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Chapter: 513

In his last life, Shi Xiong didn't have a good impression on Wenshan Huihai, and he didn't participate if he could. But in this life, he inevitably fell into various meetings.

In fact, before the time when the spirit of the stone bear came to this age, there were basically no meetings in the Royal Court of the Cherokee people. Even if there were, it was only a small-scale discussion among the highest levels.

Stone bear doesn't want to be like this either, but as the territory grows larger and larger, the population under its jurisdiction grows larger and larger, and the things within the tribe are really a myriad of things. Stone bear increasingly feels that it is difficult to take into account all aspects by itself.

Three cobblers can stand up to one Zhuge Liang!

Since one person can not take care of so many things, let more people participate in the management, then the meeting will inevitably be more and more.

There's no way.

The meeting is not for you to force. In fact, the meeting is a very good way of management. It is the most advanced management method at the whole management level. With the mode of meeting, the top leader's meaning can be clearly conveyed to the following, and the top leader can also gather the problems found by many managers to make the most accurate judgment.

Just like the joint meeting he held this time, it can be said that it is the highest level meeting of the whole tribe. The purpose is to decide how the whole Cherokee tribe should develop in the next few years, and whether it should launch an expedition against the northern tribes now.

The former, in particular, is a strategic issue concerning the development of the Cherokee people, which must be decided by the highest level of the tribe.

As for the latter, it can only be regarded as a tactical issue, but this tactic is very important now, which is related to strategic decision-making. Therefore, the first discussion is whether to launch the northern expedition against the northern tribes now.

"Chief, I think we should temporarily suspend the northern expedition. In the past three years, you have led our fierce bear army to fight such a large territory and accepted a large number of people. We need time to digest the achievements of these three years. We need enough time to let those conquered tribes integrate as much as possible. I think that's what we should do most. "

When the stone bear threw out the question of whether to launch the northern expedition, jorak Lulu was the first to speak. As the right-hand man of the stone bear, he manages a myriad of things. He naturally wants to get more time to stabilize the internal environment.

Now it's no exaggeration to say that the two most effective subordinates of stone bear are bighorn sheep and jorak lulu. The former is a gun in the hand of the stone bear, which means where to shoot. The latter is Shi Xiong's most important internal affairs officer. His main responsibility is to integrate all conquered tribes into the tribe as soon as possible.

It can be very practical to say that the existence of bighorn sheep and jorak Lulu has replaced the role of red city alliance and white city alliance.

Although the red city alliance is still in charge of foreign expeditions and the white city alliance is peaceful at home, these two are the actual operators of both foreign and domestic affairs, and their power is very tight.

However, compared with bighorn sheep, Jorah krulu has more power.

Of course, foreign expeditions are important, but it is even more important to consolidate the achievements.

Moreover, it is impossible for the stone bear to delegate all military power to the bighorn sheep. Stone bear knows the importance of mastering the barrel of a gun best, so even though big horned sheep is now the top commander of the stormy bear army, the commanders of the eight divisions under the stormy bear army and the members of the general staff are all the most trusted people of stone bear.

At ordinary times, the eight division leaders must obey the orders of bighorn sheep, but if bighorn sheep has any rebellious thoughts, as long as they show a little bit, then any division leader can directly remove bighorn sheep from the post of commander.

Bighorn sheep is just a supreme commander in charge of issuing orders. In addition to a small number of escorts, he does not directly control the force. It's the eight teachers who directly control the force!

This is also a way to check and balance the stone bear. In addition to the stone bear, no matter who sits in the position of bighorn sheep, they must accept this arrangement unconditionally.

But Jorah krulu is different. He has a great talent for internal affairs, so if he is allowed to manage internal affairs, it will undoubtedly free the stone bear from many complicated things. Moreover, Qiao laclulu was not only the first one to follow Shi Xiong, but also he didn't have the force in his hand, so Shi Xiong could confidently and boldly give him a lot of things to do and completely delegate power to him.

According to later generations, bighorn is just a defense minister, while Jorah krulu is the prime minister.

As for the commander-in-chief and the president, that is the stone bear. No one else can replace it.

It is precisely for this reason that Jorah krulu made such a request at the beginning of the meeting, and even the stone bear had to pay attention to it.

Bighorn is very clear about his position, so when Jora krulu put forward this proposal, he just shut up.

Stone Bear looked at his iron men and asked with a smile, "who else has the same opinion?"

Red cloud coughed and said, "chief, I agree with jorak Rulu's proposal. We really need time to integrate now. Our early steps are too big and too fast. We have swallowed such a large territory and population in three years. If we continue to be so radical, internal instability will easily occur. "

Hongyun is the high priest of the tribe, whose status is second only to the stone bear. Although she usually does not express her opinions, once she speaks, Shi Xiong should attach great importance to it.

As the current chief of the white city alliance, kalakao, the chief of the big hill tribe, also said: "chief, I think the words of high priest jorakrulu and kabulu are very reasonable. I support both of them. "

Although karacao is not the first one to follow the stone bear, he has been the leader of the White City League for many years. In terms of internal affairs, he is the most clear-cut member of the whole tribe, except for jorakrulu. He is now in charge of the logistics of the whole tribe together with crazy lion.

The mad lion, who is over 50 years old, slowly nods and says, "chief, we need some time to hoard more materials. In addition to the food we have enough to eat now, we need to hoard more, whether it's ammunition or transportation vehicles. "

"And our education also needs to speed up its promotion," Hongyun said. Chief, you have said before that education is the most important thing for our tribe in addition to food and military, but the speed of our education promotion is not very fast. This is mainly because the conquered tribes have some resistance to the promotion of language and writing, and they are more used to using their own language. This is obviously not a very good phenomenon. We have to take some time to change this situation. Even if it is forced to promote, we should also achieve the kind of "same writing, same track and same line" that you mentioned before. Only by doing this, can we completely integrate those tribes. Otherwise, the potential danger is too great. "

Stone bear nods silently

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