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Chapter: 51

The wild fox and the soldiers shrunk their necks. The wild fox didn't dare to insist anymore. He obediently led the cow and tied it.

Gao Niu and Bobcat have already held fast horse and hard bone. Hard bone raised his right hand and pointed the wild fox coming back. "It was the wild fox who moved first. Fast horse didn't let him lead the cow. He slapped fast horse twice first. Then fast horse wanted to fight back and was caught by those people. Wild fox broke fast horse's nose with another blow. This guy broke my arm." Hard bone pointed to the man who had been put on his neck just now and said.

Hard bone can't tell the difference between fracture and dislocation. He just knows his left arm can't move, and it's very painful, so he thinks his arm has been broken.

Stone bear light looking at in front of the wild fox, this guy although a little afraid, but still stubborn stem neck.

The stone bear shook his head slightly, raised his hand suddenly, and put his mouth on the fox's cheek.

Looking at the stone bear's slap, it didn't seem to exert much force, but the wild fox was stunned by the slap. After a circle, his head was stuck on the ground, and his right cheek seemed to turn into an inflatable red balloon, swelling up at the speed visible to the naked eye.

At the next moment, the other hand of the stone bear had caught the man who had been put on the neck by the steel knife just now, and was about to take off the guy's arm, when he heard a loud drink in the distance - stop!

This voice is familiar. Even though the stone bear didn't hear it many times, he still remembered it.

The corner of the stone bear's mouth slightly upward, showing a smile of irony. Sure enough, this guy is the one who is directly behind the scenes.

But what can even this guy do? I don't care who you are if you touch me! Even Li Lei can't stop me from retaliating!

So, the stone bear just showed a smile like a demon smile, and then his right hand suddenly made a force. In the man's sad voice, the stone bear let go of the man. It's just that the man's left arm has fallen down completely, which is no different from the hard left arm.

"You..." the voice called out again angrily.

The stone bear turned around and looked at the seven or eight trotting people, among whom was wolf tail, the soldier leader who had gone out with the stone bear to capture the bison.

Wolf tail looks very angry. He angrily goes to the stone bear, looks at the big man who is almost one head higher than him, stares at his eyes, bites his cheek and asks, "why do you want to attack the people? They are all your people. How can you treat them like this? "

"My people?" The stone bear said slightly, "well, I admit that they are my people, but why do my people attack my brother? Don't say you don't see the injuries on bones and fast horses, don't say you don't know how it all happened. They say that my two brothers have offended them, and then beat them like this. Don't they know that my two brothers are their people? "


"Me? I what me? Wolf tail, don't look for those reasons. You know best why my two brothers were beaten. But don't forget, they are my brothers, my brother was beaten by your people, they can't resist, but I can! I can't sit and watch my brother being bullied like this without saying anything. "

With that, the stone bear stepped forward and suddenly burst out a fierce murderous spirit and power, which scared the cruel man wolf tail back.

The stone Bear looked down at the half tattooed face of the wolf's tail. "Your people beat my brother. I beat my brother back. According to the rules of the tribe, the matter between them is even. Do you agree? If you don't approve, it doesn't matter. Your people can fight with me now! Single fight or group fight, I'll go on! "

Wolf tail was stunned by the two words of single fight and group fight. He had never heard of these two words before. It took him a long time to figure out the meaning of these two words.

However, he looked at the stone bear's thick and strong body like a mountain, and thought of the amazing spear that the big man used to kill the bull when he went out hunting with him the day before yesterday. He thought about it for a long time, and finally bit his cheek and said in a dull voice: "the matter between them is even."

With that, the wolf's tail waved to the soldiers behind him and said in a deep voice, "help them back. Don't make a fool of themselves here."

By this time, dozens of people had gathered around the place. They all came to watch the news.

The men behind the wolf's tail were about to help the wild fox, but the stone bear said in a deep voice, "go? Who let you go? Do you want to leave with my consent? "

"What do you mean?" Wolf tail asked shyly.

"What do I mean? It's very simple. The matter between my two brothers and your subordinates is even, but you haven't given me a statement about the matter between us! Wolf tail, I ask you, who gave you the courage to come and lead my cattle? "

"Your cow? How could this be your cow? Don't forget that I caught this cow with my people. How can it be your cow? "

"Yes, you brought the people back with you, but you brought back a bison. And when I put a nose ring on the bison, the bison was tamed. Although it is still owned by the tribe, the right to use it is in my hands! This is what leader Li Lei said to the priest kabulu himself. Why, do you want to deny the order of leader and the priest kabulu? "

He couldn't say a word about wolf's tail choking directly, but he couldn't say that leader Li Lei hinted that he did it. If he said that, there would be a big trouble.

"What do you want to do?" Asked the wolf's tail.

"What do I want to do? It's very simple. The people who are guarding us apologize to me face to face. "

"Apology?" Wolf's tail snorted coldly, then looked up at the stone bear, "you deserve me to apologize? You don't know what that identity is. You are just a fugitive who goes to the tribe. In the tribe, you are the most humble bastard. What qualifications do you have for me to apologize? "

The stone bear gave a little smile, then raised his voice and said, "my people, have you heard what wolf tail said just now? He said that I am a hybrid bear, which is the biggest insult to a kabulu sacrificial Guardian! "

After hearing what wolf's tail said, the people around also made incredible surprise. How can wolf's tail say that? How could he say that to the guardian?

When he heard that, wolf tail immediately realized that he had been caught by this guy. Then he said in a low voice, "don't take the people to oppress me. Besides apologizing, what do you want to do?"

"What are you doing? I don't like you anymore! I want to beat you! " The stone bear said in a voice that only two people could hear, and then raised his voice again: "wolf tail, as Qu Kui of the tribe, you actually said such words to me, the sacrificial guardian of kabulu. You are insulting me, you are insulting the sacrificial guardian of kabulu! So, as a soldier, I want to fight with you

The wolf's tail was silly, and the people around him were cheering

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