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Chapter: 524

Germination month is the Indian term for the fourth month of the year. Because in this month, all the grass and plants on this land have begun to sprout, and the whole continent will be full of vitality.

It can be said that from this month, this continent began to be full of vitality again.

On this day, the stone bear started his second speech broadcast to the whole family at the giant bear Palace this year.

"My people, my compatriots..." the originally noisy Shangjing city is as quiet as a cemetery. At this time, more than 100000 people living in this city have given up their work, interrupted their conversation or quarrel, stopped their pace, and stood quietly in the direction of the giant bear palace, Looking at the tall and solemn building from afar, listening to the sound from the electric horn placed in the corner of each tall building in the city.

There, standing

"Today, our stormy bear soldiers will once again embark on the journey. They will use their guns and artillery to defend our compatriots and people in the north. Although the compatriots and clansmen of those tribes have not yet integrated into us, they are still our compatriots.... "

The sound of the stone bear not only spread all over Shangjing with the electric horn, but also spread to every corner controlled by the Cherokee people one by one through radio waves in the form of Morse code.

Of course, because of the transmission distance and artificial translation, the original voice of the great chief, the son of God, could not be heard in other places, and the time had to be delayed, but this did not prevent almost all the people from respectfully listening to the broadcast.

"Over the years, you should have known the fact that although we used to belong to different tribes, we are all real compatriots with the same ancestor! Whether you used to be Navajo or Comanche people living in the southwest, or jokto or Crick people living in the southeast, or Arapaho, Kiowa, Sioux or Cheyenne people living in the West or northwest, we are all real compatriots! "

"Compared with the yellow hair, blue eyes and white skin, we are compatriots with the same black hair, black pupil and yellow skin! Moreover, not only you, but also the people of those tribes living further north are our compatriots

At the same time of promoting education, the stone bear is also vigorously promoting Indian history. There has been a clear conclusion about the real origin of the Indians in later generations. The stone bear just did a porter to carry this conclusion to the present and here.

This is very necessary, because only in this way can the Indians of different tribes know their origins and who their ancestors were. It's more important for them to understand that the Cherokees, like them, share a common ancestor. The Cherokees are not enemies, but compatriots, compatriots of the same blood.

In the past, compatriots who used to be brothers and sisters separated for one reason or another and formed different tribes, just like a big family divided.

But now, the great chieftain, the son of God, has brought the family together again, making all ethnic groups who had been separated for thousands of years a close family, and giving the family its due vitality.

But even so, all the people already know that in the far and cold north, in the territory controlled by vasichu, there are many compatriots floating outside the big family.

Now, the invincible storm bear army will embark on the journey to bring back these compatriots who have drifted away from the outside world and reintegrate them into the big family. This is undoubtedly a great thing for all the people.

"Since those vasichus came to the land where we live 200 years ago, they have been plotting the land where we live. In this process, many compatriots who originally lived in the sun forever (East) were harmed by the vasichus. Some tribes had to move westward in front of the muskets and horses of vasichu, while others were exterminated by vasichu! For example, the pekerts, for example, the moxigans... "

"We can no longer allow this to happen, we can no longer let our compatriots be killed by the muskets and guns of vasichu! We are going to save our compatriots, we are going to save our brothers and sisters! "

The sonorous and powerful voice of the stone bear reverberated in the whole upper capital, and all the people clenched their fists silently and tightly.

"Although our fierce bear army is very powerful, those vasichu are not vegetarians. They are very fierce. In order to avoid excessive casualties, I did not go to rescue our compatriots a few years ago, because I have to wait for a suitable opportunity to rescue all our compatriots at one time. Now, here's the chance! "

"Just yesterday, some of our people who are willing to risk their lives and go deep into the area under the control of vasichu sent back a message through our wireless telex. That is, in the northern suburb of Boston, one of the old nests of wasichu, there was a dog to dog war early yesterday morning. The vassichu fought with each other, and it was very fierce. The most important thing is that this kind of battle will soon spread and eventually become a huge war sweeping the whole vasichu colony. "

The stone bear planted many spies in the thirteen colonies in the East, especially in the northeast, including Shawnee and Cherokee. The task of these people is to find out about the colonists.

In particular, the stone bear, as the son of God and the great prophet, told the spies that there would be a fierce battle in the northern suburb of Boston. Once the battle happened, the spies would have to send the news back by radio as soon as possible.

At noon yesterday, the stone bear received the long-awaited news.

In Lexington village, north of Boston, 800 red shrimp soldiers were ambushed by a local militia. The original arrogant red shrimp soldiers were killed nearly 250 people!

Stone bear knows that this is the famous battle of Lexington and the prelude to the war of independence!

"My compatriots, we are going to spare no effort to rescue our compatriots who are still floating away from the outside when they are worried about themselves! Moreover, when our stormy bear army rescues our compatriots, our soldiers will decide whether to expel all the vasichu out of this land according to the form of those vasichu! "

The stone bear's voice stopped for a moment, and then burst out again: "now I announce that the first, second, third divisions of the fierce bear army and the mixed fifth and sixth divisions will start! The rest of the bear army forces keep the tribe safe. During the northern expedition of the fierce bear army, anyone who dares to commit rebellion will be sentenced to death for treason. The fierce bear army has the right to kill anyone who dares to commit rebellion! "

"And I! Your chieftain, the great prophet, the son of God, the great bear, will lead the pro guard army to the northern expedition! I will fight with our soldiers and bring our compatriots back together

"My people, cheer for our soldiers with your cheers! They need your encouragement and support, and even more need your cheers! "

There was a big bang in Shangjing City, where the needle could be heard

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