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Chapter: 466

The Cherokee people living in Monongahela suddenly find a strange thing behind the busy gray palace.

It's big up and small down, like a loudspeaker, but it's much bigger than a loudspeaker. The size of the upper entrance can be compared with that of a house, while the lower entrance is small, but it is definitely much larger than a bed. As for the height, it is four or five meters.

And this trumpet shaped thing is woven with bamboo pieces.

Ethnic people are very curious about what this thing is, especially when they know that this thing is woven under the command of the chief, they are more interested in this thing.

As this big and amazing man transformed from the guardian of high priest kabulu to the chief of the whole tribe, the legend of the great bear came out of the gaoshu tribe.

For example, a few years ago, the chief was a fool. He did not know what to do except hunting, eating and sleeping. However, in a sneak attack by the chekasa people, the small tribe where the chief lived was almost exterminated, and the chief was seriously injured in the battle.

But the chief got the guidance of the supreme Sun God in his coma. The supreme Sun God not only cured the chief's injury, but also cured his head. By the way, he also gave him a lot of advice.

So, when the chief came to the tall tree tribe, he began to show his magic.

He taught the people of the gaoshu tribe how to make salt. The white and delicate salt he made was just given by the great sun god.

He taught the people of the gaoshu tribe how to make steel, and now the whole tribe is no longer short of steel. The soldiers can use the weapons made of steel, and the people no longer need to use the precious fur and gems to exchange inferior iron pots and utensils from vasichu.

He taught the people of the gaoshu tribe how to make new farm tools. As a result, the food of the gaoshu tribe was too much to eat. Then the whole tribe also learned to use new farm tools. Before long, the food of the whole tribe was as much as that of the gaoshu tribe. It's something that all the people of the tribe didn't even dare to think about before.

He taught the people of gaoshu tribe how to tame bison. As a result, this big guy who used to be food has become the best helper for all the people to cultivate food.

He taught the people of gaoshu tribe how to make wine, and then the whole tribe could drink that wonderful wine.

He taught the people of gaoshu tribe how to make that kind of magic cement, and then some of the main roads in the tribe became hard and extremely flat "cement roads", and there were many more strong and warm houses built with cement and bricks in the tribe.

He taught the people of the gaoshu tribe how to make that very convenient cigarette, and this kind of cigarette is said to be very popular in vasichu, and it can get a lot of precious materials from vasichu every year.

He taught the people of gaoshu tribe how to make orifices. The orifices that can be ignited by shaking or blowing are just like artifact!

He taught the people of the gaoshu tribe how to extract oil, and then the people of the gaoshu Tribe said goodbye to the white water pork meal, and there were a lot of fried dishes with full color and flavor on the table

He also taught the ER people of the gaoshu tribe how to make the magic and powerful guns. It was with these powerful guns that the chief formed the invincible fierce bear army, and then went south to fight the Kerry people, which was completely destroyed in the first World War.

During the eastern expedition, the Powhatans were even more scared to show up, but eventually they took the Powhatans' royal court.

The western expedition to the chekasa people not only eliminated the chekasa people completely, but also defeated the two military fortresses of vasichu.


In a word, as these legends continue to spread from gaoshu tribe to monongahira, and then from monongahira to other tribes of the tribe, the reputation of the great bear chief is incomparable in the whole tribe.

No one will doubt that the chief is the real son of God!

Otherwise, how can the chief do so many and so magical things?

It is said that even the last high priest kabulu believed that the great bear chief was the son of God, and this high priest kabulu once appointed him as the guardian of high priest kabulu.

Even the most sagacious prophet and high priest in the tribe recognized chief dalixiong. What qualification can others have to doubt him?

What's more, what he has done has been proved to be the best in the past few years. The gaoshu tribe has grown from a small tribe with more than 300 people to a large tribe with more than 3000 people, which is the credit of chief dalixiong.

In particular, the invincible storm bear army is also an irrefutable proof!

So now all the Cherokee people, even the Crees, the bowatans and the tribes beyond, believe in one thing - that is, he, the great bear chief, is the child of the supreme Sun God, and he is the son of the omnipotent God!

It's a pity that, except for the invincible fierce bear army, the people of monongahira have never seen the magic Great Bear chieftain invent anything - well, the word "invent" is also said by the chieftain. The chief said that the magical things he created are called inventions!

It's just that the chief is too busy at ordinary times. All kinds of tribal affairs need him to control the direction. Can he not be busy?

However, the chief suddenly made such a big thing from the back of the gray palace. Is it true that the chief wants to make any invention?

But the chief didn't say anything, and the people were confused.

The "big horn" made of bamboo slices is very strong, which makes the chief very satisfied. Then the chief began to summon the women who could sew clothes, and began to sew a very big thing with the iron needles and white cloth brought by the former wasichu named hank.

Even the women didn't know what they were sewing. They just knew that what they were sewing now was very big, and the chief had very strict requirements, especially for the joints of the cloth, which required that the stitches should be very fine and they had to sew it twice

Looking at those precious cotton fabrics being used one by one, and not knowing what they were sewing, many people felt very sad.

They are all excellent cotton fabrics. How many cotton fabrics do you need to sew such a big guy? How many clothes can you make

What's more, such a clean cotton cloth has collapsed on the ground, which is really distressing

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