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Chapter: 480

For Shi Xiong, a liberal arts student, there is no difficulty in compiling such a textbook.

The difficulty is how to promote it.

To this end, Shi Xiong called together the big leaders of the white city alliance and other leaders, as well as some officers from the Intelligence Department of the stormy bear army who first learned Pinyin.

Among the Cherokee people, the white city alliance is mainly responsible for the internal peace work, which is what later generations call internal affairs.

Like the red city alliance, which mainly focuses on foreign wars, the big leader of the white city alliance is also the leader of the top ten tribes in turn.

Because the crazy lion himself went to the fierce bear army to be the logistics director, and at the same time, he resigned the big leader of the red city alliance. So according to the order, the one who used to be the big leader of the White City Alliance went to the red city alliance to replace the crazy lion and became the new big leader of the red city alliance.

One of the top ten tribes, the leader of Dashan tribe, kalakao, became the new leader of the white city alliance.

Karakao stone bear also knows that as a large tribe guarding the northernmost mountains of the Cherokee people, the responsibility of the big hill tribe is very heavy. It can be said that the north gate of the whole Cherokee people is where they are guarding.

Although the relationship between the Cherokee and the Shawnee is good, they are two tribes after all, and the Shawnee people used to be so strong, so when the Cherokee moved to the south, a strong tribe was needed to guard the northernmost side to prevent the Shawnee people from making any mistakes.

Chief karacao was a middle-aged man of great composure, almost thirty-seven or thirty-eight years old. He is a man of both culture and martial arts. He not only has a high value of force, but also has a delicate mind. When he does something, it's really a drop in the bucket.

Karacao and jorakrulu have a very good relationship. One guards the north gate and the other guards the west gate of the Cherokee people. They have a lot of common language, so their relationship is naturally very good.

In the process of electing the chief, when Jora krulu and the lion jointly recommended the stone bear, the Caracao leader quickly voted for it.

In a way, leader kalakao is also a member of the stone bear.

Shi Xiong has compiled the teaching materials, and there are also ready-made teachers - the officers of the intelligence department, who are the first to learn and use this kind of Pinyin.

Although these people are not many, only seven or eight people, but these seven or eight people are enough as seeds.

If you take 40 or 50 people with you, you will be able to learn this kind of simple Pinyin in a month or two. Then there will be another 300 or 400 people in the tribe who can understand Chinese Pinyin, and then they will be scattered. Before long, the number of people who can skillfully use Chinese Pinyin will increase exponentially.

The eight officers are doing this, and they are teaching women from the four guard tribes.

In Shi Xiong's opinion, it is more appropriate to use women as teachers. After all, women have delicate mind and patience, so being a teacher can teach students better.

It's not that the male teacher is not good. Shi Xiong is worried that once the male teacher's temper comes up, he will have a live PK with the students, which will make things lively.

Yes, in this era of Cherokee, men like to talk with their fists

Shi Xiong called the people of the white city alliance together to make them think of ways to implement the promotion of pinyin annotation.

Shi Xiong doesn't have the heart to be a teacher in person. It's not easy for him to take the time out of his busy schedule to compile the textbook of this system. If you ask him to teach students again, it's really unreasonable.

Don't forget, he didn't even go with him to the West for the sake of compiling textbooks and tribal affairs.

"Chief kalakao, you must do this as a top priority. It's an important thing that can be compared with spring sowing. After the spring sowing, there will be a team of about 400 teachers on my side. At that time, you need to allocate these 400 teachers to see which tribes are suitable for those teachers. " Stone bear has now completely transformed into a powerful chief, so what he said must not be carried out.

Caracao and other leaders of the White City League nodded.

"In addition, you must sum up the experience of promoting pinyin annotation this time, because after the promotion of pinyin annotation, there will be other teaching materials that need to be promoted in the whole family."

Karacao some puzzled asked: "chief, there are other teaching materials?"

"That's right." Shi Xiong nodded affirmatively, "pinyin annotation can only help our people learn how to write and let our tribe have its own characters. But just relying on this can not make our tribe more powerful. We also need to let our children learn mathematics, physics, chemistry and other knowledge, and learn these things. When our children grow up, they can invent all kinds of things like me. For example, more advanced and powerful weapons, better steel, faster transportation and so on, all of which need to be promoted now. Once our children have learned these things, then our tribe will be really strong. It is impossible to be strong forever only by force! "

Looking at the leaders of the white city alliance, the stone bear pointed to his head and added: "only if we are really strong here, our tribe will be really strong. The clansmen who have nothing in them can't support our tribe to be stronger! You must remember that

Seeing what the chief said solemnly, these leaders also nodded their heads again seriously.

Kalacao thought for a while, then said: "chief, should we leaders learn these things as soon as possible?"

"Ha ha, chief kalacao, I'm really glad you think so. That's what I mean. I think you are the leaders of a tribe, and if you can't learn these things, how can you lead your people to learn these things? Moreover, when the children who learn these things grow up, you will find that you will be far behind those children. At that time, you will feel that you are not suitable to be the tribal leader... "

These leaders looked at each other. They never thought that their boss attached so much importance to this thing.

"Well, if it's too much, I won't say much. You can contact this textbook first, and then you will find that it's really easy to learn. Even if you are all in your 30s and 40s, as long as you want to learn, you will soon learn. I can guarantee that. "

After finishing this topic, Shi Xiong left these tribal leaders to have a meal. During the meal, he discussed the spring sowing. Shi Xiong was very satisfied with the spring sowing in charge of the white city alliance.

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