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Chapter: 511

In fact, the 76 mm mortar and cannon can be developed thanks to Jack Williams and David Dean, the first European alchemists to follow the stone bear.

The former is an Englishman, proficient in mechanical manufacturing, while the latter is a Frenchman, but has outstanding talent in metal smelting.

With the help of the alchemists brought by Hank and the guidance of the stone bear, Jack Williams finally improved the steam engine and made a precision boring machine for large caliber guns.

The processing technology of gun is much higher than that of rifle, especially the processing technology of gun barrel and metal materials.

Stone bear knows very well that although he has made his own catapult and mortar, these two weapons belong to the category of small caliber. Even if the caliber of 55 mortar can be regarded as medium caliber, the range still limits the power of this weapon.

Therefore, in order to ensure the homeland security of the Indian Empire in the future, the research and development of large caliber artillery must be put on the agenda.

To develop large caliber artillery, the first thing to solve is the problem of metal materials. Although the 76mm diameter is only two centimeters larger than the 55mm diameter, there is a huge gap in the requirements for metal materials.

And whether it's a catapult or a mortar, the requirements for the barrel are not very high, but if you want to develop a real howitzer or cannon, the requirements for the metal material of the barrel will be improved by more than one level.

The iron and steel smelting formula in the hands of Shi Xiong before, at most, can build some heavy weapons such as catapults or mortars. It's far from enough to build more powerful cannons with longer range and even howitzers.

Therefore, the smelting of metal materials has become the most critical part.

However, David adian is here, and the stone bear knows more or less the properties of some later metal materials, so under his guidance, David adian has made countless attempts, and finally found several qualified smelting formulas for metal materials.

After constant exclusion and testing, David adian finally determined a steel that can be used to build the barrel of a 76mm cannon or howitzer.

But even so, the life of gun barrel made of this kind of steel is not very long.

For example, the 76 mortar barrel made of this kind of steel can fire 340 rounds at most, but when it is used to make howitzer barrel, the service life of this kind of barrel is immediately reduced to about 120 rounds. If it is used to make more powerful cannon barrel, the service life of cannon barrel will be reduced, and only 90 to 100 shells can be fired at most.

This kind of gun barrel life is obviously not enough, but the stone bear has no way for the time being.

The material is not something that can be made. It takes countless attempts to find the best formula. And now there is no electric furnace, even converter and flat furnace, relying on the only local blast furnace on hand to make such steel is really good.

With barely enough steel to meet the requirements, Jack Williams was able to cast the corresponding machinery.

While David Addison was working on the material formula, Jack Williams began to improve the steam engine and develop the large bore boring machine under the guidance of stone bear.

In fact, at this time, Mr. James Watt, who was far away in Europe, had already brought out the improved steam engine a few years in advance, but it was also limited by the problem of materials. Watt's improved steam engine did not get large-scale application.

In the original historical time and space, the improvement of the new comen steam engine was completed in 1765. However, because the materials for making the cylinder did not meet the requirements, and the technology for making the cylinder did not meet the requirements, the improved new comen steam engine has not been widely used.

It was not until watt and John Wilkinson met in 1774 that the processing technology of steam engine cylinder was solved.

Speaking of John Wilkinson, we have to mention the world's first boring machine that can precisely bore large caliber gun barrel. This kind of boring machine is made by John Wilkinson. And he also used this technology to make steam engine cylinder for Watt, which made Watt's improved steam engine popularized on a large scale.

Stone bear points out that the boring machine made by Jack Williams can accurately bore the barrel of a large caliber gun, which is the technology he learned from John Wilkinson.

In this era, John Wilkinson's boring technology is naturally very secret, but it can't stand the stone bear. There is a soul from later generations in its body. In later generations, Wilkinson's boring machine technology has no confidentiality at all, and this technology is no different from primitive people.

If it were not for the nature of Shi Xiong's work in his previous life, he would not have specifically understood this old technology.

As a result, I didn't expect to use the understanding of previous life in my life.

Jack Williams built the boring machine and improved steam engine from wood long before new metal materials were made. So, after David Addison's new model just passed the test, Jack Williams immediately built several boring machines and steam engines in the shortest time.

The 76mm mortar was quickly developed and tested, and now Jack Williams is focused on the 76mm cannon.

This kind of cannon already has a sample gun, and it is also being tested.

Of course, the 76mm cannon was imitated by Jack Williams, who was instructed by the stone bear, according to the later Miss 75 of France.

In the original historical time and space, the French launched a cannon that shocked the whole world in 1897, that is the famous m1897 75mm cannon.

In the 19th century, when the loading speed of the Armstrong breech guns mounted by the armies of other European powers was only two rounds per minute, the French launched the m1897 75mm cannon with a recoil mechanism, which could reach the amazing loading speed of 15 rounds per minute, or even 30 rounds per minute at the limit.

Such a loading speed in that era was just as incredible as the stone bear's application of catapults and mortars in this era.

Moreover, the total weight of the m1897 75mm cannon is less than 1200 kg, and its effective range is 8.5 km. So, when the gun was launched, it immediately won the nickname of "Miss 75 of France"

The gun developed by the Cherokee family is an imitation of Miss 75 under the guidance of the stone bear.

As for shells, also under the guidance of stone bear, Jack Williams has developed a machine that can make all metal shell shells.

Even the boring machine that precisely bored the barrel of the gun was out of order, and the machine that made all metal shells couldn't stop Williams.

And now the stone bear has smokeless powder technology, shockitzer technology, and mercury technology. The foundation for making all metal shell shells has been established

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