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Chapter: 503

This battle really crippled the three nations' allied forces. Except for the hundreds of people stone bear specially ordered to let go, others were captured by the fierce bear army except those who died!

Of course, the terror of the Cherokee spread rapidly throughout the southwest with the mouths of the coalition soldiers who ran out.

Most of the coalition soldiers who were released by the stone bear rode away. In this era, in addition to the current Cherokee, all the other tribes who are qualified to ride horses are people with status and status in the tribe.

And these people also witnessed the crushing attack of the bear army. They witnessed how nearly twenty thousand three ethnic allied forces collapsed completely in a few minutes. They also saw half of their brothers annihilate in an instant!

Such a terrible scene completely frightened the escaped soldiers, and when they went back to tell the story of the battle, they only brought deep fear to the people.

Not only the Comanches, but also the Apaches and Navajos, and even the Pueblo people and some local tribes, who have been quiet for a long time, have been frightened.

But they know that the three tribes who migrated from the North joined hands to resist the Cherokees. They also saw that the three powerful tribes formed a powerful alliance - a total of 20000 soldiers. In the eyes of all the tribes in the southwest, this is an irresistible and powerful team!

But it was such an irresistible team that it was completely defeated by the Cherokees in a short period of time with that kind of terrible weapon. How powerful must the Cherokees be?

You know, even the Spaniards, if they meet the 23, 000 allied forces on the grassland, how far they have to avoid it. And the Cherokee team from the Far East broke down with no effort. Did the Cherokee team really get the will of the God? Is the God helping them?

It is also easy for Cherokee to accept the strong Kiowa, OSACHI and Arapaho people in the north. The Cherokee people got the God's will, which has become the consensus of all the tribes in the southwest.

Because they really can't find out why the Cherokees are so powerful, so it's the God who is helping the Cherokees, and that's the only reason.

So, on the third day after the battle, some tribal chiefs came to surrender.

These small tribes have a population of only a few thousand people, but no matter how small the mosquitoes are, they are also flesh. Moreover, these small tribes are all indigenous people, so the stone bear warmly accepted them.

With the help of these local snakes, the fierce bear army can win the southwest faster.

Sure enough, when the chiefs or tribal leaders of these small tribes flew once in a hot air balloon, they became more convinced that these people were the messengers of the gods.

Because no one can fly to heaven, that is the God's territory! Only the angel of God can fly to heaven and enjoy the wonderful taste.

Now, what they didn't even dare to think about before happened to them. Doesn't that mean that they have also been recognized by the gods?

So, after flying for a day, the leaders of these small tribes immediately knelt down under the pomegranate pants of the stone bear

And the impact of this war is far more than the sincere obedience of these small tribes. When the army prepared to go out again to destroy the Comanches after a few days, the chief of the largest aboriginal tribe in Southwest China came to the camp with the tribal high priest and other high-level tribes.

At last, the Pueblo made a wise choice. Even though they were separated from the logistics camp by the Comanches, zuava, the chief of the Pueblo, came in person.

Stone bear personally welcomed zuawa into his exclusive tent, and the two talked in the tent for half an afternoon. Zuawa and stone bear walked out of the tent with a satisfied smile.

Of course, zuava walked out of the tent and saluted the stone bear in front of everyone. That was the salute given by the lower level of the Pueblo people when they met their superiors.

The ceremony showed the attitude of Pueblo people, and the stone bear accepted zuava's ceremony very frankly.

The content of the conversation between the two people is not very much. This is mainly because zuava himself came here with a surrender attitude. Since zuava showed this attitude, the stone bear also gave the Pueblo people a lot of preferential conditions.

For example, if the Pueblo people can help the stormy bear army unify the southwest, then the Pueblo people will become the managers of this area in the future. At that time, the fifth mixed division of the stormy bear army, which is being established near Shangjing, will be stationed in the southwest to assist the Pueblo people to manage this vast and rich land.

The so-called mixed division is to select a certain proportion of soldiers from the second, third and fourth divisions, and then use these soldiers as the backbone, and then fill in the soldiers of the tribes conquered by the bear army, such as the Cree, the bowatan, the OSACHI, the Kiowa and the Arapaho, to form three new mixed divisions.

It's no good just pointing to the Cherokee to form the bear army. There are not so many soldiers in the Cherokee. Therefore, it is imperative to supplement the soldiers of other nationalities.

Now the integration of Kerry and Powhatan is very good. In fact, many soldiers have entered the fourth division. Now, Shi Xiong plans to set up another six mixed divisions in more than three years, and eventually make the number of violent bear army reach ten divisions, with a total of 100000 people.

With 100000 troops, even if most of them are mixed divisions, they are enough to manage the conquered areas for the tribes.

As for the main combat force of the stormy bear army, naturally, it was the first to fourth divisions.

The main combat force of 40000 people, coupled with advanced weapons, has an absolute advantage over even the British or the Americans.

Every time he conquers an area, stone bear plans to leave a mixed editor behind.

Even if the Pueblo take the initiative to surrender, the stone bear will not devolve all the power to the Pueblo unless they can really integrate into the Cherokee, but it will take several years of observation.

Before that, it is very necessary for a mixed editor to be stationed by force. The stone bear doesn't want to fight hard and finally become someone else's property.

The Pueblo's defection immediately caused a storm in this area.

Although the Pueblo people are not as powerful as the Comanches, Apaches and Navajos, they are the indigenous people here, representing the attitude of the indigenous people living in this area.

Most importantly, with the help of the Pueblo, the stormy bear army's conquest will be faster.

And so it is

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