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Chapter: 457

"Dear chief, it's a great honor to see you again. I'll send you my best wishes and my father's greetings. " Felisa's gracious salute.

At this time, Felisa Fernando has completely lost the embarrassment that he was almost frozen to death in the wilderness. Now he is a perfect noble.

It has to be said that Felisa really has a good skin, which even the stone bear has lived two lives. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, who would have thought that the guy who was almost frozen to death in the wilderness was such a handsome young man after he was dressed up, which is definitely more handsome than most movie stars in later generations.

The most important thing is the noble spirit shown by this guy, which is absolutely a kind of temperament that only real nobles can cultivate.

The stone bear bowed slightly to express his thanks to count Fernando.

"Dear chief, I have something else to discuss with you this time." After sitting down, Felisa spoke out his purpose very happily, "my family wants to improve your hand-held catapult technology and your hand-held cigarette technology. For this, we can pay the price of 2000 horses."

Stone bear slightly a phase, heart way "sure so.".

It seems that Ferguson's rifle alone can not satisfy the appetite of the third largest army fireman in the kingdom of Spain. The count of Fernando also wants to use the "improved version of hand catapult" with an effective range of more than 500 yards.

In fact, the stone bear is psychologically prepared for count Fernando's request. After all, when Kuang Niu was fighting against the simino Spanish allied forces in the CRI southeast defense line, Shi Xiong lied about the "improved version of hand propelled catapult" of the catapult, but the simino Spanish allied forces collapsed directly. At that time, both major general Carlos and major feliza witnessed the power of the catapult.

And last winter, the major Felisa was almost frozen to death in the wilderness, the purpose is to throw a cartridge.

Now that major Felisa is free again, with the support of his father and his family, it's strange that he doesn't want to use the barrel throwing technique any more.

But what else does his family want? Does the Fernando family want to open up a new market while doing arms trade?

Stone bear thought for a moment, then slowly and firmly shook his head, said: "major Felisa, as I said, the price of two thousand horses, can't get these two kinds of technology."

"Chief, these are 2000 horses, worth more than 80000 Spanish gold dollars! Isn't that enough? "

In this era, Spanish eight character gold coin, Piast gold coin and Spanish gold dollar were widely used even in the British colonies of North America. The exchange ratio of these three currencies was about 1:1:1, but the Spanish gold dollar was the most widely used in the British colonies of North America.

At that time, the pound was not the most valuable currency in Europe. At least the British rose gold and monarch gold were more valuable than the pound. In addition, the dobrons in Spain are also worth more than the pound. In this era, the exchange rate between various Spanish gold coins was about 1 Mulun = 4 pistores = 16 Spanish gold dollars, while in this era, 1 pound was about equal to 1 pistores.

That is to say, one pound is about four Spanish gold dollars.

Now, according to the value of about ten pounds for a war horse, two thousand war horses are 20000 pounds, almost 80000 Spanish gold dollars.

This figure is a huge sum of money in this era. Even if the Fernando family is very rich, it is unlikely that they will come up with so much money all at once.

But the Fernando family has vast territory in Mexico and South America. In the family's territory, not only produce a lot of food and sugar cane, tobacco and other cash crops, but also domesticate a large number of horses. So they can still pay for it with horses.

This information, as early as when major Felisa was a prisoner, the stone bear had found out.

So the stone bear just thought for a moment and then vetoed the offer from the Fernando family.

Felisa did not expect that the stone bear would refuse so happily, but he was still stunned for a moment and then asked with a wry smile: "chief, the price is not low. There are 2000 qualified war horses, and there are not so many war horses in the whole kingdom of Spain to be replaced in one year. Moreover, this is the greatest sincerity our family can show... "

With a smile and a wave of his hand, the stone bear interrupted Felisa and said, "Dear major, I'm not dissatisfied with your family's offer. The main reason is that I have better weapons to sell to you. Well, what do you say? This weapon not only has the effective range of the improved version of the hand catapult, but also is much lighter than the hand catapult, so that one can carry it everywhere. The most important thing is that this kind of weapon is not a grenade, but a real grenade, which can blossom. What do you think, major Felisa, about this weapon? "

This directly calmed Felisa. He was stunned for a long time with an incredible expression on his face. Then he asked, "Dear chief, what is the effective range, loading speed and power of this weapon? Can you tell me more about it? "

The stone bear shook his head and said, "I'll tell you, where can I make you see more clearly? Come, my dear feliza, come with me, and I'll show you the power of this epoch-making weapon. "

Walking out of the gate of the gray palace, the stone Bear sees more than ten Spanish soldiers in full arms chatting with the tribal soldiers at the gate. Although no one can understand what they say, just like a chicken talking to a duck, it does not prevent the soldiers on both sides from using sign language and body movements to express themselves.

When the chief and the major came out together, the soldiers stood up straight. Stone bear and Felisa waved to them, meaning that they would not follow. Then stone bear whistled loudly, and soon the red phoenix came from a distance.

"This is a good horse to pick from a thousand miles! Chief, this horse is wonderful Felisa's Pony fart immediately followed, and the stone bear laughed. After watching Felisa get on his horse, they turned over and ran to the west of Monongahela.

The first regiment of the explosive bear brigade is now stationed in the valley where the red city alliance is located in the West. Although the area of the valley where the red city alliance is located is far less than that of Monongahela, there are few people living there. So it is most appropriate to show Felisa the catapult from there.

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