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Chapter: 496

Because of the preparation of the logistics camp of the Western expeditionary army, there was no trouble in the relocation of the royal court.

The people who moved in soon entered the designated area. If the Indian Empire could be established in the future, these people would be the first imperial capital people.

With a better brick and concrete house, there is no need for the stone bear to make any big accounts.

In addition, there is an alchemist who is proficient in architecture among the eighteen Arhats. Under his leadership, the "giant bear Palace" is now under intense and orderly construction. It is estimated that this huge building group with an area of 200000 square meters will be completely completed in two years.

But now some of the buildings in the giant bear palace can be used, so as the chief, the stone bear family moved here.

Here, the stone bear also met the alchemist, the Englishman Richardson, who was proficient in architecture.

It's a coincidence that Richardson's grandfather was a professional in the construction industry. His grandfather even participated in the construction of Buckingham Palace. Richardson's father has also been involved in the construction of many famous buildings in London, which can be said to be a family origin.

But in his generation, he has two elder brothers above and a younger sister below. As the third in his family, he has been trained as a famous architect since childhood. Unfortunately, when he was 24 years old, he suddenly fell in love with the mysterious alchemy, and the alchemy of electricity.

According to him, it was after reading about the lightning rod test done by Benjamin Franklin of Boston in 1752 that he became fascinated by the alchemy of lightning. Especially when Franklin was named academician of the Royal Society of London, he was even more infatuated with this aspect.

In fact, with his wealth, it doesn't matter if he is addicted to alchemy. After all, although his family is not very rich, he is definitely a middle-class person in London.

It's a pity that the boy did so much that he even wanted to install lightning rods for buildings like Franklin did.

If it's other buildings, it's OK, but he aimed at Buckingham Palace.

Although Buckingham Palace was not the Royal Palace of England, it was the private bedroom of King George III of England.

Richardson, however, turned his mind to Buckingham Palace.

He didn't get permission to install a lightning rod in Buckingham Palace, but he sneaked in and installed a lightning rod in the West Building of Buckingham Palace at night.

As a result, I don't know whether the wire used as the guiding fluid is too thin or any other reason. In a thunderstorm, the lightning rod did lead the thunder down, and the wire used as the guiding fluid was burned instantly.

As a result, the thunder broke out on the top of the West Building of Buckingham Palace, which not only surprised George III, who was resting in his bedroom, but also successfully caused a fire

So, the disaster of no rash so landed on Richardson's head.

As the culprit, he was arrested. Originally, according to the law at that time, he would have been sent to the gallows, but Richardson's father almost emptied all the property in his family, which paid off the justice. Finally, Richardson was sentenced to exile in Maryland, North America. It is worth mentioning that before the outbreak of the independent war, Britain exiled about 1000 criminals to Virginia and Maryland in North America every year.

This happened to be known by William hank. Hank also knew that the big man in the new world needed talents, especially alchemists. So he paid for Richardson and promised that he would send Richardson to the new world.

In this way, Richardson became one of the eighteen Arhats under stone bear.

After that incident, Richardson also fully understood that some things can not be done too much. It happened that the giant bear palace was going to be built here, so he volunteered to undertake the design and construction task of the giant bear palace.

Not to mention, stone bear is very satisfied with Richardson's design. Of course, stone bear also combined with the style of many famous buildings of later generations, and put forward some very useful suggestions to Richardson. Finally, Richardson came up with this design after several months and passed the consent of stone bear.

At present, the main body of the giant bear palace is still under construction, but some annex buildings have been completed.

In addition to the annex where the stone bears live, the temporary offices of the white city alliance and the red city alliance are also located in several other completed annex buildings.

Of course, with the continuous acceleration of the construction of Shangjing and the continuous production of various construction materials, the office space of both the white city alliance and the red city alliance will be changed in the future. There will be many more distinctive buildings in Shangjing.

After his new home was settled down, Shi Xiong worked hard for a few days. Finally, he handed over all the resettlement and replanting to the leaders of the white city alliance. He personally led a thousand Pro guards, carrying 12 well-made hot-air balloons and other materials, and took 40 inland river armed transport ships to go down along the south of mi'nan, At the confluence of the Mihe River and the Reid River, it turns into the Reid River, then goes upstream along the Reid River, and finally reaches the junction of Texas and Oklahoma.

As for the other 1000 Pro guards, they drove to that area by land with one man and two horses. The main duty of these pro guards was to transport horses.

This area was originally the boundary of the OSACHI, Kiowa, Comanche and Pueblo (PS) tribes in this era.

But now, both the osaqis and the kiowans have been conquered by the first division, and now the first division is going south to prepare for the difficult komanches, so a logistics camp has been set up in this area.

Previously, the supplies of the first division, part of the second division and the third division were transported here by ships along this route.

Although it's the shortest way to go from Shangjing to here by land, you can get the speed of ox cart. It's only a month's walk for more than 1000 kilometers! So it's better to take a detour by water.

Although it's five or six hundred kilometers farther by water than by land, it's too fast to walk by water. If the water route is smooth, it will take ten days to get there. No matter how slow it is, it won't take more than half a month.

The most important thing is that the waterway here is suitable for this kind of inland river armed transport ship, so the stone bear will choose to go to the front by water.

Stone bear stands in the bow of the boat, squatting beside him, looking at the green Skylark standing on the dock holding hecal's hand. Although stone bear is reluctant to part with it, he still firmly shakes his hand to say goodbye.

This time, we will win the Comanche and the Apache people in one go. As for the Pueblo people who live in New Mexico, if they are honest, if they are not, they can also win directly.

As long as the southwest is pacified, the fierce bear army will be able to free up its hands to deal with those tribes in the North!

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