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Chapter: 47

Historically, before white Europeans entered the North American continent, there were more than 60 million bison in the continent. Before the Americans began to march westward in the early 19th century, there were still more than ten million bison in the whole North American continent, which was the largest mammal in the North American continent and provided enough meat for millions of North American Indians.

It can be said that bison plays an irreplaceable role in the life of North American Indians.

In fact, many tribes of North American Indians have worshipped bison since ancient times. Even if they hunt and kill bison, strip off the skin of bison to make clothes, tents, rafts for crossing rivers or fishing, eat the belly of bison, use the bone to make weapons, bone knives, even pipes, and use the tendon to make bowstring, the North American Indians still worship bison very much.

It is because bison is so important to North American Indians that many North American Indian tribes regard bison as an animal symbol of the power of the sun.

But in the past, these Indians only knew how to hunt bison, but they never thought about taming bison. The same is true of gaoshu tribe.

Because they are located in the southeast of North America, they don't worship bison as much as the Indian tribes living in the Midwest prairie, but the people of the gaoshu tribe don't think much of bison.

However, when the stone bear said the importance of taming bison, whether it is Lilei or Hongyun, he immediately realized the more important significance of bison.

One of the most important significance is that groups of tamed bison can be used as weapons, and they are also the kind of weapons that make the enemy unstoppable. This is simply too important.

There are great differences in social systems between North American Indians and central and South American Indians. In central and South America, Indians have formed a civilization and a country, living far better than their compatriots on the North American continent.

But in North America, hundreds and thousands of Indian tribes follow the cruel laws of the jungle. Because of this fierce competition, the Indians of the North American continent never formed a unified civilization and regime.

Here, big fists are the hard truth!

The Cherokees lived well in the Great Lakes, and even were members of the Iroquois League. But it was because their fists were smaller than others that other tribes drove the Cherokees away without saying a word.

"If our ancestors could tame these bison and form hundreds of bison herds, who would be afraid of the Iroquois and the delavais! Even now, as long as we can master a domesticated herd of bison, we are not afraid that all the chekasa are here! "

Li Lei and Gao Niu look at each other and find the meaning in each other's eyes.

"No other tribe can know the secret of cattle training!"

Their eyes changed again, but they both understood the meaning of each other's eyes again.

Shi Xiong didn't have the heart to guess what they thought. He tossed all day. To be honest, he was a little tired, so he planned to go back and have an early rest.

The dinner in the evening surprised the stone bear a little. It turned out to be a long lost corn pumpkin porridge.

However, it's no wonder that the history of corn cultivation in North America is much earlier than that in the old world, and pumpkin is also the origin of America,

It's the hunter's moon in the East Cherokee custom, but as the moon turns round, beaver's moon is coming.

In Cherokee customs, the full moon of each month is the beginning of a new month. There are twelve full moons in a year, so after twelve full moons, one record can record what happened in the past year.

Hunter's month is October, and beaver's month is November. Now there are still a few days before beaver's month comes. In other words, stone bear estimates that it should be the beginning of November in the Gregorian calendar.

The pumpkin ripens in October, and it may be a little late when the gaoshu tribe planted the pumpkin, so it's not surprising that the pumpkin matures in early November.

Although the corn porridge is not cooked with corn flour, the corn grains inside are just smashed to make porridge, but with sweet pumpkin, this big bowl of corn pumpkin porridge has a taste of later generations.

Thanks to the strength of this new body, the stone bear has a large appetite now. The wooden bowl he used was the size of a human head. It would be a proper sea bowl for later generations. However, the stone bear drank three bowls in a row and still had a little bit of meaning.

I wiped a handful of corn porridge residue on the corner of my mouth, and then belched comfortably. If I could do this every day, it would be a beautiful day.

However, although this corn pumpkin porridge is delicious, the corn dregs in it are really a little "X" throat, which greatly affects the original delicious of corn pumpkin porridge.

So for the sake of his taste buds and appetite, Shi Xiong decided to get the mill out.

In fact, the stone mill is very easy to make. Compared with steelmaking and taming bison, it is much easier for the stone masons in the tribe to make it easily.

The most important thing is that after Lilei and Hongyun see the benefits of taming bison, there will be many large animals in the tribe. At that time, even if a stone mill with a diameter of one meter is made, a cow can easily pull the stone mill around.

With a stone mill, will the corn flour, flour and soybean flour be far behind? Will stick noodles, potstickers, big white steamed bread, noodles, bread, tofu and other bean products be far behind?

In addition, once the domesticated bison gives birth, will the milk be far behind?

It is said that there will be bread and milk. Stone bear thinks that he will soon enter a well-off life

At night, when he went to bed, the stone bear had a beautiful dream. In the dream, all the delicious things he had eaten in his previous life were put in front of him. What he had eaten was a pleasure.

Then, after waking up in the morning, the stone bear found that he had lost a lot of saliva

However, the dream food is really good! This makes the stone bear just wake up in a good mood.

But this kind of good mood didn't last long. He just washed his face with the hum of "I'm so happy today", and the water stains on his face were not dry, so the rabbit ran in in panic.

"Guardian, guardian, fast horse and hard bone are fighting with wild fox. Wild fox has several helpers. Fast horse and hard bone are bleeding on their faces. Go and have a look... "

Hearing this, the stone bear's heart clapped for a while.

Kuaima, rigbone and wild fox used to belong to the longhair cattle tribe. They were all the people who survived the last battle. They came to the gaoshu tribe together. They should have been united. But why did they suddenly fight in the woods?

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