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Chapter: 456

Jorak Lulu's words made the scene quiet.

Even the tribes with no news have heard of several well-known tribes, such as the Iroquois living near the Great Lakes, the ojebwa living in the northwest of the Great Lakes, the Shawnees north of Monongahela, and the osaqis, who were also driven out of the Great Lakes by the Iroquois, but developed rapidly in the last 100 years!

To say, before the Cherokees were driven out of the Great Lakes region by the Iroquois and the delavais, the ojebwa did not live far from the Cherokees.

At that time, the Cherokees lived south of Lake Erie, while the osaqis lived west of Lake Michigan, separated by Delaware and Illinois.

At that time, the osaqis were not strong. Around them, no matter the strong Illinois in the South or the Iroquois in the East, or the ojebwa in the north or the cro in the west, they were not able to resist.

The Cherokees were driven out of the Great Lakes region by the Iroquois and the delavais in the 15th century, while the osaqis did not escape the fate of being driven out either. In the early 17th century, more than 150 years ago, they were also driven out of the Great Lakes by the powerful Iroquois.

After being defeated by the Iroquois more than 150 years ago, the osaqis were forced to migrate to the southwest. They ended up in the middle and lower Mississippi plain. After more than 100 years of development, thanks to the local unique natural conditions, the strength of the osaqis has increased very fast.

In the 18th century, the osaqis entered their heyday. They controlled a vast area from the Missouri River to the north, the Red River to the south, the Mississippi River to the East, and the Colorado Plateau to the West.

It's like Missourians and Arkansas are actually under the jurisdiction of the osaqis.

Today's Arkansas people are a general name for the Kuabao, the osag and the cardo people. These three small tribes all lived in the later Arkansas. At this time, they were all attached to the osaqis.

And now the Missourians who occupied later Missouri were directly exterminated in the process of the American Westward Movement in the original historical time and space

Some time ago, the Missourians united with the Kentucky people in the east to fight against the chekasa people. In fact, a large part of the reason was inspired by the osaqis.

Now, if the stone bear wants to cross the river and go west, it must face the resistance of the Missourians, Arkansas and the osaqis behind them.

The stone bear knows these things. After all, he had studied hard for a long time before soul wear in his previous life. He had knowledge about the North American Indians and the osaqis in his mind.

The osaqis are powerful, even stronger than the Crees. But what about that?

In this era, not to mention the North American Indians, even those old military powers in Europe are scum in front of the explosive bear brigade.

Stone bear has no doubt about this and is very confident.

Before the real blossom bomb was developed, the bear army with 55 mortars and grenades that can shoot the blossom bomb was an unsolved bug. Stone bear doesn't think that tens of thousands of osaqis with bow, arrow, bone spear and other primitive weapons can withstand the bombing of hundreds of launchers and mortars!

These advanced thermal weapons in hand are the greatest strength of the stone bear in this era.

So in the face of this problem of jorak Lulu, the stone bear just smiles, "jorak Lulu, how can your courage be reduced? What happened to the osaqis? Can the osaqis beat our bear army? You have followed the expeditionary army to the south to fight against the Crees. You have seen with your own eyes the strength of our weapons. Do you still think our soldiers can't beat the osaqis? "

Jorah cruru was only laughed at by Shi Xiong Xiong. He just had some feelings, but he was scolded by his boss.

Instead of looking at the map, the stone bear turned to the more than 200 tribal leaders below and said in a loud voice: "no one has to worry about other tribes. We have the fierce bear army, and we can conquer all the people who stand in front of us! No matter who he is, I promise to conquer him completely! Therefore, I think our royal court should be moved to the position I said just now! "

The people below were so excited by the words of the stone bear that they cried out. One by one, they wished they could follow the fierce bear army now to conquer all the enemies in a large area of land.

These excited leaders yelled for a long time, and finally slowly subsided.

The stone bear knocked on the wooden table in front of him, and then continued: "the merger of tribes and the relocation of the king's court have been settled. When you go back, you will immediately proceed with the merger of tribes. Well, there is one more thing to say. After you go back, each tribe will select two people for me and send them to the royal court. I will let your people learn how to tame carrier pigeons. In the future, our information transmission will depend on carrier pigeons. "

The people below responded with a bang.

They have long heard that there is a magical way of communication in the bear army, that is, to send messages with domesticated pigeons, which is very fast. Usually it takes seven or eight days to ride a horse. Pigeons can fly there in one day.

If you can learn this way of communication, it will be much easier to report anything to the royal court in the future.

"Well, that's the end of today's meeting. Don't rush back. There will be a big bonfire dinner, delicious food and fragrant wine waiting for you in the evening. " Stone bear said with a smile, the next lively up again.

When the tribal leaders came out of the gray palace one by one, the stone bear drank a few water and moistened his dry voice. Then he said to the soldiers standing at the door, "please invite major Felisa in."

After a while, major Felisa, dressed as Lili soso, appeared in the stone bear's office.

As early as after the western expedition, the lieutenant Mendoza, who was sent back by Felisa to send a message to the family, finally returned to the gaoshu tribe with a huge army of horses, accompanied by hundreds of herdsmen belonging to the Fernando family.

The five hundred horses were exchanged for five hundred Ferguson rifles, and major feliza and his men were also ransomed.

However, before major Felisa left, he had a good relationship with the stone bear. Stone bear decided to exchange the perfect formula of black powder with the Fernando family for the shipbuilding technology of the inland river armed transport ship. The deal was facilitated by major Felisa who went back.

Now whether it's Britain or France or Spain, the black powder used is not the perfect formula. In addition to showing Felisa Ferguson's rifle, the stone bear also showed Felisa the power of black powder with perfect formula.

Sure enough, the perfect formula of black powder moved Felisa, as well as Felisa's father, the count of Fernando

During the period when Shi Xiong was chief, count Fernando took out 25 inland river armed transport ships and completed the trade of perfect formula of black powder with Shi Xiong. This is also the reason why Shi Xiong has more than 30 inland river armed transport ships.

Now Felisa, who had tasted the sweetness, came again. Obviously, he or his father, the count, wanted more

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