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Chapter: 509

To be honest, for the Iroquois, the stone bear did not have such a complicated mood. His soul came from later generations, let alone the Iroquois. Any Indian tribe in this era is indifferent to him.

However, in how to treat the Iroquois, the stone bear must also respect the opinions of the majority of the Cherokee people.

There is no doubt that since the Iroquois settled in the Great Lakes region in the early 13th century after a long journey, and then began farming in the 14th century, the population of Iroquois has been greatly improved, and the strength of the whole Iroquois has also been greatly increased.

Before the 15th century, the Cherokees were actually a branch of the Iroquois.

The Iroquois are a typical matriarchal society, which pursues matriarchy. Therefore, the election of leaders, that is, chiefs, is very special for the Iroquois.

The chief of the Iroquois is not a son inheriting his father's career, because in the eyes of the Iroquois, the chief's son belongs to another clan, not his own clan. Therefore, after the death of the last chief, the tribe never elects the son of the previous chief as chief, but often elects his brother as chief, or his sister's son as chief. All people, men and women, will take part in the election.

In fact, the Cherokee ancestor was the son of a certain Iroquois chief. However, the son had no right to succeed to the chief of the Iroquois, so the Cherokee became a side branch of the Iroquois.

This is just like what longmaoniu tribe, pumpkin Bay tribe and big green hill tribe are to gaoshu tribe.

According to the Chinese custom, the Cherokee and Iroquois are actually a close family!

But later, at the end of the 15th century, the Cherokees, who had grown to a certain extent, were even driven out of the Great Lakes region by the Iroquois and the delavais

It's sad to say, but at that time, the Indian tribes in North America were so cruel.

The Iroquois united with the delavais to launch a war against the Cherokees. The clever Cherokees did not choose to resist, but moved south. It's a boon, but it keeps the Cherokee.

In the middle and later period of the 16th, that is, around 1570, several other tribes of the Iroquois, Mohawk, oneda, Onondaga, Seneca and kayuga, formed the Iroquois alliance, and their strength became stronger and stronger. Then, the powerful Iroquois alliance killed the delavais. Except for a few delavais who fled to the northern wilderness, the Great Lakes region was basically under the control of the Iroquois alliance, except for Lake Superior in the northwest was controlled by the ojebwa.

By the end of the 17th century, the Iroquois alliance had reached its peak. With the taskalla people joining the Iroquois alliance in 1722, the Iroquois alliance became the most powerful Aboriginal force in Northeast America and eastern Canada.

At present, the population of Iroquois League is close to 200000, which is the second largest tribal League in the whole new world of North America after the Kerry people living in the Midwest of Canada.

For such a tribe, the stone bear is not worried, not to mention that the Cherokee control such a large territory now, and the population under their control is close to 1.5 million. With the help of the fierce bear army alone, the stone bear is absolutely sure to beat out the excrement of the Iroquois.

However, the attitude of the tribe towards the Iroquois has to be considered.

Anyway, the Cherokee and the Iroquois are a real family. As like as two peas, the Cherokee people say exactly the same thing as the Iroquois.

Therefore, the stone bear stood on the top floor of the giant bear palace, blowing the spring breeze. After thinking about it for a long time, he decided to give the option to Hongyun.

Hongyun is the spiritual leader of this tribe. It is most appropriate for her to handle this kind of affairs.

"Dad, my sister is looking for you..." behind him came a tender voice and a low roar. The stone bear didn't have to look back to know that it was his son hecal and tepp who came to find himself.

Come back, the stone bear can't laugh or cry.

Five year old huckler rode on Trump's broad back as usual, but there was a little guy in front of him. That was tatali, who was just over a year old, the second child of the stone bear. It was a delicate girl that was no different from a porcelain doll.

Stone bear walked two steps with a smile, holding his son and daughter up in one hand. Then trump sat down on the ground like a relief, staring at his father with two small eyes. Needless to say, his expression was "asking for love".

The stone bear laughs and raises his son hecale to his neck with one hand. The little guy skillfully rides on his neck, grabs the hair of the stone bear with both hands, and laughs with joy. Stone bear's other hand holds her daughter, freeing up the other hand, and then violently rubs Trump's head. Trump grunts twice.

"Be careful not to fall the child." Sure enough, the green Skylark came out of the room with the sound.

"Don't worry, how can I fall our baby? Is it baby? " Stone bear raised his daughter to his face, and asked with a smile, while kissing her with a big mouth full of stubble. Tatali pushed stone bear's face with a small hand with a chubby smile, and protested vaguely: "no kiss, no kiss, prick..."

The girl's delicate voice almost melted the heart and liver of the stone bear

Green Skylark came over to want to take over the girl, took over the girl is not to numb face, small hand grabbing Baba's neck does not loosen, angry green Skylark discontented mutter a few words.

"Ha ha, my daughter is just like her father. You can't be jealous of her." The stone bear amuses the green Skylark with a smile.

Now the green Skylark has completely become a graceful young woman, especially with the birth of her daughter, she has an indescribable demeanor.

Looking at Ma Ma's dissatisfied look, tatali seemed to be very angry. She began to fill the big face of the stone bear with saliva.

Tatali means "daughter of the earth" in the Cherokee language. Like her brother hecale, she is named after the earth.

If it's the stone bear, no one else dares to name the child with such a grand name.

But who let the stone bear lead the people to fight such a big territory? He is now the first chief of the entire Cherokee history. Even if you look at all the tribes of the North American Indians, no one can do such a feat.

Today's Cherokee chieftain Dashi bear is recognized as the "king of the earth", and his children are naturally entitled to be named after the "Earth"!

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