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Chapter: 502

Dekeya gawked at the scene in front of him. He really wanted to cry without tears.

What the hell is going on with those Cherokee softs?

The twenty-four flying things floating in the sky just now and the things dropped by them killed a lot of coalition soldiers, but the company soldiers who had been prepared did not panic. What's more, those things that can fly have already gone?

According to previous experience, as long as these flying things fly away, it is difficult to fly back.

Now that the flying things are no longer a threat to the coalition, it's time for the coalition soldiers to slaughter the Cherokee softs.

But what are those Cherokee softs doing?

After an earth shaking explosion, the number of Allied soldiers who were close to 20000 suddenly dropped by four or five thousand

A total of four or five thousand people disappeared out of thin air, leaving behind a lot of flesh and blood.

And those who can still stand, one by one are numb, as if by this earthshaking explosion to scare silly.

And it's not enough. Before dekia's recollection, there's that kind of scream in the sky

Then there was another earth shaking explosion, and another part of the Allied soldiers disappeared out of thin air

The soldiers on both sides are still a mile away, but the Allied soldiers on their side are almost half gone.

Such a thrilling scene suddenly brought a thought to dekeya's mind: "are those Cherokee soft eggs really coming with the will of the gods? How else could they be so powerful? "

The same idea came to almost every company soldier's mind.

The scene in front of us is really miserable. How many old friends who were just talking and laughing together suddenly turned into a pool of broken meat, even if they were not dead, either without a leg or an arm. Even among the dead old fellows, the appearance of death is extremely terrible. Either they have lost half of their heads, or their chest and abdomen have been cut open by some strange things, and their intestines and stomachs flow all over the place

Who has ever seen such a terrible sight?

But just at this time, there was that kind of soul stirring scream in the sky

This time, even the most stupid coalition soldier knows what to do.

I didn't say that. Saya ran!

what? You said you couldn't run? You think we are stupid! If you don't run, are you waiting to die here?

As a result, in the wailing all over the mountains and fields, the valiant three ethnic coalition forces just now have all turned into headless flies.

Even dekeya also involuntarily turned his horse's head and began to run with his subordinates. If you don't run, you can't do it. Dekeya is also afraid of being hit by that kind of terrible weapon. Let alone the position of chief, he can't even save his life.

"Fortunately, we have a lot of horses here, otherwise we can't get out." Dekeya, who was riding on the horse, looked at the soldiers who were also riding on the horse nearby, and felt a little more secure.

But when he glanced at it, he found that there seemed to be two groups of fast approaching people in the distance.

Almost subconsciously, dekeya turned his head. Then he was frightened to find that the Cherokee softs had so many cavalry

After a rough estimation, dekeya found that the Cherokee softies did not have cavalry. The number of cavalry was almost three times more than that of the three nations!

How can we play?

For a moment, dekia was a little desperate.

Those Cherokee softs have cavalry, and there are so many! Can we get out of here?

As it turns out, dekia's worries are very reasonable.

Almost 20000 of the three groups of allied forces collapsed completely under the saturation attack of the bombshell and mortar of the bear army. Their performance is no different from that of the Kerry people before. Even though they are stronger and braver than the Kerry people, they will collapse in the face of such heavy firepower that they have never seen before.

After three rounds of volleying, almost 7000 allied troops were killed, and the remaining Company soldiers immediately began to rout.

Next is the task of the pro guard.

Although there are still 12000 people left in the three ethnic groups, even before they collapse, they can't get along with the two thousand Pro guards, let alone they have completely collapsed.

So, twelve thousand or three thousand people were driven away by the two thousand Pro guards like sheep. But still, no matter how fast two legs run, can they run more than four legs?

Therefore, even the first one who ran away at the wrong time was easily chased down by the pro guards.

One by one, the exhausted soldiers of the three ethnic groups were all smashed to the ground with sticks by the pro guards. Of course, if you still want to stand up and continue to run away, then you will not smash it with a wooden stick, but will give you a peanut without hesitation.

How accurate the pro guards are! They were all carefully selected from the veterans and then trained hard. Even if they were riding on galloping horses, their shooting skills were first-class.

With a crackle of pea like gunfire, more than a thousand three ethnic allied forces fell at the muzzle of the pro guard. At this moment, the collapsed deserters were completely honest.

At this time, if they don't understand that the so-called "Cherokee soft eggs" can't be provoked by themselves, they will really be fools.

But fortunately, these soldiers are not stupid. After being bombed for three rounds in a row and almost killed by the pro guards, these coalition soldiers finally realized the cruel fact that honest surrender is better than anything!

When Shi Xiong rode Huofeng and brought the senior officers of the first division up from behind, all over the mountains and fields were soldiers of the three ethnic groups who knelt on the ground and did not dare to move.

In this battle, the stone bear was also ruthless, and gave the order to let go. As a result, the hapless three ethnic coalition army became the largest killing team since the establishment of the storm bear army.

According to the final statistics, nearly 20000 of the three ethnic groups' allied forces can finally maintain a total of less than 8000.

The company soldiers who were baptized by hot-air balloons, catapults and mortars, and finally well groomed by the pro guards, were killed nearly 10000 people, and more than 2000 people were seriously injured.

In this era, these seriously injured coalition soldiers are not expected to live long.

Even the remaining 8000 coalition soldiers were almost all wounded.

This battle not only completely crippled the Comanches, but also severely damaged the Apache and Navajo people

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