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Chapter: 506

Facing the Apache people, although Shi Xiong is not afraid at all, he is ready to fight a vicious battle.

After all, this tribe was able to fight the Spanish for hundreds of years in the original historical time and space, and later helped the Americans beat the Mexicans away, which is enough to prove the strength of this tribe.

What's more, the stone bear really doesn't want to kill the "noble" tribe among the North American Indians.

If we really want to fight, we will not be afraid of another two Apache violent bear soldiers, but the problem is that after the first battle, the stone bear really does not want to cause too much damage to this tribe.

But when the stone bear was in a bit of a dilemma, the Apache people gave the stone bear a big gift.

About a day and a half away from the court of the Apache people, the fierce bear army welcomed a group of people. The leader is a guy with colorful feathers. There is no doubt that this guy is the chief of the Apache people.

Just to the surprise of the stone bear, the strong soldiers in front of this guy are all holding a stick with their heads in their hands. It looks a bit scary with blood.

An Apache man came running over on his horse, and then croaked, and the accompanying Pueblo who knew the Apache language immediately translated for the stone bear.

It turns out that the Apaches killed the Comanches who fled to the West and the "new chiefs" of the Comanches. The heads stuck in the sticks were the heads of the Comanches who fled to the West.

And the most important thing is that the brave and good at fighting Apache people didn't come here to fight with the fierce bear army this time. They wanted to make peace. In their words, they don't want to be enemies of the stormy bear army. They don't think they are enemies of the stormy bear army. And the last time they sent troops to form a coalition with the Comanches, they were bewitched by dekia.

Now they have sent the head of the originator, dekia, to show their attitude of seeking peace by this means.

They also said that if the stormy bear army agreed, they could move westward to the west of the mountain and give up this area to the stormy bear Army

For such conditions, stone bear also felt a bit incredible at the beginning. It's a bit unexpected that the brave Apache people made such a choice. Shouldn't this fierce tribe fight to death? Why did you give advice all of a sudden?

However, the stone bear then thought about it and was relieved.

Obviously, among those who were deliberately released by the stone bear in the last battle, there must be high-level Apache people, and there should be more than one.

In the last battle, the powerful force shown by the fierce bear army must have frightened the high-level of the Apache people. When they went back, they told us the situation. Even if the Apache people were hard headed, they did not dare to fight with the heavy firepower of the fierce bear army.

The fact that the Apaches have been able to fight the Spaniards for hundreds of years shows that they are tough and smart. A tribe that only knows how to use brute force and force can't stand with the Spanish for such a long time. Only those tribes who are brave and know how to advance and retreat can do this.

It is obvious that the Apaches are such a brave tribe who know how to advance and retreat.

When the high level of the Apache realized that the bear army was unstoppable, it was inevitable for them to make a decisive retreat strategy.

At this time, it happened that dekeya, the "new chief" of the Comanches, led the deserters to their territory. Originally, the failure of the three ethnic coalition forces made the Apache people lose more than 4000 elite soldiers, which made the Apache people angry. At this time, dekeya had to send himself to the door of the Apache people, and the Apache people naturally accepted the "gift".

They are worried about how to say that the fierce bear army doesn't fight against themselves. The dekeya sent to the door is undoubtedly a very good "meeting gift".

As a result, dekia and his men were killed by the Apache people, and then cut off their heads and sent over.

For the request of the Apache people, stone bear thought about it and decided to agree to them.

The stone bear doesn't want to cause too much damage to the Apache people, but he wants to take back this area. Now that the Apache people are willing to withdraw from this area, it's also a good thing for the bear army.

The core area of Apache life is between the Colorado Plateau and the Mexican plateau. In the north of this area is the Navajo territory, and in the south is the Spanish territory. Although the Apache are fierce, it is impossible for them to enter these two areas. Their only way out is through the valley between the West Madeley mountains and the Colorado Plateau, westward over the Rocky Mountains, which is about the area near Tucson, and then into California.

As for the aborigines living in Southern California, that is, whether the chumashi people can resist the fierce Apache people, that's not a matter for the stone bear to consider.

In the near future, stone bears have no plans to take over the coastal areas west of the Rocky Mountains. It's not easy to cross the Rocky Mountains, and the place to the west of the Rocky Mountains is like chicken ribs for the stone bear. Maybe the stone bear will conquer that long and narrow area in the future, but definitely not now.

Stone bear also suddenly thought of a thing, if the fierce Apache people retreat to California westward, then they must be able to swallow the weak chumashi people, so that the whole California will become the territory of the Apache people.

In this way, they occupied the northern part of Mexico, and the Spaniards certainly did not dare to invade easily, while the farther west of California was occupied by the Apaches, and the Spaniards could not go north along the west coast.

In this way, we can easily cut off the Spanish route to the north.

Even if the Apache can't resist the Spaniard's attack, don't they have their own east side? It's a big deal to send some weapons and ammunition to the Apache people to help them resist the Spanish.

In this way, the Apaches became their helpers in the west, and in the process of resisting the Spaniards, if they sent them more weapons and ammunition or even war horses, they would also be able to have a good relationship with the Apaches. When they are ready to accept the west coast area, maybe the Apache people will post it.

Why don't you agree to kill two birds with one stone?

So the stone bear happily agreed to the request of the Apache people. But he repeatedly stressed that if you leave this area and want to come back, there are only two ways, either to defeat the bear army stationed here, or to completely surrender.

What else can the Apache say about this? They had to move westward.

After the Apaches are taken care of, the stone bear leads the army on the back, and there is a Navajo waiting to be cleaned up by himself.

Once the Navajo are settled, the whole southwest will be completely pacified.

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