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Chapter: 512

Strictly speaking, the processing technology of shells is lower than that of bullets. After all, the caliber of shells is much larger than that of bullets. In contrast, the fault tolerance rate is also higher.

But even so, it is much more difficult to produce an all metal shell than the shrapnel used by 55 mortars.

The machine developed by Jack Williams is said to be able to make shells, but in fact it can only make shell shells. For example, the primer of shells, the loading of propellants inside and the combination of warheads and shells are all realized manually.

Therefore, it is really troublesome to produce this kind of 76 mm caliber all metal shell shell.

Fortunately, the material used to make the shells, copper, was abundant in the Cherokee controlled territory.

Not to mention the Bingham Canyon copper mine, the world's largest open-pit copper mine near Salt Lake City, Utah, but the copper mines in Colorado alone are enough for the stone bear to have enough copper.

Later, Colorado and Utah used to be controlled by the arapahos, but now they have been collected by the stone bears. Therefore, all kinds of mineral resources in this large area have been gradually developed in the past three years.

In addition, there are many small copper mines in the original Cherokee's home, namely, the Appalachian Mountains, which were not found before. However, when he became the chief of the Cherokee people, he had asked them to look for such copper mines for a long time, and now many small copper mines have been found there.

It's just that one of these copper mines in the Appalachian Mountains is small-scale, and the other is mostly not open-pit, which is very troublesome to mine.

Many copper mines in Colorado in the later ages not only have large reserves, but also have high grade. There are many open-pit mines that can be directly mined. In addition, Shangjing is not far away from Colorado copper mines, and the Kansas river waterway can be used. Therefore, most of the Cherokee copper mines are now based on Colorado copper mines.

The most important thing is that copper is often accompanied by gold and silver

There is no doubt about the importance of gold and silver. Since a country will be established in the future, gold and silver, as precious metals, should be considered as reserves from now on.

In the future, whether it is to trade with Europe, or to realize the dream of crossing the Pacific to the other side of the Pacific to trade with China, it is inseparable from gold and silver. Even in later generations, gold and silver are important precious metal reserves of a country. In this era, of course, stone bear should pay attention to them.

In any case, Shangjing now has the rudiment of a metropolis. Perhaps the area of Shangjing is not as large as that of the ancient Indian cahokian civilization, but the number of Indians living in Shangjing has far exceeded that of the cahokian civilization which has disappeared in the flood.

In this regard, the stone bear is also very proud.

After all, it can be said that the city was built with his own initiative. And with this city as a template, more cities belonging to North American Indians will appear in this continent in the future.

Feeling the gradually warming spring breeze, looking at the foot of the city, the stone bear even lost consciousness for a moment.

The Guard officer came up quietly, a few meters away, and reminded the God like chief in front of him in a low voice: "chief, high priest kabulu, great witch doctor bakaluzu, leader jorakululu, leader crazy lion, leader bighorn sheep, leader kalakao, leader Bigfoot, leader gaoniu, they are all here, waiting for you..."

Stone bear turned around, looked at the loyal guard officer, said with a smile: "OK, I'll go down now."

The Guard officer quietly retreated to one side and made way for the stone bear.

When the stone bear came to the main hall of giant bear palace, more than ten people were waiting for him there. Seeing the stone bear coming in, all these people stood up and bowed, including high priest cabulus Hongyun.

Today's stone bear is not the stone bear when he became the chief just four years ago. In the past four years, the fierce bear army he formed has fought in the East and West, which has made these people dare not even think about before, and has also made them witness the strength of this son of God chief.

Now it's no exaggeration to say that among the whole Cherokee tribe and many other tribes conquered by Cherokee, the son of God, chieftain dalixiong, is a living legend. He is the agent of God in the world!

It's hard to imagine the high prestige of stone bear now. All he has to say is that 1.5 million Indians living in this land will fight for him.

Because everyone knows that it is under his leadership that the Indians who used to be short of food can now have enough; The precious war horse has become popular goods; All kinds of things that were hard to imagine have already entered into thousands of families.

All this was brought by this amazing son of God.

Therefore, even red cloud, the high priest of kabulu, has great admiration for the stone bear.

Now, the stone bear is the master of this land, is a unique king!

"Ha ha, let's all sit down. We don't have to be so polite." The stone bear twists the gold ring on the ring finger of his left hand and says to these people with a smile. These people are the most effective subordinates of the stone bear. They have been accompanying the stone bear for many years. In particular, Gao Niu, who has been promoted to the "mayor" of Shangjing, is Shi Xiong's Pro uncle.

Yes, it's just the so-called "one person gets the right way, the dog gets the right way". Although there is no such saying on the side of North American Indians, the same truth still exists.

The stone bear became the chieftain of the Cherokee people, and led the fierce bear army to fight such a territory, pushing the Cherokee people to an unimaginable peak, which also gave those who first followed the stone bear great power.

It's just like Dajiao, the former leader of gaoshu tribe, has now become the new leader of the white city alliance, and Gao Niu, Shixiong's uncle, has become the first "mayor" of Shangjing.

This is a matter of course. No matter what, Gao Niu and Da Jiao are the people that Shi Xiong trusts most.

As for the red cloud, let alone. She is not only the high priest of Cherokee, but also the first one to support the stone bear.

As for jorakrulu, bighorn sheep, crazy lion and karacao, they have always been rock bear's staunch supporters, and they have also been rock bear's right-hand arms over the years. Therefore, today's meeting on how to develop in the future and when to launch the expedition against the northern tribes is held among these people.

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