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Chapter: 48

The changmaoniu tribe is very miserable. It's really miserable. Although it hasn't been exterminated, there are still 22 people left in the last 100 people, which is not much different from extermination.

It's said that they finally went to the gaoshu tribe, and they also accepted the remnants of the longmaoniu tribe, so the people who originally belonged to the longmaoniu tribe should support each other.

But the fact is always more than the ideal.

Among the remaining 22 people in longmaoniu tribe, only Gao Niu, Kuaima, bobcat, hard bone, wild fox and stone bear are soldiers. Among the remaining 16 people, there are three young women and the oldest 13 children who are not ten years old.

After coming to the gaoshu tribe, the three young women and children soon integrated into the tribe. For North American Indians, young women and children are the most popular.

Gao Niu and his six soldiers were divided into three groups. Even though Gao Niu was the leader of the longmaoniu tribe, he had to bow his head under the eaves. If he wanted to survive in the gaoshu tribe, he had to abandon his previous identity.

As Gao Niu's most direct family, so is bobcat.

The situation of stone bear is quite special. He supports himself. Of course, his childhood friend fast horse and later hard bones are now led by stone bear horse.

The wild fox, however, chose to be close to Li Lei's big foot.

The stone bear himself has no impression of the wild fox, but the memory from his body makes him dislike this guy.

Silly head has been a little silly since childhood, so when I was young, my friends all enjoyed playing tricks on silly head. In addition to Kuaima standing firmly beside the stone bear since childhood, other children of the longmaoniu tribe who are about the size of the silly head are not willing to approach the silly head.

Among them, the wild fox is the most ruthless one who bullies and teases the silly head from childhood.

In fact, wild fox is not his clan name, but his nickname when he was a child, just like silly head.

From his nickname, we can see that this guy is a very cunning person. His age is one year older than silly head. Silly head was bullied by wild fox when he was a child.

Later, silly head's body opened, with a strong body. The wild fox knew that his strength compared with silly head was just like shaking a tree, so he no longer bullied silly head openly, but all kinds of intrigues against silly head never stopped.

Anyway, looking at silly head's short life of 16 years, he was bullied by wild foxes for more than 10 years.

Even the stone bear doesn't know where the silly head offended the wild fox, why he bullied him for such a long time.

However, since taking over the body, the stone bear has no intention to worry about the past. After all, the soul is different, and the stone bear doesn't have the time and mood to pick up a wild fox that is similar to the primitive people. It's really a bit cheaper to pick up a wild fox if you say something unpleasant.

So the stone bear didn't pay attention to the wild fox after he came to the gaoshu tribe.

I didn't expect that this guy would dare to attack his own people!

Now all the people in the gaoshu tribe know that they have three tails behind their buttocks, fast horse, hard bone and rabbit mouth. These three people are the little followers of the guardian.

But now you are fighting against Kuaima and hard bone, which is clearly that you don't pay attention to my identity as the guardian of kabulu sacrifice!

Who gave you so much courage?

Being brushed face, coupled with the memory of silly head, this makes the stone bear really uncomfortable.

But now the stone bear is not the stupid head before. After he was angry, he immediately realized that something was wrong inside.

Normally, with the intelligence of wild fox, he would not do such a stupid thing. But he just did it. If there were no ghosts, the stone bear didn't believe it.

But the question is, where on earth does the wild fox have the courage to challenge itself? Who is the man behind him?

A lot of ideas in the bear's mind around, but finally the bear found that he did not seem to have a good way to deal with.

The person who can instruct the wild fox to challenge himself has an extraordinary position in the gaoshu tribe.

Is it Bigfoot? After all, the wild fox went to Bigfoot as soon as he came to the gaoshu tribe.

But the stone bear immediately shook his head and denied the conjecture. Although they are not very familiar with Bigfoot, they usually take care of themselves, and Bigfoot doesn't seem to be the kind of scheming and gloomy person.

After thinking about it again, the stone bear found that he had no idea, so he laughed at himself, picked up the short chopper that had been opened, pulled the rabbit's mouth and walked out of the door.

The short chopper was polished by the planer yesterday. It was sent to the stone bear last night.

Since you can't figure it out, don't think about it.

What's the point? Lao Tzu is now the guardian of kabulu sacrifice, which has been recognized by the whole Cherokee people. Moreover, Hongyun and Lilei have already believed their other identity - the son of God. In addition, they are tall and big. If they want to deal with a wild fox, they would be too sorry for their current identity!

If you dare to brush my face, you must be prepared to be skinned by me!

Sometimes it's better to press people with force or force than to move your eyes.

Isn't there a network language in the previous life that says so - no counseling is doing!

Stone bear didn't have the capital to do other people in the previous life, but this life is different.

I don't care who is standing behind you. I'll kill you first. Beat the small, do not worry about the old do not come out!

If the old still dare to be domineering, it's a big deal to work with the old. In this world of the jungle, big fists are the truth!

Dare to beat my little brother, if I don't beat your shit out, my fist is not hard enough!

As soon as they got out of the house, several familiar people outside said hello one after another. In fact, the guardian has made too much noise these days, and the stone bear has explained it clearly, so the people of gaoshu tribe basically know what the guardian is doing.

It's all for the better of the people.

Therefore, people like this guardian who looks very safe and smart.

However, the people who said hello suddenly found that the peaceful guardian's face was not right today, especially when they saw the shining chopper in his hand.

Stone bear takes a rabbit's beak and strides toward the wooden house where Kuaima lives. Behind him, the news that "Guardian wants to kill" soon spreads all over the gaoshu tribe

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