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Chapter: 461

"Ah, my dear William, why are you here? Ouch, is this the Baroness In front of this person, let the stone bear is really surprised, with his voice has changed. Of course, the medal pinned to the man's chest in front of him made the stone bear recognize that it was a medal representing the British baroness.

Major hank, oh no, now it's time to call him "Baron Hank". He also came over laughing and gave a big hug to the stone bear. "Dear guardian, oh no, now I should call you respected chief. I'm also very happy to see you again."

The two old guys who had been separated for a year and a half finally met again. Originally, the stone bear thought that he would never see this guy again. Unexpectedly, Hank actually came back, and he still came back like a dog.

Let go of hank. The stone bear looks up and down at this guy with a smile on his face.

Obviously, the former major officer in the Royal Army of the British Empire is doing very well now, at least from his clothes. In particular, the medal representing the Baroness proved that Hank's gorgeous turn was very beautiful.

Seeing that the stone bear's eyes fell on his chest, Hank said sincerely: "my Lord, it's thanks to your support that he can get the honor from his Majesty the king. If it were not for the drawings and technology you gave me, I would not have such an identity now. The drawings and technology of textile machinery you provided to me helped me to gain a firm foothold in China, and gained a lot of wealth in a short time. His majesty thought that I had made a great contribution to the textile industry of the Empire, and that I was knighted just two months ago. Although it's just a baron, it's a hereditary title. I really didn't expect that I, William hank, could have such a day. Chief, I really want to thank you

"Well, there's no need to say such kind words between us. Guess you haven't eaten yet? Just in time, I've just finished several good dishes. I'll go in and have a drink together. "

Hank nodded with a smile. "I haven't eaten your hand cooked food for a long time. I've been thinking about it for a long time."

The two men went into the room laughing and supporting each other.

When the green Skylark saw that her man came in with a blonde and blue eyed vasichu, and stood up with a big stomach, it was another kind of greeting.

The stone bear brought the two dishes that the green lark love most to her, and let her go into the house to eat. Then he picked up two dishes, and then Baijiu sat down and began drinking with Hank.

"Chief, I've brought you a lot of good things this time. Well, there are more than a dozen talents I think are useful to you." After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, Hank took the initiative to talk about the purpose of his visit.

"Oh? What kind of people are there? Can you tell me about it? " Stone bear asked with great interest. For the materials hank brought, stone bear doesn't have much expectation. After all, in this era, even in Europe, there are no good new materials. Under the guidance of Shi Xiong, the four alchemists of Shi Xiong had already ordered many things that even Europe did not have.

Therefore, for some European materials, the stone bear is not very looking forward to.

But for some talents in Europe, stone bear is really looking forward to it. After all, as the stall on his side is getting bigger and bigger, Shi Xiong deeply realizes the huge defect brought by insufficient manpower. Even if the four alchemists are all iron, how many nails can they make?

What stone bear is looking forward to most now is some relevant talents.

Obviously, Hank did not forget the task assigned to him by the stone bear. This time, he brought more than ten talents to the stone bear, who can be called "scientists" and "alchemists".

There is not much difference between scientists and alchemists in this era

"Well, over the past year or so, I've been looking for a lot of alchemists in England and the mainland. They are almost the same as your four alchemists. They know a lot of things, but they are short of money. Several of them even have trouble eating. So I've gathered them up and brought them all to you this time."

"In addition, these people are willing to live with you for a long time. As long as they can eat and drink enough, they can live with you for a long time. I'm sure you can meet their demands? "

Stone bear laughed and said: "as long as these people you bring are really capable, what is it to let them have enough to eat and drink? As long as they are willing to work for me, they can even bring all their families here. I guarantee that their living conditions here are 100 times better than they are at home! "

After a pause, stone bear pointed to the table in front of him and said, "just like these things, I guarantee they can eat and drink every day! How about this condition? "

Hank said with a smile, "let alone them, I don't want to go back!"

This is not Hank's nonsense. The situation in European countries is not so good. As the two most powerful countries in Europe, Great Britain and France have just finished a seven-year war. The two countries were scarred by the war, and it was the common people who suffered.

Although the stone bear is far away in the new world, the living conditions here are really better than the common people in European countries. It's no exaggeration to say that for the dozen people hank brought, when they came here, they were like rats falling into the rice bowl!

Hank added: "chief, one of the people who came here this time is very special. The guy's name is Gedi Roy. He used to work in a laboratory in London. He seems to have worked as an assistant for a man named Henry Cavendish for a long time. However, he made a mistake in one experiment, which led to a fire, so he was expelled from the laboratory, and all his property was used to compensate for the damage caused by the fire. When I met Roy, he had nothing. But he said that he was proficient in something called electricity, and I didn't know what it was. Seeing what he said, I brought him with me. "

Hank's words made the stone bear stand up excitedly, "William, is that true? Did you say that guy Roy really worked as an assistant to a guy named Henry Cavendish for a long time

Hank was startled by the stone bear's action, but he immediately nodded with certainty: "it should not be fake. I investigated Roy later, and his experience is really no different from what he told himself, so I brought him here safely."

This made the stone bear blush again

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