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Chapter: 481

At the same time that the stone bear convened the leaders of the white city alliance to discuss the promotion of education and spring sowing this year, in a huge tent thousands of kilometers away in a certain area of the central great plain, hundreds of Indians in different costumes were gathering together and talking about something with heavy faces.

If the stormy bear army can raid here at this time and send several 55 mortar shells to this big tent, then the western expedition will be more than half easier.

Because this account is the Royal account of the osaqis, and the people gathered in this account are the leaders of the large and medium-sized tribes under the jurisdiction of the osaqis, and of course, the allies of the osaqis. For example, the powerful Cheyenne people, the Omaha people who have not yet turned against each other, and the arapahos who are no less powerful than the osaqis.

The reason why they are concentrated in the palace of the osaqis is very simple, that is, the sudden strong rise of the Cherokee people in the East has brought them great pressure.

Yes, when the stone bear decided to march westward, when the Engineering Battalion of the first division of the bear army crossed the river and began to build a floating bridge, the alert osaqis discovered the Cherokee's intention to move westward.

The osaqis are also very wary of this big tribe that has sprung up suddenly in the past two years. After all, the osaqis already know about the fact that the Cherokees suddenly destroyed the chekasa last year.

When the bear brigade attacked the chekasa, many of them fled. Some ran south, some north, and some crossed the Mississippi River into Arkansas or Missouri Territory.

The news that the Cherokees had killed the Crees, the bowatans and their chekasa people was also transmitted to the Far West with these chekasa people who fled into the OSACHI territory.

When black buffalo, the chief of the osaqis, got the news, he immediately realized that things were very bad. After all, it is impossible for ordinary people to wipe out two tribes with a population of 100000 and 30000 in a short period of more than one year. Even the osaqis do not have the strength to do this.

When the black buffalo learned from the fleeing chekasa that the Cherokees had powerful firearms like those vasichos, and they still had a large number of firearms, the black buffalo paid more attention to it.

Last winter, the black buffalo sent elite soldiers to the East Bank of the Mississippi River to keep a close watch on the Cherokees on the other side. Because even the black buffalo did not expect that their allies, the two military fortresses built by the French on the East Bank of the Mihe River, had been beaten down by the Cherokees.

Moreover, according to the news brought back by the elite soldiers, that is, in this cold winter, the French wanted to recapture the two fortresses several times in a row, and even sent out dozens of inland river armed transport ships and a more powerful small windsurfing warship

As an important trading partner of the French to the west of the Mihe River, black buffalo, the chief of the osaqis, had seen with his own eyes the powerful inland river armed transport ships, and even the small sail warships carrying more than 20 18 pound guns.

Although the black buffalo didn't know that the windsurfing warship with more than 20 18 pound guns and only one deck was actually a level 5 or even level 6 windsurfing warship, it didn't stop the black buffalo from awe of this kind of windsurfing warship.

Even the black buffaloes, which carry smaller armed river transport vessels, know that they can't afford to exist.

However, the news that the elite soldiers brought back surprised the black buffalo.

The French organized several attacks, but without exception, the Cherokees beat them back. Without even approaching the dock, the French ship was destroyed by a more powerful gun with a longer range!

The description of the elite soldiers was so detailed that the black buffalo was shocked.

At the invitation of the French, he arrived at the stronghold of St. Louis built by the French, and saw with his own eyes the volley of the cannons on the smallest river transport. The power was really frightening.

But how could a ship with such power not beat the Cherokees?

But the news the soldiers brought back did not allow him to doubt. Because that's what all the fighters say.

"The Cherokees who occupied the French fortress have a kind of gun with great power and long range. The most important thing is that the shell of this kind of gun is not like that of the French gun. What the Cherokee gun shoots out is an iron ball. The shell of the Cherokee gun will explode. It is extremely powerful. The French River armed transport ship only needs to be hit once, Basically, there is no possibility of survival... "

Although these soldiers have different opinions, they almost express the same meaning.

It was the news that these soldiers brought back that made the black buffalo attach great importance to the Cherokee people, even to the point of panic!

No wonder the Cherokees were able to annex two tribes in such a short time. With such powerful firearms, who can stop them?

Your own soldiers?

Black buffalo doesn't think so.

He was able to sit as the chief of the powerful osaqis, and naturally he was a very smart person. He certainly didn't think that his soldiers with bone spears, bows and arrows could resist such powerful firearms.

But now the Cherokee obviously want to cross the river to attack the area west of the river, and their tribe is the first target of Cherokee attack.

The black buffalo knows that although the osaqis are very strong, they can't resist the advance of the Cherokees.

So in this case, the black buffalo immediately sent messengers to the king's Court of those allies, inviting the high-level allies to discuss this matter.

Although the black buffalo did not know the idiom "cold lips and teeth", he still understood the same truth.

The messengers he sent out brought news to those allies. It's very simple - we osaqis alone can't stop the attack of the Cherokees. If we osaqis can't resist the attack of the Cherokees, then you can't! Even if the powerful Soviet Union came, they could not resist it! We have to unite, gather enough soldiers, and then find the best terrain, maybe we can stop the Cherokee's westward march!

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