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Chapter: 489

As the commander of the first division of the fierce bear army, Kuaima has a heavy burden!

Especially when he learned that the osaqis had gathered so many soldiers, he was even more worried.

This is not to say that Kuaima has no confidence to win this battle. For the first division, even if there are more than 50000 enemies in front of it, in Kuaima's eyes, these enemies are like what their boss said. What's their name? Well, local chicken and dog.

The reason why Kuaima is nervous is that he is not sure how to control the killing in the battle.

Kuaima knows the most about the weapon power of these guys under his command. Even the smallest number of 55 mortars can cause unimaginable lethality if they launch a saturation volley.

Not to mention the nine hundred door grenades.

If these catapults really come for ten volleys, I'm afraid the 50000 people on the opposite side will have to fall at least 20000 people!

But the boss said that the western expedition should try not to cause too much killing, but try to persuade people to surrender!

As a big bear from childhood to big partner, how can Kuaima not know what result his boss wants?

It's just that there are more than 50000 enemies on the opposite side. This thing is out of our control.

If you want to ensure the safety of the officers and men of the first division, you have to use your weapons to inflict heavy damage on the enemy, and then you can completely defeat the enemy

What makes Kuaima confused is that he just wanted to try this method, and he completely disintegrated all the enemies in front of him.

Standing two kilometers away, Kuaima only vaguely saw that black wolf's hot-air balloon seemed to have made a warning bombing, and then the rest of the hot-air balloons also seemed to have made a warning bombing. As a result, the more than 50000 Osage troops knelt down more than 40000 people

What's going on?

Kuaima looks at the Osage soldiers who are kneeling on the ground with a look of panic, but their eyes are constantly peeking at the balloons floating above their heads. It seems that they understand a little.

At this time, in addition to two balloons floating at an altitude of more than 400 meters for warning, the other 16 balloons had dropped to the height of 50 meters. At this height, these 16 balloons look really stressful.

Even Kuaima, who is used to seeing hot air balloons take off, is still wanted by the sky blocking hot air balloons at this moment.

If the 18 balloons floating at an altitude of 450 meters just now have scared the soldiers of the Osage allied forces, then when the 16 balloons are lowered to this altitude, it is estimated that many soldiers of the Osage allied forces have been scared to pee

Just now, after seeing that most of the soldiers of Osage's allied forces were kneeling down honestly, the black wolf decisively lowered the height of his balloon. When the balloon he was in dropped to a height of 50 meters from the ground, the black wolf threw the rope down, and then he quickly descended down the rope.

A 50 meter descent is a must for the air force.

When the black wolf came to the ground, almost all the soldiers of the Osage coalition were afraid to touch the ground with their foreheads, and even dared not look up at the black wolf.

They regard the black wolf as the messenger of the God

Then, the black wolf fixed his balloon, and continued to fix the other balloons. When he finished the work, Kuaima and his guards had come here.

Sixteen huge hot-air balloons hovered in midair about 50 meters from the ground. That kind of deterrent force is really great.

Kuaima used this method to completely suppress the soldiers of the Osage coalition.

Then, the first division was so bloodless. Well, it should have won a big victory for no reason.

Watching these soldiers of the Osage coalition, escorted by the soldiers of the first division, go to the designated area and squat down one by one, the horse will know that the war has won inexplicably.

In addition to the more than 10000 people who ran away, the remaining 40000 people were all captured here.

However, the first division only paid 54 air dropped No. 3 grenades and... The physical strength and logistical supplies from the logistics camp

The officers and men of the first division who would have thought there would be a fierce battle were naturally overjoyed.

As long as it's a war, where are the undead? Whether it's your comrades in arms, brothers or enemies who die, they're all alive, aren't they?

Especially under the propaganda of the chief, now the officers and men of the fierce bear army all know that the people of other tribes with black hair, black eyes and yellow skin who live in this continent are actually their own compatriots.

Therefore, as long as we can not kill people, especially those compatriots of other tribes, it is a good thing.

Obviously, this battle, which was supposed to be a fierce battle, was successfully solved by the black wolf, which is undoubtedly a great good thing for anyone.

Kuaima lit a cigarette for the black wolf himself. Seeing that the soldiers in the distance were busy counting and arranging the prisoners, he said with a smile: "black wolf, what did you think at the beginning? How did you come up with such a solution to these osaqis? "

Although black wolf is the commander of "air force" appointed by Shi Xiong, he should be respectful in front of Kuaima. Everyone knows that among the most trusted people in the whole tribe, Kuaima is definitely the first.

"Sir, in fact, I think if I use the words of the chief to describe it, it's my bad luck..." the black wolf said with a wry smile. "I didn't expect that when I did the warning bombing for the first time, I would blow up the black buffalo, the chief of the osaqi people, all at once, and then there was a kind of high-level leader of the osaqi people..."

After listening to the black wolf about the process, the fast horse can't help but cover his head and have nothing to say.

It's true that as our boss said, the black wolf really has bad luck

But no matter what luck you have, as long as you can win these osaqis without blood, that's good luck!

"Big spear!" After thinking about it, the horse said hello. In a short time, the spear of gaoshu tribe came running.

"Later, before dinner, you gather all the grenades together, and we're going to show the volley of the grenades in front of these osaqis. These guys are now subject to us, but it's not safe. We need to give them a more shocking scene to completely suppress them. "

"Guarantee to finish the task!" The spear held his chest and raised his head to salute, then went down to arrange

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