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Chapter: 501

Dekeya is the third son of the leader of the komanche tribe. Among the many sons of the komanche chief, dekeya is undoubtedly the best.

Now the komanche chief is very old, and his health is getting worse and worse. Therefore, more and more tribes begin to support dekeya with a clear-cut banner.

Comanchi language is a branch of Aztec language, and dekeya means "friendly messenger" in comanchi language.

Dekeya is not satisfied with the name given to him by his father, because he doesn't like friendship, what he likes is power and violence!

But what dekia doesn't know is that his name, dekia, if translated into English, is "texia", which later became the source of the name of Texas.

When the Spanish colonists first arrived here, they asked the local Indians which tribe they belonged to, and the answer was texia. Texia means "friendly emissary" in the local language, which is used by the Indians to show that they are not the Apache tribe hostile to the Europeans.

The Spanish mistakenly thought it was a tribal name, so they called it texia, and then it gradually became Texas.

As a matter of fact, the Comanches, like the Apache, were Indian tribes that hated the Spanish colonists and even other colonists.

The combatant Comanches not only attacked the small tribes nearby, but also took the initiative to attack the Spanish and British colonists. It was only in the early 19th century that they were defeated after fighting the arapahos who went south, and eventually had to form an alliance with the Cheyenne to seek a truce.

But the war with the arapahos greatly damaged the strength of the Comanches. When the United States moved westward, they were unable to fight with the Americans, and finally they were expelled by the Americans and moved into the reserve.

But at this time, the Comanche tribe is still at its peak.

Now the Cherokees are coming all the way, and the komanches at the forefront will face the Cherokees who have defeated many powerful tribes in the north. Chief Comanche is old, and the old are about to see the gods, so dekeya, with the support of many tribes, became the top commander of the coalition against the Cherokees.

In the eyes of the Comanches and their allies, dekia has done really well before. The Cherokees came here as early as spring, but they didn't win the Comanches. On the contrary, the Cherokees were afraid to move forward because of the outbreak of the disease.

It was for this reason that Comanche had time to discuss with the Apache and Navajo, and finally the three powerful tribes united to form a huge coalition.

Compared with the Indian tribes in the Central Plains and the northern Great Lakes region, the number of Indian tribes living in the southwest is not the largest, and the hot and dry climate limits the outbreak of these tribal populations.

However, no one can deny that the Indian tribes living in this harsh natural environment are extremely brave.

In this land, a battle of hundreds of people is considered a large-scale war. If the number of people exceeds 1000, it is absolutely a very large war.

Now, in this vast and flat land, there are nearly 20000 soldiers from three tribes. This is unprecedented!

As the commander of the coalition forces, dekeya is also extremely proud after seeing the coalition soldiers all over the mountains. Because these allied forces were under his command against the Cherokees. If he can defeat the Cherokees, he can't think of anyone who can compete with him as the chief of the Comanche tribe after the old guy dies!

But first of all, I will lead these 20000 strong soldiers to defeat the Cherokees!

In dekeya's eyes, the number of Cherokees was only about 20000, which was about the same as that of the coalition. Kedekia has always looked down on those who live in the East and North, because they are soft, not worthy to be compared with the tough Comanche fighters!

Not to mention that the number of people is almost equal, even if the number of Cherokee is a little more, the great Comanche fighters can beat those soft eggs!

Dekia never doubted this.

And that's what the Cherokee softs did before.

Although the Cherokee had the magic weapon that could fly, it didn't do much harm to the brave Comanche. Cherokee can only use these useless things, and the brave Comanche fighters will not be afraid of those flying things.

Two days ago, the Scout came back and said that it seemed that the chief of the Cherokee had come. It was said that he was a very big guy.

But is it great to be big? If you don't go to the battlefield, it's OK. Once you dare to go to the battlefield, let's show you the bravery and invincibility of our Comanche soldiers!

Well, if only I could get rid of that damned chief Cherokee

It's not just dekia who has strong confidence in winning over Cherokee, but also his men and coalition soldiers. They and de Keya's view is the same, those from the East and the north of the soft egg is not strong southwest man!

Now those Cherokee softies dare to gather together. It seems that they want to taste the strength of Southwest soldiers!

In that case, let's beat the Cherokee softs thoroughly!

After all, the powerful coalition soldiers are not only very fierce, but also have nearly 800 horses!

The horses were taken from the surrounding tribes that were friendly with the Spanish.

I have to say that the war horse is really a good thing. With this kind of mount, the combat effectiveness of coalition soldiers will be improved in a straight line. And the Cherokee on the other side? Except for the spies who rode on the horses, the others seemed to have no horses to ride.

The number is almost the same. Do those soft guys have many war horses? They dare to gather to fight against the coalition forces. What is it?

In this way, dekeya and the coalition forces under his command have gathered again with such confidence. They want to strike the Cherokee softs with the heaviest blow here and defeat them in one go!

Before the war between the two sides, both dekia and the Allied soldiers had no doubt about defeating the Cherokee softs.

But after the soldiers of both sides contacted, dekeya found that he was too wrong

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