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Chapter: 52

Like the aristocratic duel in Europe, there is a duel custom that has been handed down for a long time in many North American Indian tribes. Even the duel between American cowboys later developed by combining the duel methods of European aristocrats and North American Indians.

The difference is that the duel between the European nobles rarely leads to death. The duel between those gentlemen is more like the power of redistribution of property caused by honor.

In contrast, the duels between the North American Indian tribes with fists or cold weapons, and the duels between the Western cowboys with colt revolvers, almost all ended with bloody death.

So many historians later said that the duel between European nobles was more like a farce, while the duel between North American Indians and Western Cowboys was a bloody human tragedy.

Although different tribes of North American Indians often fight each other because of their territory, it is strictly forbidden to kill each other within the tribe.

As the saying goes, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there are gratitude and resentment. Even though the North American Indians were still in the primitive age of ignorance, there were still many internal disputes.

Food, spouse, status and so on are all the sources of disputes.

However, it is not easy for the Indians to fight with other tribes and the nature. Each tribe is a precious resource for the tribe. As a result, over time, many North American Indian tribes have formed a ban on killing each other.

It's not just the Cherokees, it's the Iroquois, the Sioux, the Navajos... It's all the same.

However, the tribe had to find a suitable and reasonable outlet for their disputes and even hatred, so the duel custom came into being.

If there is an irreconcilable contradiction or even hatred between the clans within each tribe, they can fight in the presence of the clans. If you win, you can get everything of your enemy or enemy, including the life of your enemy or enemy; Similarly, if you lose, you will lose everything, even your life.

Just like now, wolf tail openly insults a noble kabulu sacrificial guardian, which is absolutely not allowed. Especially the stone bear, the guardian of kabulu sacrifice, if he can't maintain the honor of kabulu sacrifice guardian at this time, then he can't survive in the tribe. Not only will kabulu sacrifice deprive him of the identity of guardian, but also he can't have a foothold in the tribe.

The guardian of kabulu sacrifice is a very noble identity in the whole Cherokee people. Even if kabulu sacrifice lives in seclusion in this small high tree tribe, kabulu sacrifice is very important for the whole Cherokee people.

It is no exaggeration to say that as the guardian of kabulu sacrifice, his status is more noble than that of the general tribal leaders, even the leaders of the red city alliance or the white city alliance.

After all, in the tens of thousands of Cherokee people, only two lucky people can be the guardians of kabulu sacrifice.

This honor is a very high honor, but if you become a guardian of the kabulu sacrifice, then you should not only use your life to protect the kabulu sacrifice, but also protect the honor of the guardian of the kabulu sacrifice!

Therefore, it's not too much for the stone bear to ask wolf tail to fight. Even he did so to give wolf tail a face. After all, wolf tail's position in the tribe is very high. He was almost selected as the successor of the next leader of the tribe by leader Li Lei.

Of course, if the stone bear doesn't give face, as the sacrificial guardian of kabulu, after wolf tail said what he said just now, he will kill wolf tail on the spot. All the people, including Li Lei, won't say anything. No one dares to object, because who dares to object, it means that he is against the kabulu sacrifice!

Wolf's tail is stupid. He is really stupid.

It's no different to fight this big man than to die. I went out hunting with this big man these days, but wolf tail saw how this guy killed a red deer or bison by himself.

It usually takes seven or eight soldiers, or even more than ten soldiers, to hunt this kind of large animal. This big man can finish the hunting by himself, and there is no one with this combat power. It's not a fight with this guy. What is it?

At this time, if wolf tail wants to say that he doesn't regret it, it's pure nonsense. I knew this guy was going to fight himself, so I shouldn't have said that just now.

Strange to say, although the stone bear is very popular with other people, it is not popular with wolf tail. Even wolf tail doesn't know why.

Maybe this guy robbed his son of the chance to become the guardian of kabulu sacrifice, or maybe this guy is too strong, or even the ups and downs that this guy has made these days

Anyway, all this makes wolf tail feel very uncomfortable.

If there is a future psychologist here, then he can clearly give wolf tail this kind of psychology to make a penetrating Summary - envy, envy, hate!

But anyway, it's too late. The surrounding dozens of people have begun to shout "hawashuo", which is the slogan of the duel.

In the scene just now, these people heard what wolf tail said. Therefore, no one of the people of the tribe feels that there is anything wrong with the duel proposed by Dali Xiong.

This is a custom that has been handed down for thousands of years.

Now the wolf's tail was really roasted on the fire. Agree. I must be killed by this big man. If you don't agree, his status and reputation in the tribe will plummet and be looked down upon by all the people.

If the wolf's tail also crossed over, he would surely say at this time - what should we do with this dilemma? Online, etc. It's very urgent

But the stone bear is not going to give this guy a chance. The wolf's tail doesn't like the stone bear. Why does the stone bear like this guy?

As the stone bear said just now, I have long wanted to beat ya!

When the stone bear's fists rattled and the wolf's tail looked constipated and speechless, a large number of people came in the distance.

The two leading people are leader Li Lei and kabulu!

The stone bear with good eyes can clearly see leader Li Lei's anxious face, while the kabulu priest's angry face. Beside them, old wood seemed to be saying something to them

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