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Chapter: 473

During the pilgrimage, the stone bear shifted its focus to autumn harvest.

Constantly from the north to the south of the cold air, driving the hot and humid, the weather began to cool up day by day.

Autumn is coming, and the whole farmland of monongahira is golden with bumper harvest.

It's not just around monongahira, but around the rest of the Cherokee tribe.

Thanks to the promotion of new farm tools and the great help of domesticated bison in agriculture, the whole Cherokee people have achieved a bumper harvest in summer this year. The granaries of almost all the Cherokee tribes are full.

Who has ever seen such a view in the whole tribe except the people of gaoshu tribe?

This is food that can't be eaten up!

The bumper harvest of summer grain also stimulated the promotion of new farm tools and taming bison. At the beginning, the planting area of autumn grain was more than one third of that of summer grain!

Generally speaking, this summer's climate is very good, so the autumn crops are growing very well. The harvest time is coming, and the whole tribe will have a big harvest!

As far as stone bears are concerned, the concept of air force and the training of stormy bear army are not as important as autumn harvest.

Food is the foundation of everything!

The harvest of autumn crops this year will play an irreplaceable role if the fierce bear army wants to successfully March to the West. Only when the granary of the tribe is full, the fierce bear army can carry out the western expedition without scruple and lay a larger area of land for the tribe.

Shi Xiong called the big leader of the white city alliance and gave him an order that he must send enough people to each tribe of the tribe to supervise the autumn harvest work. And not only the Cherokee tribes, but also the Cree and Powhatan tribes.

The white city alliance is responsible for peace. To put it bluntly, it is responsible for the internal affairs of the whole tribe.

According to the division of later generations, the red city alliance, which is mainly responsible for foreign war, is equivalent to the Ministry of defense and the Ministry of foreign affairs in the government, while the white city alliance, which is responsible for internal peace, is equivalent to other departments of the government.

Of course, the chief of the stone bear is the supreme leader.

At that time, the Cherokee people were driven out of the Great Lakes region by the Iroquois and the delavais, which made the tribal leaders at that time realize that if a tribe wants to prosper for a long time, it must coordinate and unify internally and externally.

After all, walking depends on two legs. Without any leg, let alone walking, it's a problem to be able to stand firm.

It was in this way of thinking that the red city alliance and the White City Alliance came into being, and played an important role in the development and growth of the Cherokee people in the following 300 years.

Now, the autumn harvest is around the corner, and it's time for the white city alliance to play a role.

A large number of people started from the base of the white city alliance and spread out from north to south.

In fact, even if the stone bear doesn't pay attention to the autumn harvest, all the people in the tribe will spontaneously pay attention to it. And it's not just the Cherokees, it's the Crees, it's the bowatans, it's the harvest.

The bumper harvest of summer grain gives them a taste of not being hungry any more. How can they not pay attention to the harvest of autumn?

Taking advantage of this gap, the stone bear also took a small team of guards back to the gaoshu tribe. This is the first time he has returned to the gaoshu tribe in the six months since he became chief.

He just went back to have a look. Now the whole gaoshu tribe is on the right track. Even without the stone bear as the helmsman, the gaoshu tribe can still develop rapidly.

However, when the stone bear became the tribal chief, the focus of work of gaoshu tribe began to shift from agriculture to industry. Now the people of gaoshu tribe no longer focus on agriculture, but on industrialization.

The Daqingshan industrial base built by Shi Xiong in the past few years has begun to take shape. Just the dense waterwheel beside the river bank is enough to prove its industrial strength.

Before the large-scale promotion of steam engine, water is the best power source that human beings can use.

Even next year, with the thorough western expedition, the Royal Court of the tribe will move to the area along the Mihe River, but Shixiong does not intend to give up Daqingshan industrial base. The terrain here is very good, deep in the mountains between the Blue Ridge and the Cumberland Highlands, which has unique conditions for defense.

Moreover, there are abundant mineral resources in the vicinity of Daqingshan. At least at this time, it can support the manufacture of weapons and equipment of the bear army and new farm tools.

Now Daqingshan industrial base has formed a series of industries, such as coking, steel making, cement, glass, paper making, cigarette making, farm tool making, arms making, etc. Although it is still very backward and the scale is not very large, the rudiments of various industries have been formed.

Relying on this industrial base, the ammunition produced can barely be used by the bear army after the expansion. If the fierce bear army continues to expand, then the output of Daqingshan industrial base will not be enough. However, at that time, a new arms production base with larger scale will be built near Wangting. By then, Daqingshan industrial base will completely get rid of the task of arms production and shift its focus to civilian use.

However, the cigarettes produced in Daqingshan industrial base are the most popular products in North America and even Europe.

Before the Fernando family wanted to get the production technology of cigarettes, stone bear did not agree, just allowed the Fernando family to become a first-class agent.

I'm kidding. Stone bear has no brains. How can he sell the most profitable thing to others at this time?

Even in later generations, the profits of tobacco industry are unmatched by any legal industry. Not to mention in this era, the "new world" brand cigarettes produced by gaoshu tribe are the only existence of scorpion shit, and the profits are even more amazing.

Cigarettes alone can bring a lot of useful goods from Europe.

As for the headquarters of gaoshu tribe, it has completely become the center of wine making, salt making, oil pressing and tobacco frying. In the planning of Shixiong, relying on gaoshu tribe and Daqingshan industrial base, it will become an important manufacturing base and civil product production base of the tribe in the next decade or even longer.

Of course, stone bear, who returned to the gaoshu tribe after half a year, has become the chief of the whole tribe, and he is also welcomed by all the people of the gaoshu tribe. This tribe used to be the tribe of the great kabulu sacrifice, but accidentally went out and became a tribal chief!

All the clansmen are proud of each other.

The stone bear stayed in gaoshu tribe for half a month before returning to monongahira

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