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Chapter: 497

With the arrival of the chief, the morale of the officers and soldiers of the fierce bear army soared to a new high, and everyone was full of confidence in the next battle.

In the southwest of China in late autumn, the climate is far less hot and dry than that in summer. At this time, the original gaoshu tribe and monongahira need to wear heavy animal skin clothes to resist the cold, but here, the soldiers are still wearing single clothes.

Although the temperature here is still high, it is not as unbearable as before. At least, there are fewer epidemics caused by dry heat. Among the nearly 20000 soldiers of the bear army, not many fell down because of illness.

Big horn sheep also came early, and the trouble in the southwest war zone made him the commander in chief of the Western expeditionary army also lose his temper.

However, bighorn sheep has a strong command in battle, but he is also powerless in the face of this invisible disease.

However, after the stone bear arrived, everything began to change.

The first order stone bear issued after he came to the camp was to prohibit defecation. Anyone who wants to urinate must go to the designated place, otherwise it will be dealt with by military law!

The second order is that everyone must drink boiled water. Anyone who dares to drink raw water will be dealt with by the same military law!

The third order is still about living, that is, everyone must wash their hands with soap before and after meals! Supervise each other, find out who doesn't carry out this order, and deal with it by military law!

Three "military law disposal" orders with strong flavor of killing and felling were issued, and all the officers and soldiers of the fierce bear army immediately trembled.

Those veterans all know how strict their chief is, and they also know that as long as their boss issues such orders, there will be no discount. So they all take the recruits with them to implement these three orders honestly.

"Chief, why such a strange order?" Sitting in the big tent as the headquarters, bighorn sheep asked the stone bear very puzzled.

"You didn't know that before. I don't blame you, but from now on, as long as our officers and soldiers go to battle, the team must carry out these three orders. These three orders will be written into the military regulations in the future. Anyone who dares not to carry them out will be shut down immediately for three days! " Stone bear said very seriously.

Looking at the puzzled faces of the bighorn sheep, the fast horse and the bone spear, the stone bear's face softened for a moment, and then explained to them: "almost all our soldiers live in the north. When they first came to the south, the heat, dryness and local mosquito bites would make our soldiers sick, This has long been proved in that ancient and mysterious oriental country. This kind of disease can be called acclimatization

Shi Xiong stood up, paced in the tent, and continued: "there is no good way to deal with this kind of acclimatization, but if some methods are firmly implemented, they can alleviate the acclimatization. For example, I issued these three orders. "

"If our officers and men can carry out these three orders well, their chances of acclimatization will be greatly reduced..."

Stone bear didn't explain these things to them in very profound language. After all, they are involved in epidemic disease, epidemic prevention and other aspects. Even if they explain it to them, they can't understand it now. We can only explain these things to them slowly in the future.

In this extraordinary period, the high-pressure method has to be used.

In fact, let alone in this era, even in the modern society of later generations, what we fear most is the spread of this epidemic. Especially in densely populated areas, the spread of this disease can be called fatal.

In the original historical time and space, during the war of independence, the British were dominant. In the first five years after the outbreak of the war of independence, the British even defeated the Americans for a time. The Americans had to rely on their familiarity with the terrain to fight guerrillas with the British in the mountains and forests.

At the end of the spring of 1781, the British army defeated and retreated to the American army in the southern region. A decisive battle about whether the United States could really be independent started in rowtown, South Carolina.

At the beginning, the British army was invincible, with countless casualties in the American army. However, after the summer, the situation on the battlefield suddenly reversed, and the British soldiers suddenly became dispirited and slack, and began to lose many battles.

It turns out that there is a kind of American Mosquito, called "Aedes", living in this area. The mosquito, which lives widely in southern North America, carries a lot of malaria. The British soldiers who were going south were bitten by Aedes mosquitoes in the south of North America, and soon malaria spread in the British barracks. British soldiers infected with malaria have headaches, fever, convulsions and other symptoms. Half of them are too sick to walk, let alone fight.

Most of the American militia and army grew up in the south. Every summer, they were attacked by Aedes and malaria, and antibodies were formed in their bodies. Aedes and malaria could not help them. Seeing that the British army was attacked by Aedes and malaria, the American independent army immediately seized this favorable opportunity and began a large-scale counter offensive, encircling the British army and "nibbling" it bit by bit. The British army held on for more than two months. Finally, Lord cornwally, the commander-in-chief of the British army, saw that there was no hope of waiting for rescue, so he had to raise the white flag to surrender.

Because of the defeat of the British troops sent to North America and the French intervention against the British troops, the British government felt that the two front battles were too much for it and had to shake hands with the United States and France to make peace.

So on September 3, 1783, the invincible British Empire and the United States signed the "Paris peace treaty" in Paris, France. The British government publicly announced that the 13 North American colonies were separated from British rule, and officially recognized that the United States was an independent country.

It can be said that it was not the weapons in the hands of the Americans and their spirit of resistance that reversed the whole situation of the war of independence, but a small mosquito, Aedes.

That's the power of disease.

This kind of invisible things can really cause a lot of incredible endings

At present, the Cherokee people are extremely powerful, and the fierce bear army has a huge advantage in crushing other tribes. But this summer, the second division and the third division are still ruthlessly crushed in the face of the hot and dry weather in the southwest.

Fortunately, there was no large-scale outbreak of epidemic disease in the army at that time. Otherwise, it is still a question whether the second division and the third division of the storm bear army can be preserved.

Therefore, we can not pay too much attention to epidemic diseases.

It's just like the vaccinations that stone bears are trying to popularize in their tribe. The purpose is to fight against smallpox, a more terrible plague.

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