south, the tribe lived in the south of the great lake, where the terrain was flat, the soil was fertile, and there were many wild animals. So at that time, the tribe only had more than 30 tribes. But the tribes at that time were all large tribes, and even the least populous had 1800 people. More than half of the tribe has two or three thousand people

But now? Before the gaoshu tribe became strong, there were only 14 tribes in the whole tribe, with a population of more than 3000 people. Moreover, these 14 tribes were also the former big tribes, because they occupied a better place, so these big tribes did not separate the small tribes.

Now, there are more than 200 small tribes in the whole tribe, most of which are separated from the big tribe with a population of more than 1000.

I can't help it. Although the mountain area is rich in products, there are too few places to grow food in the mountain area. If a tribe has too many people, the food it grows can't support so many people.

Now, the chief said that a large area of land has been laid in the west, and it is a good place comparable to the Great Lakes region. So if you move the tribe there, you will naturally be able to support more people. Especially now that the promotion of new agricultural tools and more and more domestication of bison, it can make more and more food output.

The leaders of these small tribes came up next to each other to look at the map. They were surprised to see it one by one. They didn't understand what it was, but they couldn't stand it. It was painted by the chief himself, and it was said that the chief drew it after getting the instruction of the supreme Sun God.

This is clearly the will of God.

"See, this large area of land is actually excellent land, much better than the mountainous area we occupy. In addition, you can also migrate to the Kerry territory in the South and the bowatan territory in the East. Don't worry about what the Kerry and bowatan dare to do to you. In this large area of land, we are the real masters... "

"And do you see the river? As long as we control the river, we can reach most of the continent along the river. Now we are doing business with the Spaniards. The Spaniards have not only brought us more than 30 inland river armed transport ships, they have found a lot of shipbuilding people from the European continent, and now they are helping us build new ships at Fort Memphis and Fort okron. As long as we have enough boats in our hands, it will be no longer difficult to control the river... "

When these tribal leaders take turns to look at the map, Shi Xiong also takes the opportunity to tell them something, which makes these tribal leaders who haven't seen the world say in a daze

They didn't understand these words. After all, they were involved in the transaction with vasichu. How could they understand them?

Of course, they can understand what the chief said, for example.

"You can choose to go to the Cree's territory, or you can choose to go to the Powhatan's territory, where the land is much more flat. The gaoshu tribe now has more than 1000 war horses, which I can decide to belong to the tribe, so we need a lot of grassland to feed these war horses. In addition, many of these war horses are pregnant, and soon there will be ponies born. After your tribe migrates there, they can raise those ponies, raise them up, and then have ponies. If this cycle goes on for a long time, there will be countless horses in our tribe... "

The leaders of these small tribes did not understand other words, but they liked to hear them.

Everyone knows that war horse is a good thing, a precious and wonderful thing. At least more than half of the tribal leaders present did not have their own horses.

If you go to the territory of the Crees and the Powhatans to raise horses, as the chief said, it will not take a few years for the tribe to have several times more war horses. By then, the tribe will be able to own war horses and ride around

Who can think of the war horse that can only dream before, suddenly close to himself?

Obviously, this is the chief with the title of "son of God"!

"Do you know the way to tame bison? What's more, your people can also use those new farm tools, right? As long as you have these new farm tools and those tame bison, you can grow high-yield food whether you go to the West or the South or the East. As long as the ethnic people devote themselves to farming, then you will get endless food. Then you won't have to worry about starvation any more. "

"Well, other crops besides grain can be planted there. For example, large-scale cultivation of tobacco, such as large-scale cultivation of soybean and cotton... With these crops, we will have more edible oil and more cotton clothes in the future... "

Under the constant description of the stone bear, all the tribal leaders were moved. And not only the heart, they have even become a little impatient

Even the leaders of the top ten tribes can't stand the huff of the stone bear. The leaders of these small tribes who haven't seen much of the world have long been fooled by the beautiful blueprint described by the stone bear.

Of course, it's not a trick for Shi Xiong to say that. It's a means of persuasion. What the stone bear said is true. As long as these tribes are really re integrated to form big tribes one by one, and then migrate out of the Appalachian Mountains to those rich and fertile plains, the days of these tribes will become as prosperous as the stone bear said in a few years.

After all, the places mentioned by the stone bear are really too fertile. Later, this area was the granary of the United States and the main planting area of various cash crops. If we develop these places now, we will naturally get a good harvest. At this point, the gaoshu tribe has set an example!

These tribal leaders, who were so excited and excited by the stone bear, kept talking after they went down. Of course, most of the people they talked to were small tribal leaders who had previously separated from the same tribe.

Although they are doomed to lose a large part of their power after the merger, compared with living a good life, what is the loss of that power?

Seeing that the merger of tribes had been settled, Shi Xiong began to talk about the second thing of the meeting.

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