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Chapter: 460

Major Felisa walked with a bitter smile, while the smile on stone bear's face was full of pride.

The construction technology of 3000 war horses plus inland river armed transport ships and the construction drawings of the kingdom of Spain's class I to class III windsurfing battleships.

There are fewer horses, but three thousand are the limit the Fernando family can afford. And most of the 3000 horses are mares!

Although it was a little less, the stone bear accepted the condition.

Now there are more than 1000 war horses in the tribe, and the specific number is close to 1500, thanks to many mares giving birth to ponies in the past two years.

If we add these 3000 horses, the number of horses in the whole tribe will soon exceed 10000 in a few years.

For this point, the stone bear is very sure. After all, the tribe's next goal is the Central Plains of the North American continent, which is the best place to raise horses.

Moreover, compared with warhorse, stone bear pays more attention to shipbuilding technology.

Stone bear, who is familiar with the future trend of history, naturally knows that in the next 200 years, before the aircraft and missile technology matures, whoever controls the ocean will control the world.

As a matter of fact, even in 9102, before the stone bear soul wears, sea power is still a very important thing for a country.

Hollywood movies often appear such a scene, once the United States encountered a crisis, their president will always ask the first time - where is our aircraft carrier fleet!

Yes, in 9102, the United States dominated the world with 11 active nuclear powered aircraft carriers!

So, once the stone bear has captured the whole North American continent, the next thing to develop is the Navy.

And the navy is not so easy to develop, it will take a long time. Therefore, stone bear now needs to prepare for a rainy day, with the help of all levels of windsurfing battleships used by the Royal Navy of the kingdom of Spain, to accumulate experience for its future Navy.

The two most important points of the navy are soldiers and ships. Soldiers are easy to talk about, but ships are hard to talk about.

With the knowledge about warships in the belly of the stone bear, it's a joke to ask him to build a sail battleship with only four alchemists, just like developing rifles or catapults or mortars. Stone bear himself thinks that he can't do it at all.

Even if the windsurfing battleships used in European countries are made of wood, the technology of a windsurfing battleship is the top technology. It took hundreds of years for countless shipbuilding engineers to gather together. Even if the stone bear was against the sky, he could not have ordered the sailing battleships out of nothing.

Although Shi Xiong's target is not such a "backward" windsurfing battleship, his target is a real steel battleship powered by steam, but the problem is to get the steel battleship out. First of all, you have to understand the structure of a ship, how to lay the keel, how to design the cabins on each floor, how to place weapons, and how to arrange the watertight cabins on the lower floor

This series of things are all developed from windsurfing battleships, so Shi Xiong must understand the specific structure and construction technology of windsurfing battleships.

When dealing with the Fernando family before, even if the stone bear came up with the perfect formula of black powder, it would not have come up with the construction technology and drawings of the inland river armed transport ship, let alone the drawings of all levels of sail battleships.

The drawings and construction technology of all levels of windsurfing battleships have been coveted by Shi Xiong for a long time. Otherwise, the stone bear will not take out the barrel throwing technology to trade with the Fernando family.

If it wasn't for the attraction of the barrel throwing technology to the Fernando family, and the Fernando family couldn't get more horses, otherwise the Fernando family would not agree to take out the construction technology of the inland river armed transport ships and the drawings of all levels of sail battleships in service in the kingdom of Spain as chips.

Therefore, the contents of this transaction are only known to the stone bear and feliza. Of course, feliza's father, the count Fernando, who holds great power, will also know, but for others, the contents of this transaction are absolutely secret.

Once the content of this transaction is revealed, the stone bear is nothing, but the Fernando family will be immediately identified as traitors by the king of the kingdom of Spain!

Similarly, Felisa did not agree to provide shipbuilders and engineers for stone bear in this transaction.

It's really terrible to have the drawings of all levels of windsurfing battleships. Felisa is not stupid. How can he promise to provide shipbuilders for stone bear? Isn't that a loud announcement that I, the Fernando family, have sold the drawings of all levels of sail battleships of the kingdom to outsiders?

The technology of windsurfing battleships is the core technology of the navies of all countries. Even the construction technology of simple inland river armed transport ships will not be easily spread to the outside world. In the past, the perfect formula of black powder used by stone bear could only be exchanged for 25 second-hand inland river armed transport ships that had been built, but it could not obtain the construction technology of such ships. In fact, this is the reason.

But anyway, the secret deal was finally completed. Major Felisa is also confident to persuade his father to complete the deal.

This guy left with a grenade and two grenades. He needs to show his father the real power of this kind of catapult in order to move count Fernando's heart completely.

As long as count Fernando is interested, the rest will be nothing.

Moreover, as far as the Fernando family is concerned, it is not very difficult for them to get the drawings of all levels of sail battleships currently in service in the kingdom of Spain.

You know, the Fernando family alone has a fleet of class II windsurfing battleships and four class III windsurfing battleships to protect their family's safety on the Atlantic route

Just after seeing major Felisa off, the stone bear didn't go back to the gray palace, but went straight home. Green skylark's stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and she will give birth in more than a month, so Shi Xiong plans to make some delicious dishes for his daughter-in-law, and celebrate the successful completion of this transaction.

Back at home, the stone bear is no longer the powerful chief and the supreme commander of the bear army. After several delicious dishes are made from him like magic, the green skylark's satisfied smile will come.

However, just as the couple picked up their chopsticks and were preparing to eat, trump, who had been lying outside in the shade of the tree, roared, along with Sheila's roar.

Obviously, someone is coming.

The stone bear gave a helpless smile to the green Skylark and stood up to push the door. As a result, I found several people standing outside, and the leader surprised the stone bea

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