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Chapter: 530

The arrival of the main force of the bear force near the lost cahokian civilization means that it has entered the core area of the Irene people.

What makes the stone bear puzzled is that the Scouts under the command of the bobcat did not find the Elaine troops even if they explored dozens of kilometers away. Only the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled were found.

Bobcat also reported a news that a small Elaine tribe was found not far from here. The scouts have brought all the people who can play, and now they are interrogating.

Shi Xiong immediately followed him. After some interrogation, Shi Xiong realized that the ten ilanids headed by an old man were a small tribe of kahokians under the ilanids.

Yes, although the cahokian civilization was destroyed by a super flood 400 years ago, it has not been completely cut off. There are still some people who survived that flood. These people constitute the present Cahokians.

However, these Cahokians have lost the prestige of their ancestors. Now they can only live under the shelter of the ilenais.

"Run away, they all run away, and take away everything and people that can be taken away from the tribe. Only those of us who can't walk are waiting to die in the tribe..." the old man named "chabalu" said the situation here with an indescribable expression on his face.

The stone bear can see clearly. The expression on chabalu's face is called "death intention". It's obvious that they have been abandoned by the people and have no love in their lives.

"They say the demons from the south are coming, and those from the South will kill all the people here. They also said that the bravest soldiers in the tribe can't resist the demons, so if they want to survive, they have to run north with the Elaine people... We can't run any more, we can't keep up with the young people, so we have to wait here to die... But are you really demons? "

Chabalu looked at the more than a dozen old men who were left in the tribe with him. They were wolfing down the fragrant food. Then he looked down at the food in his hand, which was also fragrant. He was very confused and asked, and then he opened his mouth and ate it.

The stone bear sighed and felt very sad.

This chabalu and the rest of the old people are obviously ordinary Cahokians with little knowledge. Perhaps this chabalu has been farming and hunting in the surrounding area for tens of kilometers all his life. They have never seen what the outside world looks like, and they have never heard of any Indian tribe other than the Iranians.

But it was such an old man who had contributed his whole life to his tribe, but he was abandoned without hesitation, which made the old man feel very sad.

However, chabalu and the "demons" from the south, which the old people thought, now give them the most delicious food and hope to live again.

Who is the devil?

"Bang" sound, back to the big account of the horse's palm heavily patted on the table, "these damn Elaine people, how can they abandon their own people to escape alone?" Obviously, Kuaima, who is the same age as Shi Xiong, despises the practice of abandoning his people.

The stone bear patted his little friend on the shoulder to show him to be calm.

"Kuaima, don't you forget that when we were fighting against the Comanches in the southwest a few years ago, the guy named what escaped with his cronies after he declared himself the new chief?"

"Chief, that guy's name seems to be dekia." Added the Bighorn.

"Yes, it's the dekia, who seems to be more ruthless than the chief of the Elaine people. At least when the Iranians were running away, they knew to take with them most of the people who could run. "

The bighorn sheep said: "chief, that dekeya was cut off by the Apache people..."

The horse stopped talking, and the stone bear waved his hand, "forget it, don't mention these unpleasant things. Now it's obvious that the Iranians have run away. It's estimated that they had a plan to escape long ago, otherwise they would not have run so fast. "

Big horn sheep said: "actually, it's a good thing for us. The Iranians gave up the territory they had been operating for hundreds of years, so they could not find a better place in a short time. Without a good place, they can't guarantee the people's rations. Now the weather is warm. In a short time, these fleeing Iranians may be able to feed themselves by hunting and fishing, but in a long time, there will be problems. Especially after autumn and winter, it's hard for them to survive in the cold north. Chief, we should speed up the pace. These Iranians can't let them starve and freeze to death in the wilderness. "

Shi Xiong nodded in silence. He was thinking about it just now.

Bighorn sheep continued to analyze: "there is another possibility, that is, the Iranians have long agreed with the qipewa people further north, and these Iranians may belong to the qipewa people."

Kuaima said: "then just speed up the pursuit! It doesn't matter whether the Iranians are mixed with the chipewas or not, it's not a problem for us. What's more, the chipewa people are the targets of our conquest this year. It's better to take them all in one pot than to drag them on. "

After a pause, Kuaima said, "it's the middle of the flower month (may), and the summer harvest will be in less than a month. Chief, let's leave this matter to our first division. We can take a boat along the great Hebei River and directly touch the home of the chipewa people. Then we can solve the chipewa people as soon as possible. Maybe we can catch up with the sowing of autumn grain. "

Stone bear listen to heart move, bighorn sheep smile and clap way: "boss, actually fast horse said this method is not a good way." With that, the bighorn sheep pulled the map and opened it up, "chief, with the strength of the first division, it's absolutely no problem to deal with a mere chipewa. And the Iranians, whether or not they really go to the chipewas, the chipewas are our goal this year. So we might as well divide our forces now. The first division, with the exception of the cavalry, sailed north along the river to attack the chipeways, while the rest went north by land to attack the Miami and Ottawa. If it goes well, we can win these tribes before autumn crops are planted. Then we can arrange the planting of autumn grain and prepare for the winter. If all goes well, our troops don't even have to go back to Beijing to spend the winter here! Then next year... "

The bighorn sheep's hands drew two arcs on the map, "the first division can attack eastward in the north of the great lake, and the other forces can attack eastward in the south of the great lake. At that time, the Iroquois will have nowhere to escape!"

Not to mention, the strategy of temporary change seems really good

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