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Chapter: 455

"Next, let's discuss that before the meeting of all tribal leaders, Shi Xiong had discussed with Hongyun and bakaluzu witch doctor about related matters. Both Hongyun and bakaluzu are in favor of the merger of tribes. After all, the amalgamation of the tribes will show the life of the tribes in the Great Lakes region 300 years ago.

Moreover, the merger of the tribes will greatly increase the cohesion of the tribe, and a large tribe has enough strength to protect itself and have a huge impact on the surrounding areas.

Tribal amalgamation and tribal migration are two in one. Once many small tribes merge into 30 or 40 large tribes, these large tribes will form a huge deterrent force when they move to the designated place, which will greatly promote the complete integration of the conquered territory.

But what happened to the relocation of the royal court? The merged tribes can move. If the royal court moves, it will be a real tribal event.

The leaders of the following tribes are also very puzzled. Why did the new chief take the initiative to move Wang Ting away? Isn't it nice here, Monongahela? Apart from other things, the terrain alone is a huge and natural safety barrier for the royal court.

The stone bear pressed his hand down, and the confused discussion soon subsided. Then he pointed to the map and explained again: "you have seen this map just now. You should know where the central area of this map is?"

Everyone nodded in unison.

"Yes, it's in this area." Stone bear pointed to the area where the Mihe River and the Russian River meet on the map. "We can see from this map that the westernmost side of this continent is a mountain. With our current strength, we can't enter that area for the time being. But this area... "

The stone bear pointed to the large area to the west of the Rocky Mountains and drew a circle, "this large area is flat grassland, not only fertile land, but also has many navigable rivers, and there are a large number of bison here. If we can conquer this large area, then it will become our most powerful support base!"

As he said this, Shi Xiong pointed his finger to the confluence of the MI River and the Russian River again. "However, it is not easy for us to manage such a large area. Therefore, our royal court must be in a central position and rely on the big river. Only in this way can we extend our strength through the four connected waterways, In order to better manage the land we conquered. And now monongahira is here, not only blocked by the Appalachian Mountains, but also separated by a large swamp and wide river. Therefore, if we continue to place the royal court in Monongahela, it will cause great difficulties for us to manage the sites in the central and western regions in the future. So, I think we have to move the royal court to a central area, so that we can better manage the territory we conquered! "

After hearing this explanation from Shi Xiong, no matter Hongyun or bakaluzu witch doctor or some wise tribal leaders began to nod their heads one after another.

In fact, the settlement of the Cherokee royal court in Monongahela is not a good thing for the whole tribe, although it is very helpful for the safety of the royal court. The rugged mountain roads and mountains have become a natural barrier between many tribes and the royal court.

Especially with the soldiers of the explosive bear brigade fighting such a large territory, if the royal court is still in Monongahela, it will cause more difficulties to the transmission of information.

If Wang Ting can really move to a central position, and the fierce bear army can conquer that large area of land, then the management of those conquered sites will become easier in the future.

In fact, it's not a whim for Shi Xiong to move Wang Ting out. He has this idea for a long time.

The geographical center of the United States in later generations was probably near Kansas City, hundreds of kilometers west of the location chosen by the stone bear. However, the stone bear does not intend to attack the Rocky Mountains for the time being, so in terms of the Central Plains and the East, the confluence of the Mihe River and the ohe river is basically the geographical center of the central and eastern regions.

The most important thing is that if Wang Ting really migrates there, he will be able to better control the central great plain by relying on the convenient rivers of the Mihe River and its tributaries, as Shi Xiong just said.

Without the map drawn by the stone bear, everyone at the scene except the stone bear didn't know that the outside world would be so vast. Now they see, and they know the strength of the bear army, so these tribal leaders are confident in conquering the Central Plains.

Since that large area of land can be conquered, it seems that there is nothing wrong with Wang Ting moving to that position. On the contrary, it will be better.

Therefore, these tribal leaders only started to show their hands to vote on whether to agree to the relocation of the royal court after a dispute for a while.

Not to mention, more than 90% of the tribal leaders raised their hands in favor of Wang Ting's relocation. Of course, the premise was that the fierce bear army could first lay a large area on the West Bank of the river. Of course, these tribal leaders never doubted that the powerful stormy bear army would not be able to defeat the territory there, just as the original expeditionary army easily defeated the Kerry people, and the more powerful stormy bear army would conquer the enemy there in a crushing manner.

However, just as the matter was about to fall, jorak Lulu said: "chief, if we cross the river and march westward, we will meet the osaqis! That tribe is a very powerful one. We must have enough preparation to go west! "

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