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Chapter: 49

Kuaima and rigou lived together after they came to gaoshu tribe.

Although Kuaima was married and had children, his pregnant woman and the one-year-old son all died under the knife of the chekasa people in the war of extermination.

Hard bone is only 13 years old this year, and his family died in the battle. In addition, they are now regarded as stone bear's followers, so they live together.

The wooden house they lived in was some distance away from the wooden house of the stone bear. After becoming the guardian of the kabulu sacrifice, the stone bear moved to the big wooden house where the kabulu sacrifice lived and separated from the people of the longmaoniu tribe.

At this time, there was a mess in front of the fast horse and their wooden house. The fast horse and the hard bones were lying on the ground, and the fur and clothes were covered with dust. I don't know how many circles it was formed on the ground.

Gao Niu and SM stood by, angry, but they didn't dare to do anything. Because there were four or five tall tree men standing opposite them.

Not far away, a figure is pulling the female bison to the direction of the meeting hall of gaoshu tribe. The cow is pulled to "moo" and screams, leaving a string of visible blood stains on the ground. Needless to say, the cow who just put on the nose ring for a day is pulled so hard that the wound just healed may be torn open again.

In front of this scene, the nameless fire at the bottom of the stone bear's heart suddenly came up. If we put aside the previous life, with his character, he will definitely judge the situation in the first time, and then he will be indifferent to watch the crowd, even if he is angry.

But now, even if he wanted to suppress his anger, he could not. Although silly head is silly, but a fool often does not know whether it is a little or shortcomings of the characteristics, that is "stubborn"!

Now the stone bear mixed with two souls can clearly judge that the form in front of him is not good for his side. After all, there are five or six people on the opposite side. Judging from the actions of Gao Niu and Sm, they probably won't do it.

Can you deal with those five or six by yourself?

Don't forget, the battle of the longhair tribe, silly head was killed by six chekasa soldiers.

But the stone bear is still furious!

He quickly walked to the fast horse and hard bone lying on the ground, and helped them up with the rabbit's mouth. However, he saw that the handsome face of the fast horse had completely turned into a rotten eggplant, which was different from what he looked like a few days ago.

As for the hard bone, there are not many scars on his face, but his left arm has completely drooped down. Stone bear was surprised and quickly untied the hard bone's clothes. When he found that his left arm was not red and swollen, stone bear was slightly relieved. At least it's not a fracture. It looks like it's a dislocated ring.

"Big bear, wild fox that guy with people to want to take the cattle away, they are too many, I and hard bone can't stop it..." Kuaima some weak said.

Now is late autumn season, the temperature in the early morning has been relatively low, but the hard bone on one side has been sweating with pain, and can't even speak. The taste of dislocation is very bad, which is no worse than the pain of fracture - when he was a child, because of mischief, the stone bear made his arm ring off, and he cried with pain, which he still remembers.

The scene in front of him made the fire in the bottom of stone bear's heart bigger. He stood up and nodded at Gao Niu and Sm, and then said, "uncle, SM, you two first help the fast horse and hard bone to kabulu sacrifice and let her treat."

Gao Niu and SM were about to come over with a flash of joy on their faces, but the five soldiers standing in front of them moved their steps and blocked them again.

The stone bear frowned, went over with a overcast face, and asked in a low voice, "don't you see that there are two people injured here? Who gave you the power to stop and treat them? "

A stout man squinted and said, "these two people have offended us. We have to give him some color. If they're not honest, we'll beat him. "

This man looks a little familiar, but the stone bear doesn't know his name. The other four men are all like this. After all, it's not long since stone bear came to gaoshu tribe, and he has been busy with those things, and he hasn't had time to get in touch with many people in the tribe.

"Why did they offend you? Hard bones are still children. I know how honest they are. How can they offend you? "

"They offended us anyway." The man not only had a tough mouth, but also was rebellious. He even put up his spear.

The stone bear's eyes narrowed slightly, "offend you, do you lay such heavy hands on the two children? They're from the gaoshu tribe, not the chekasa! "

"Ha ha, if we were the chekasa, we would have killed these two guys! No eyes, no beating! "

Another man said, "guardian, you are the guardian of kabulu sacrifice. We respect your identity, but you'd better not interfere in this kind of thing. The enmity between the clansmen has to be solved through fists. "

This words let the stone bear listen to slightly a Shen: "the gratitude and resentment between the clansmen must be solved through fist?"? Good... "

Before the words were heard, there was a flash of cold light between the stone bear and the man. With a clear and audible "Z", the man's bone spear was broken in the middle.

The next moment, a huge fist appeared in front of the second man, which made him raise his arms subconsciously, but the fist just swayed in front of him. In a few seconds, the fist fell heavily on the man's stomach.

With one punch, he beat the man like a cooked prawn. He covered his stomach with both hands and stepped back for several steps. Then he sat down on the ground with cold breath and could not say a word.

Several men nearby roared. As soon as they were about to start, they saw the stone bear throw up his long leg and sweep across the other man's shoulder. The man immediately covered his shoulder and retreated.

At the next moment, the air was cold again. The chopper in the stone bear's hand crossed the space again. At the next moment, it stayed next to the neck of the first man who spoke.

"Still want to do it? Don't you think it's the knife in my hand or his neck? " The stone bear is a head taller than these men. It's like a hunter holding a knife to hold the man's neck

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