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Chapter: 458

Although major Felisa was shown a black powder catapult used for propellants and explosives, that is, the first generation of catapults used by the stormy bear army, the power of this catapult still made major Felisa grumble around the stone bear all night.

There's no way. Even though Felisa was born in a big noble family, even he was a master who went south and north to see a lot of knowledge. But when this epoch-making weapon appeared in front of his eyes, he was still completely subdued.

It is estimated that he never dreamed that the artillery could be so small and exquisite that a person could run all over the street with this kind of small artillery called the catapult on his back. The most important thing is that the power of this kind of catapult is still so big, the effective range is still so far, and the accuracy is still so high!

In contrast, all the guns used by European countries are far inferior to this small catapult.

Nowadays, the artillery used by European countries is a typical example of stupid, big and thick. Even the lightest three pound riding gun needs to be pulled by horses. As for the guns with larger caliber, they can only be loaded on the huge sailing ships with huge bearing capacity except for being installed on the city wall.

Therefore, in terms of mobility, the catapult is far better than all the artillery currently used in various countries.

As for the power, it is even more incomparable! Even a fool knows that the power of a solid bomb can't be compared with that of a flowering bomb.

Therefore, in terms of power, the catapult completely won.

And effective range and accuracy, not to mention. At present, although the longest range of artillery used in various countries can reach several kilometers in theory, the effective range is too tragic. In particular, the accuracy of naval guns is not to mention, otherwise the windsurfing battleships of various countries will not close to each other to within 200 meters when they are engaged

Although the effective range of this kind of catapult is only 600 yards, the problem is that people can't say where to hit in the range of 600 yards, but at least eight or even nine shots out of ten shells can hit the target accurately!

The effective range and accuracy of this kind of distance can throw the artillery used by European countries as far as the Atlantic Ocean!

And the most terrible is the loading speed of this kind of catapult!

At present, among the guns used by European countries, even the fastest three pound riding gun can shoot two shells a minute, which is the top level of artillery basic skills. But what's the power of that three pound gun? It's nothing more than a dozen shells. It's still a little lethality. If you use that kind of gun to launch a solid bullet, that kind of solid bullet is about the size of a small walnut. It can have fart power!

But this kind of catapult is terrible. Under the condition of extremely fast shooting, it can even reach the firing speed of more than 20 shells in one minute, which is simply unthinkable.

You should know that the loading speed of the muskets used by the armies of various countries is only about three shots a minute. Even the Ferguson rifles they just got are only a little more than six shots a minute.

And a powerful small caliber gun has such a fast loading speed

If it is matched with the effective range and accuracy of this kind of catapult and the great power of the blooming bullet

Felisa could not imagine that if the Navy and army of the kingdom of Spain were equipped with such weapons, who else would be the opponent of the Spanish army!

No wonder the last time we united with the saiminoans, the army of 5000 or 6000 people was defeated and collapsed by the army of 500 or so people!

With such weapons, let alone five or six thousand people, even another five or six thousand people can't beat others.

This thing is so terrible. When it's pulled to the battlefield, it's death's sickle!

If our family can get the production technology of this kind of weapon, the first and second arms dealers of the kingdom of Spain will all kneel down in front of this epoch-making weapon! And the Fernando family who got this technology is destined to become the kingdom of Spain. Oh no, it should be the most powerful arms dealer in Europe!

Thinking of this, Felisa felt that some kind of liquid secreted from her mouth would suddenly increase

In particular, Felisa has seen that the chief, who almost killed himself, seems to really want to trade this weapon technology with him.

If you can really get such a weapon, two thousand war horses are a fart! Even if all the horses produced by the whole family in all the territories of the new world are brought here in exchange for the production technology of this weapon, it's absolutely worth it!

How much is the cost of a gun used by the kingdom of Spain now, and the cost of this small catapult is definitely lower than that of the three pound riding gun with the smallest caliber.

If we can get this powerful and low-cost weapon production technology, even if we sell it at the price of six pounds of guns, what's the price difference?

At the thought of this, Felisa would feel that there was more liquid secreted from her mouth

So! In any case, we have to get the manufacturing technology of this kind of weapon! Whatever it is!

It is precisely because of this idea that Felisa incarnated into a piece of brown candy that can't be thrown off that night.

Even in the evening, the stone bear personally entertained the more than 200 tribal leaders of the tribe, and Felisa closely followed the stone bear

The impatient stone bear would have kicked this guy into the river if the tribal horses and all kinds of ships hadn't counted on him.

Until the end of the dinner, Felisa wanted to go home with the chief

As a result, at the door, a brown bear, who was about to catch up with the stone bear, suddenly appeared, which scared Felisa out of his wits.

"Good thief!" Stone bear watched Felisa run away in a panic, laughing and praising his son with a big head.

If you're talking about trump, he's really big now. It's only a little over two and a half years old now. It's actually a cub. If his mother is still alive, trump is still living with the bear.

But it is estimated that the stone bear has enough to eat and drink, so although this guy has not been raised by the female bear, he is also very happy. Especially after two years old, the head goes up like a balloon. Now the guy's upright head is almost as tall as the stone bear. It would be impossible to be a bear cub in the wild.

It seemed that he was comfortable to be knocked off by his father. This guy started to howl when he opened his voice. As a result, just after howling twice, a very dissatisfied voice came out of the room - what howling at night? The skin is itching again, isn't it?

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